Thursday, February 11, 2010

That's Not Hims-That's My Own

What do you get when you cross a curly red-headed Irish-looking lass (who by all accounts is Polish/English/Scottish/PADutch/French/Unknown/AND Irish-there may be more but I forget what else that might be)...anyway...what do you get when you cross that one with a BBQ'd rib lovin' boy from the South? Give up? Well, you get a curly-red headed little mite that never quits moving and loves to eat. He's about as cute as a new born speckled pup. I picked that phrase up from a guy that I dated (a darned cute redneck from Southern Florida-meaning NO offense to any of you Southern rednecks reading this-you know who you are and I love you-or should I say y'all). I was saying-he is CUTE. You MIGHT think your grandkids are cute, you might brag about them and show pictures around but you have not seen ours. They are so cute I don't even have to post pictures of them here to show you how cute they are. I am doing this so that you don't feel bad after you see them and then have to look at your own grandkids.

Does this baby have a name you ask~Of course he does. From this point on and for his whole life we will fondly refer to him by the name that SweetCheeks christened him with COUSINT BABYEEEEFAN. Yes, that's right, all one word. Just like I am NanaDiana- He is BABYEEEEFAN.

Now, before BABYEEEEEFAN (you can add as many E's as you want, by the way) came along SweetCheeks was IT. If you have kids you know what I mean by IT. The BABY of the family. She was fussed over and admired. She was cooed to, talked to, licked (by siblings-not me), and touted as the smartest, cutest, most adorable child the world had ever seen. She could do no wrong. Did she dump the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet? No problem-she's just a baby-she's just learning-she doesn't know any better. Did she write with magic markers on the wall? Couldn't be-that must have been her sister- who, by all reasonable accounting, SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Well, Cute Little SweetCheeks, MOVE over-there is a new baby in the house and here he is!

SweetCheeks looks this one over. He doesn't look like a threat. She is thrice his size and can bulldoze him down if she needs to. No-he looks a lot like her doll that she hauls around. Great! She thinks she can pick him up and put him in her doll stroller. WAIT! WAIT! We all yell- and here comes the four words that she will dread worse than she hates liver (which makes her gag).....DON'T TOUCH THE BABY! She looks at us like we have grown extra heads. WHAT? ~SweetCheeks, don't touch the baby~ Her response- I NOT! You will come to recognize that her two favorite phrases in the whole world are- I DIDN'T and I NOT. She hasn't got to the blaming stage yet but that can't be far off. She glares at BABYEEEEFAN! Hmmmm...he is not quite as cute anymore, especially if she can't touch him. She looks around. ~Nana~ "Yes, darlin'" -Thas MY OWN highcharh & HIMS can't sit in it- (aha-we have shortened his name to HIMS now). Okay (I know that by the time he actually CAN sit in it she won't care anymore). -Nana-HIMS can't sleep in my widdle beddie (the crib). Okay-(he is in a bassinet anyway). Nana-HIMS can't use my spechal fowk and spoonie- Okay-NOOO problem). She looks him over again. She watches him from the side of her eyes so that we can't SEE her looking him over. She pretends that she is interested in the book that is right in front of her....wait for it.....wait for it....she POKES BABYEEEEFAN! "SWEETCHEEKS"- we yell in unison- then quieter- Don't touch the baby! SweetCheeks with arms folded and lips pouting out replies~I NOT!!!! I DON'T WIKE MY NEW COUSINT!

And, so it goes, out with the old and in with the new!- Just like your favorite sweater that is just a bit past its prime . You still love it as much as you ever have -it clings to you in all the right places, soft and sweet as a whisper, and knows you intimately- but you love the new one too.
Say-where is that "old sweater" and what is it doing? (Did you get that analogy)It is awfully quiet around here- Later folks!
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Judy said...

Poor Christopher can relate. Abby couldn't say Christopher...she said FeeeeeeFee ( and you can draw THOSE E's out as well!!) Poor guy is 15 and guess what most of the family calls him part of the time?? Uh guessed it. FeeeeeeFee. Of course it could have been worse...HIS cousin couldn't say his name either and called him Pissfur when she was little

Mindy said...

Poor babyeeeeefan indeed. Little miss pokey-poke decided to poke him in the eye when I wasn't looking and he ended up in the ER at 10:00 p.m. When I told her the next morning that his eye was hurt so he had to go to the doctor, she simply said "oh. is that cause i poked hims eye?" nice.

Judy said...

LOL..gotta love Little miss pokey-poke. Hope his eye is ok

T-pot said...

Nana- Let's face it. They only reason you don't have pictures of your monsters (aka Lulu, Lucy, Sweetcheeks and Babyeeefan) is because you can't figure out how to post them. I bet Lulu could figure it out for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these kids sure have grown up. I've been reading some of your older posts. Even SweetCheeks looks tiny In December 2010 posts. It wasn't THAT long ago. I love your posts - they have been funny and entertaining right from the word go. So glad I've gone back to the beginning.