Friday, February 12, 2010

The Cast Of Characters

You know-before this writing "career" hahahaha-oh, are supposed to get paid for a career, aren't you? Well, before this BLOG (Lord, what an awful word-it makes me think of the sludge that floats on the bottom of the glass belonging to the 2 year old who has had milk with her oreo cookies. Yeah, I know-you have never GIVEN your children OREO only fed them green beans, brown rice and skim milk...whatever..) Back to BLOG-it's kind of an ugly word, don't you think? The point is-before this BLOG gets much bigger I think I am going to have to introduce the cast of characters that will present themselves from time to time. Now, there WILL be random people thrown in here and there and if I get the word that you aren't following along YOU will be the subject of a whole little message here. So, watch it because I can be NICE or I can be BRUTAL- Your choice.

The cast of charcters in the BLOGS that will follow are listed below:

MrK~ ( does not like being identified) so..henceforth I will drop the MrK and call him My Hero (hahaha-that's a whole joke in itself but I will let it pass for now)

TPot-Oldest Daughter-Nicknamed TPot by Mama'sBoy -Why? No one knows.
TheBrawnyMan-Nicknamed that because his wife (TPot) entered him in the MrBrawny contest
Minderella-2nd daughter~The red-headed princess of the house-a good door slammer
2/19/10-Minderella shall henceforth be called MiMi (cuz that's what the kids call her & I'm tired of her whining about her name)
IslandScout- Hubby of Minderella-so named because he came from the FL Keys & ran a Boy Scout Camp there
Mama'sBoy- Youngest Son-Named himself & proud of it
SecretAgent-Wife of Mama'sBoy and I can't say more-the name says it all
MrT-Oldest son (jeweler by trade)
AbsentOnes-Oldest Son's family-I don't talk about them-they don't talk to me-Nuff said

Little Lulu-Oldest daughter of TPot & TheBrawnyMan-(alias-Little Miss Literal)
Lucy/Ria-2nd daughter of TPot & TheBrawnyMan-a curly headed clone of Minderella (looks & acts) 5/09 Ria doesn't like Lucy-she is now RIA.
-The BABY of TPot & TheBrawnyMan-The family clown

BabyEEEEEFan- First son of Minderella & IslandScout-bright blue eyes & cute as a button

There-Confused yet? Study the above. There will be at test at some point and this BLOG will have disappeared. You think I'm kidding, don't you? I will be typing along on some tidbit...and you will go....wait....wait....which one is that? You will quickly scan back to find this post-Pooof- It will be gone. Just like geography-if you don't study it you will lose it...Quick....quick....what is the capital of Peru? If you said Lima-you are right-You studied your geography. But if you are like my friend (who is NOT named above-but, honey, you know who you are) you will call me from class (she has to make a call because I refuse to start texting) and asks--quick...quick...what is the capital of Peru? psssst...oh & what is the capital of Columbia because I see that is the next question. lol That's what I mean-apparently she did NOT study her capitals and now, alas, must call me. Take warning from that folks & study the aforementioned list!

So, my friends, now you know who's who. As the stories unwind, you will lay down and roll on the floor (no I am not talking about your Sunday church experience) when you read some of the things they have done. You will roll your eyes, you will laugh til you snort, you will wonder if such things could really happen in any family. Yes! Yes they have! The things I will tell you HAVE happened in my family and I claim them proudly....well, I claim most of them proudly...except for the time the joke tellers were on stage and called out to the audience , "What is the difference between Boogers and Broccoli?" Whereupon Mama'sBoy proudly yelled (loudly) BOOGERS TASTE SALTY! Now don't that just make a Mama feel proud?

2/19/10 Edited to Add- Minderella has been changed to MiMi- Maybe NOW she will quit whining!

5/1/10 Edited AGAIN- Lucy no longer wants to be Lucy-She wants to be Ria...Lord love us-The kid is now Ria (Ree-ah). Thank you Lord, and God bless her.
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Anonymous said...

I thought they tasted like broccoli:)

Anonymous said...

The smart ones in THIS class have copied this post! Guess who? :)

Mindy said...

How come everybody else has a "code name" but you decided to use my real name?? Doesn't seem fair.

Anonymous said...

Minderella is NOT your real name. It is your real name minus the Y with a rella added onto it. Minderella reminds me of YOU because it makes me think of long curly hair and because you always WERE a princess- Besides your other nickname is MINS and CORKY.(okay now I am laughing out loud)I gues I thought you would prefer Minderella. Love and kisses - your MOM

Anonymous said...

You are right, the smart ones here copied this cheat sheet so we can figure out who is who, when you give the test.

Anonymous said...

Lol so right about rolling around on the floor laughing.