Saturday, February 20, 2010

TPot The Terror Monday

It's a good thing I was already pregnant with daughther #2, Mimi, before TPot turned one or she would never have had a sister. You might think that your children were naughty but, believe me, they could not hold a candle to the TPot.

When she was little she was fascinated by dark-skinned people. Why? Who knows? She was always coloring her dolls faces brown (or black, or green-just depended on the day). And~Oh My~ how she loved her sister, Mimi! She loved her so much she wanted her to be dark-skinned too. She discovered that there were two ways to do it. One day as Mimi was sitting in her diaper, in her high chair, minding her own sweet little business, the TPot got into the pantry (this was BEFORE we put a lock on it-yes we did). She got out some Crisco. She rubbed Crisco all over Mimi's head and shoulders and arms. Hmmmm-Why did she do that you ask~ good question. It was so that when she dumped the Hershey's cocoa over Mimi it would stick. Let me remind you at this point, never spend 2 minutes in the bathroom by yourself if there are 2 kids that you can't see from a sitting position. When I walked into the kitchen I was met with the sweet chorus of "Surprise-Look~ it's a choculut baby!" Just what I always wanted. Can you say Bath & Bed for both?
Undaunted by her first experiment, she set out to darken poor little Mimi's skin on a deeper level. Ahhhh..BLACK magic markers to the rescue! And where, pray tell, does a 2 year old get a magic marker? Well, MyHero, of course because "she wanted something to draw with"! It was a warm, sulty summer day. Mimi is in her cutest little white sundress....ah...sundress...that means sleeveless, of course. She is playing with her blocks. TPot picks up her arm and proceeds to color it from wrist to armpit with black magic marker. Hmmm...this works pretty good she thinks...let's try the other arm....ooooohhh...SOOOO good.....let's do both legs too! Wait- OH NO-here comes Mama-Here quick...shove the magic marker into Mimi' hands. Mama...Mama...Mama...look - Mimi's a brack baby and she dooed it all hursulf. uh-huh....and chickens have teeth.

TPot had other wonderful qualities too (besides the artistic ones I have touted above). She was a climber extraordinare! She would climb the shelves in the kitchen pantry to get the cookies (or treats) that were on the top shelf. We finally put a hook style lock on the very top of the door thinking that would deter her. Wrongo! I came up the stairs one day with a loaded laundry basket (Lord~are you EVER done with laundry when you have kids? Or husbands?)...anyway, there she was. She was standing on a chair and balancing Mimi on her shoulders (OMG-it makes my heart start speeding up just remembering it). Mimi had, in her hands, a wooden spoon and she was trying to push the lock open. I very softly asked (so I didn't scare them and have Mimi come toppling down), "What ARE you doing?" TPot looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Nothing". I lifted Mimi down and started to scold TPot. She was never one to back down and say Sorry. She tilted her little chin up towards the sky and said, "It was Mimi's idea"! "No kidding?!?!" I asked her if she'd like a beating but she politely declined. I think she was what an earlier generation refered to as a willful child.

You know the funny part about this? I used to wish she'd have a child just like her...and guess what? I think my wish came true!
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