Saturday, February 20, 2010

Those Darned Fairies

Did you ever notice that 3 adults CAN cram themselves into a love seat and, basically, get along? Did you ever notice that if you put 3 kids on a 90" couch they do not fit? That is a true, and somewhat amazing, fact of life.

Lucy, in her Snow White costume, is sitting sweetly on one end of the sofa watching The Princess Movie. She thinks it is going to be the story of her life -but we will let that dog lie sleeping. Lulu, dressed as Cinderella, comes in and plops down on the far end. She is also watching the movie. MOOOOVE over-here comes SweetCheeks and she takes her 1/3 out of the whole middle half of the couch. First, she sidles up next to Lucy who tells her in her soft, whispery little voice to please move over. she scootches all the way over to the other side and leans against Lulu. Lulu, being older and having lost her sweet & whispery voice, says rather matter-of-factly, SweetCheeks-MOVE OVER, watch the movie...and stop touching me..

Uh-oh! We have hurt feelings to contend with here...ummhmmm...and we are also just a tad miffed. "I not gonna go ober der and I not gonna watch yoah movie. I wanna watch Doarah da Explorah". NO! Two voices are raised in protest.... "We are watching The Princess Movie, SweetCheeks! Look, isn’t she pretty? Don’t you want to be a princess just like her?" The arms cross tightly across the chest, this dog don’t hunt, they are not "pulling a fast one" on the 3 year old. "I down’t wike Pwincesses and I down’t wanna watsch em no moah". Crocodile tears start rolling in earnest down the chubby little cheeks.

"Nana"- 3 voices call all at once. Two voices share the same complaint~"SweetCheeks won’t watch the movie that we want to watch and she is taking up the whole couch." As they are talking SweetCheeks is dragging the cushions off the couch one by one. "I NOT taking up da couch-I taking up da piwwlows and I gonna piwle dem up and change da channel to Doarah!"

"Come on", I call trying to distract SweetCheeks. "I have cookies, who wants cookies?:" Three voices chime, "I do"! Ah...there are 2 of them at the counter, hands washed and ready...but where is SweetCheeks? Here she comes! "What were you doing?" we all ask. "Hey! I not gonna tell ya but the Pwincess movie dissapeahed!" "Where did it go?" the other two ask.
" down’t know but I thinked the darwned fairies takded it-but guess what?" "What?" asks Lulu.
"They lefted us a Doraah da Explorah movie instead". Let the crying begin~
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