Monday, February 8, 2010

Just Another Day In Paradise

Well, whoever said being a grandparent was the most fun they ever had was right- most of the time, that is. Except for the puking and coughing and "NO-I SAID NO!" moments, being a Nana is just about the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me- well, except for the time I punched my brother in the arm and the stone had fallen out of my ring and it left big prong marks in his arm but we don't like to talk about that in front of the kids. Well, my brother does but he likes to use me for the bad example in the family. You know, everyone has a purpose in life, even if it is to serve as a bad example for others. You can quote me on that. Well, you can quote me on just about anything I say-even if most of what I say isn't worth quoting. But then, you aren't paying a dime to read this so don't expect anything too grand.

I am so excited to have a blog I could just spit...but I won't because then I would have to clean it up myself....just like I clean up everyone else's spit, snot, puke-you name it- I have cleaned it. They never told me that when I had grandkids I would have the pleasure of re-experiencing all the puking and spitting I had previously enjoyed with my own children. Why did they neglect to mention that I wonder?

No-when they tell you about being a grandparent it is about how cute the kids look all dressed up for Mother's Day. They forgot the part about all the slime that will be coated down the front of that sweet, lilacs-oh-so-cute (with lace, of course) little dress that matches their beribboned hair. Oh, yeah, and don't forget about all the bits and pieces of the meal that have embedded themselves IN the hair. I especially appreciate the pancake syrup. That is always a nice mess to clean up. So, when Sweet Cheeks asks, "Nana-I wanna have some pahnscakes wid sirrrup, okay?" I sweetly respond-"NO PANCAKES!". Ah! See, I have discovered her trick. She doesn't eat the pancakes. She pours the syrup on her plate and licks it off when I turn my head. When I am watching her dead on she is contemplating that pancake like it is the most delicious thing she has ever seen. When I turn to her sister-Watch out- it is face in the plate and it goes downhill from that point on.

I need to end this now. The 3 year old is ripping the pages out of a library book that belongs to the school the 7 year old attends. That should be fun to explain tomorrow! I guess I'd better start taping before the crying starts. Later my friends~
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Anonymous said...

lol good nana

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin it. Nice going Nana

Anonymous said...

Great blog Diana.

Teresa said...

Sweet sweet KISSES being blown your way!
You made my day!
Thanks for the SMILE!
Your dishes sound fabulous!
Let me think about it all and I may hollar at you for some of those yummy recipes!
Delighted to have you as a blogfrog friend!
Feel free to pop over anytime and tell me how CUTE I am!
Ah.....haha! ;o)

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Sounds like you're a hands on Nana. I don't get to see my grands as often as I'd like since I still have some of my own kids (teenagers & college age) at home. Boy do I love it when they come for Sunday dinner, although it takes me 2 days to recuperate! There are 4 boys and 1 girl (and one on the way), all under the age of 12. Whew!

Lin said...

So enjoyed reading this, you have a great sense of humor I'm sure your Grand kids love coming to you :)