Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey! Watch This! Tuesday

Were scarier words ever spoken? Watch WHAT? What am I going to be watching? I already know in my heart that it is going to be something that I don't want to see! I look, I gasp, I am close to cardiac arrest! Mama'sBoy is in the trees and he is higher than the house! Are you wondering how he got up there? Let me tell you!

Did you ever see one of those monkeys that can scale the side of a building? Well, we have their cousin living with us. Those monkeys don't have a thing on Mama'sBoy. He learned to climb when he was about a year old. At 11 months old his two wonderful, and oh-so-blessed, sisters taught him to pull all of his blankets and toys out of his crib and throw them over the side. He would then hoist himself up and holding on by his tail (I mean his hands) vault over the side of the crib to freedom. When all the other kids were that age we raised the sides...with Mama'sBoy we lowered it so he wouldn't break his neck in a fall.

His next venture was climbing. Our phone was one of those wall phones that hung about 5 feet off the floor in the kitchen. It was right by the pantry door. The phone would ring and our little dream&scream machine would go into action. He would fling open the pantry door, wrap his arms and legs around the door frame and scramble up the side of it to grab the phone. I told people this-no one believed me. We had "Watch Mama'sBoy Climb Parties". We would invite people to our house. They would bring dinner and we would prep them so that they wouldn't choke when TheBoy went into action.

For a cookie he would climb up and touch the eaves of the porch overhang. (You remember, of course you do, that he cut his teeth on M&M's potty training-just imagine what he would do for a cookie). Those feats, however, in no way prepared us for The Big Climb. We went outside and observed that Child 1. 2 & 3 were staring skyward. Was it a bird, was it a plane, was it ....OMGosh! It WAS! It WAS Mama'sBoy! He was climbing to the tip top branches of the Florida tree that had been devastated by frost. Gently, ever so gently, we called, "Mama'sBoy-come down...come down."

Meanwhile Child 1, 2 & 3 are cheering him on! "Swing to the next branch...swing across-Jump...why don't you jump? Are you a chicken? " OHHHHH- Come down~come down, child, before your Mama has a heart attack! Pleading never worked with this kid-he was a dare-devil...he was Evel Knevel in a 4 year old body....he was fearless.

Guess what else he was? He was a Sugarbaby. He loved his treats...when all else failed...I called again- Come down-I have cookies! Ahh~The standoff is over. Mt Everest has been scaled and defeated and tragedy has been averted for one more day.
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