Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mimi's Mouth - Wed

Does anyone have a red-head in the family? If so, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Our little red-head was the sweetest baby ever (well, except when she was having a bad day). On a good day she would smile and play nicely by herself. She would sit in her high chair for long stretches and build Cheerio castles. You know the one....wet your finger and stick one Cheerio on top of the other until the thing topples over. Or worse, until you turn your head and your sister EATS your tower. At that point we see fit to throw ALL the Cheerios on the floor AND the glass of milk (mind you, this was BEFORE sippy cups with lids). The little face would turn a shade that closely matched the hair. I seem to remember there was some kicking involved too...oh and maybe some screaming...but other than that, Mimi was a dream child.

Then, she started to talk. WHERE did she learn those words? Not from me! Not from MyHero! She learned them from her older brother and his friends. She seemed to know just when to spew those words out for the biggest effect.

One day she was dressed in a powder blue dress with matching ribbons in her hair and socks with blue ruffles (Yes, yes, I was one of THOSE mothers-the sew ribbons (or ruffles) on the socks and iron their T-shirts kind of Moms-you know, the one you all hate but secretly wish you had the time to be like). So, the child of my dreams is dressed for her sister’s birthday party. She and I are picking up the Barbie doll cake. Did you ever see one? It has Barbie in the center with frosted goodness for a skirt. Mama’sBoy liked to lick the icing off the doll after the cake was served but that is an embarrassing story for another day. Anyway, we are at the store. Two elderly ladies are admiring my little Princess. One says, "My! Aren’t you cute?" Sweet and softness replies, "Thank you, ma’am"!.(Yes, my children said Ma’am and Sir when they were younger-people were always asking if we were from Down South-which tells you how polite THOSE kids are And, I might add, thank you all my Southern friends for doing such a good job with your kids). Number 2 gramma says, "What a pretty dress you have!" Rose petals flow from the mouth, "Thank you, ma’am". While this whole conversation is going on The Vision Of Cuteness has her hand wrapped around a candy bar -which I am NOT going to let her have-and I kept asking her VERY NICELY, and oh-so-sweetly, to PUT BACK ON THE CANDY RACK (you all know the one-it sits RIGHT next to the check out counter where no discerning child can miss it). With every sweet request I made Little Miss Mimi would jut her chin out a bit further and say "NO!". Once more Lady #1 remarked, "You have beautiful curly red hair & I love your socks". Oh my, how precious this child is as she whispers once again, "Thank you, Ma’am". Aha...but now the moment of truth has arrived. We are AT the checkout counter. We are next in line. Lady #1 & Lady #2 are beaming with joy at this enchanting elf of a child. I catch her chin in my hands, look her in the eye and say (a bit sternly now), "Mimi, PUT the candy back!" Whereupon, the vision of sugarplums comes crashing down as she screeches~ "OK-you #$%*&!"
I hear horrified gasps behind me. I am not even going to attempt to explain. I do not even want to meet their gaze. Poof~ They have become invisible to me. I look Miss Mouth in the eyes and say, "You are getting punished when we leave the store." She turns around and looks at the ladies who are quivering with shock and says..."Good-bye now"-She gives them her most sparkly smile, blows them a kiss, and we leave the store. Over the years, I have remembered that scene again and again. I often wonder what those ladies talked about over lunch that day. I am also trying to remember the punishment...whatever it was-it didn’t work!. All her teenage years she still thought I was a @#$&*!.....and now she has a child of her own. God is Good!
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Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Yes God is GOOD!
My daughter tells me often, "Oh you wouldn't tell (her daughter) about that! LOL

Well... she is only 3 but you just wait! hehehe