Sunday, March 27, 2011

SweetCheeks And MamasBoy


Lookit Uncle MamasBoy..

Hims got hims glasses on

in the house!

Why does hims have

them on inside?

Cuz he's crazy, SweetCheeks,

that's why!


Hims ISS crahzy!


Uncle MamasBoy~

Yohu arhe crahzy yohu know..

eefvan Nana sayed you arhe crazy..

And, Uncle MamasBoy...

How's youhr wiife?

You mean your AuntieA?


Youhr wife

you silly head!

He's just carazhy,

isn't hims, Nana?

(Uncle MamasBoy is staring

at her cuz she has struck his

funny bone- She IS HIM

at that age-Two peas in a pod)

The he notices something

kind of scary~

Holy Cow! SweetCheeks!

How did you get that great

big bruise on your arm?

That looks awful!

Nana- Tehll him thass a


And isss a REAL TATT TOOO!

Hims thinks itss a bruise...pfffttt!This makes MamasBoy

laugh at his funny little niece.

Issss not funnneee, Uncle MamasBoy!

I doan't like it when you laff at me!


Tell him to go hohme nhow

cuz he makes my head hurrtt!!


He made my head hurt for 18 years....

and now I can send him home to

make his wife's head hurt...

God bless my daughter-in-law.

And God bless MamasBoy

who brings as much joy to

others as an adult

as SweetCheeks does

in her childhood innocence.

I am beyond blessed~


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  1. Cute cute cute! The look is priceless on both of them.

  2. Now that is funny. He makes her head hurt- LOL. Love it. Nothing like family, is there?
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Yeah I love this...he made my head hurt for 18yrs!
    Oh this was a great one!!

    Pamela xo

  4. Looks like you have a pair of super special ones there ~ always making you smile :)

  5. So cute. ANd I love her pink little tray. I would love an adult size version of that!!

  6. The fourth time I've read this. The facial expressions are just the best.


  7. What a tattoo! I really think if I were a young college student I would go into dermatology and specialize in tattoo removal. I think that's going to be a hot business in a few years.

  8. I love it!! Sweetcheeks is absolutely adorable!!! I love it that little ones can make out hearts sing and laugh with the things that they say and the looks on their sweet little faces!!
    Thank you for sharing this, you made my day!! :)

  9. Sweet Cheeks is just such a cutie & I always love to read her exploits :) xx

  10. I'm telling you--Sweet Cheeks is unbelievable!!! I can't believe how she articulates everything and how you are able to type it in such a way that we can hear her words as if she is really talking to us.

    And your son is so handsome! I think his glasses look cool! lol

    I hope you're having a good day!

  11. OMG how funny is she!!!?? " He makes my head hurt" LOL
    xoxo Lisa

  12. Sweet Cheeks you steal my heart! It's amazing how much they are like carbon copies of their parents...

  13. That was just to sweet! Thanks for the sweet comments on my grandson! Have a great day, Vicky


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