Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Or, in our case, it would be who let the cats out? Our cats were always contained...confined...locked up...whatever you want to call it. They were "contained" because TPot had allergies (or said she had allergies-her eyes would itch and get red and swell- of course that can be faked with a bit of lotion accidentally swabbed into the eyelid). I think she just didn't like cats...oh wait....TheBrawnyMan has allergies too and I don't think he would fake it? A match made in heaven- star crossed & divine? hmmmm...

Anyway, the cats lived in our lower level where we slept with them at night and they were in the 'garden room" during the day. I should be so lucky-spend all day in the sun-filled room laying around and eating whenever I felt like it. I think in my next life I will try to come back as a big fat pampered house cat-Watch your mouth-I heard that comment about the fat, pampered part. Okay-for all the Christians in the group I DO NOT REALLY BELIEVE I will come back in a 2nd life as a housecat....a plant maybe...but not a cat.

We have (had-they are no longer here-don't ask cuz then I will start crying and that is NOT pretty) 2 cats....Misty & Mozart. Misty ~ a sweet little dream cat-Mozart - a @#$%#! er, sorry, he is a BAD BOY! MyHero picked him out of a line up. We could have had our pick of the litter-all were sleeping and purring and licking themselves nicely (or as nice as a cat CAN lick itself)Here is my piece of advice-never kiss a cat on the lips. Anyway, MyHero picked him out because he had personality! What does THAT mean? That means while all the other nice, docile little kitties were sunning themselves Mozart was jumping and diving and climbing and hissing and spitting. MyHero thought he was the cutest cat he had ever seen. He likes Jim Carey at his most frenetic if that gives you a clue. So, The Chosen came to live with us. Misty hated him on sight-almost as much as she hated the sight of SweetCheeks coming at her with open arms. We are talking ears laid back, hissing hate. He is twice her size and could lay her flat but No! He is scared-he is scared of a girl cat half his size....the wuss. When he was a few weeks old we could not keep him from climbing the curtains-literally- so, we did what all good cat people do (except for the purists who think you should not alter any animal in any way-but that's another topic for another day). We took him to have him de-clawed-front only-I am not a totally mean person-at least with back claws he can defend himself if need be. While we were at the vets I asked them if they could remove his teeth too. The girl (not understanding my sense of humor) very seriously said, "No"in a very stern matter...she looked mean so I didn't bother explaining that I was kidding. Eventually Misty and Mozart called an uneasy truce. Mozart did not look Misty straight in the face and she would not attack him...worked for her.

The grandkids love the kitties-they want to spend all their time with them. What is wrong with this picture? How do they get into (and out of) the area without opening the door? hmmm...Ain't gonna happen. Open the door...Child #1 slips through- Mozart runs out. Capture cat. Return to room...Child #1 slips back inside and closes the door. Child #2 fumbles the door open...Wait...wait...calls Child #1. Misty is right by the door-I'll hold her- Child#2 fumbles the door open...Mozart runs out a 2nd time. This time he runs faster and the chase is longer. Meanwhile, SweetCheeks is crying because she hasn't gotten INSIDE the room yet to play with the cats. Capture cat...return to room. Lulu is holding Misty (who does not like being held), Lucy is carrying Mozart back in and SweetCheeks makes her race through the door-Ah! Home free....cats and kids inside. Let the games begin...wait...wait...what's that I hear? Knocking from the other side of the door-It's SweetCheeks~ Nana-I gotta go potty! The door opens and both cats race out the door and disappear into a room in the basement where the faint of heart will not go. I, for one, am not going in there after them. For this is one thing I know~They will return- I have fish!
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