Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cafe Whazzo? Caffe' Tlazo

I work at a hospital and some days are more stressful
than others.
Usually~ on the last day of my 5 (or 6) in-a-row stint,
we drive over to the little town of
Algoma, WI.
It sits on the shore of Lake Michigan.
We go to
celebrate the end of the work week.
It means I made it through without
killing anyone..
And, as you can see, no one killed me~
We always head to the same little spot.
As soon as I see their sign
my heart starts to beat a little faster.
I looked it up in my little Italian/English dictionary.
It means Cafe' Plaza
Oh...boy...the gate is open..
that means they are open for business.
Yum...the drool is starting to build already..
On MyHero,of course...I NEVER drool~Walk up the steps and you are greeted
by seasonal flowers...
and outside tables..
How quaint and lovely is that?!?Open the door..and what do you see? know it's gonna be good..
because they have GOOD coffee..
No Starbucks in Algoma..
this is the only show in town
as far as good coffee is concerned.
Ooooh...yeah...I always have the same thing.
A large MUG (yes they use real mugs)
of Sugar-free Vanilla latte
with 2% milk please..
Don't you DARE put skinny milk in this baby!
Cuz I can tell...everytime...yes I can!We place our order at the counter..
Again- I am a creature of habit and I KNOW
what I like.
ALL their food is fabulous...but I like
their chicken salad wrap with cashews and grapes..
you can keep your tomatoes...thank you very much..
just give me the grapes baby!

This is Janelle, the owner.
She never goes home, the poor thing.
I think she lives at Caffe' Tlazo..
cuz every time I go there..SHE is there.
She is so sweet...she just shakes her head and smiles
when I say,
"Hold those stinking tomatoes"
okay...I lied...I don't really say that..
but she knows I like having me some grapes in my wrap! if you look below you will see the head chef
and Cook-of-the-World
running away (on the left hand side)
hmmm...she does NOT want me to take her picture.
Maybe she is on the
Top Ten Most Wanted List
or something...
I dunno...what do you think?
Anyway...she is my friend..and I could just about kiss her
cuz she ALWAYS makes my wrap right!
But I won't-kiss her, that is..
cuz Algoma is a small town...and
well...people might talk.
After we place our order we head to the
dining porch
where we are soothed by soft sounds
coming from this....and splashing into this...But before long the above sound will be
drowned out by this sound..
Beautiful music on a Saturday night
in a sweet little cafe...And this week we are blessed
and overjoyed to be joined by
my brother-in-law & sister-in-law
who live just North of here
about 15 miles.
You know what's funny?
They come through Algoma all the time
and never knew about this place.
Guess he musta been driving with his eyes closed again.'s a family thing...
His brother does the same thing.
I think their Mother taught them both to drive
but we won't talk about that anymore today. MsC is the healthiest eater I know..
She takes very good care of herself and MrS.
MrS on the other hand swerves off the straight and narrow
once in a while..yeah..he's like that...
They travel around and do mission work and only
come "home" for about 3 or 4 months in the Summer.
We are always glad to see them.
MrS is the one that built the playhouse for the grand kids.
He's a good soul.

After a fine & healthy meal

MyHero announces that he would like some gelato...

ooooohh...whazzz that? MrS wants to know..

Come and see...MyHero tells him..

You can buy!Decisions, decisions, decisions..Finally, selections are made..

and everyone enjoys their treat.

Soon...all too soon...

we bid good-bye

The brothers hug good-bye-

so hurriedly that the picture blurs...sorry...

We ALL hug good-bye..

Wait---just as we are ready to drive away

the old sibling rivalry raises its head and

MrS gives a shout out to remind MyHero that

HE is older, stronger and better looking....Pffffffttt...I think NOT!

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Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

What a wonderful get together! I see that the sibling rivalry will continue on! My husband and his brothers are constantly saying stuff like that!! What a fun place to go!

Thanks for stopping back by my blog. My lamp was by far NOT the ugliest in the group! I do love what she writes about each one! She said mine was from a cheap hotel!! With the yellow stains she said we won't discuss what happened to it!! Too funny!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What a cute place and that food sounds yummy, but I do like tomatoes. I love grapes in chicken salad though. I have so much to do today besides that project, but like you said I will skip lunch and get it all done!! Oh and by the way I loooooovvvvve gelato. I have had the best in Italy and they need to put it in more places here. So much better than our ice cream over here.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Soooo....after my bubble bath, will you take me here for dinner....?

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

LDH said...

Hi Diana!

I have just perused many of your posts and had such a great time getting to know you and your family! Very sweet place you have here! Those little ones visiting Nana's place are so precious!

The post with the bathtub outside is the best! Such fun and such a great idea!

Nice stopping by!
Kindly, ldh