Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rice Lake-Where's The Rice? Day 1

Where are you going on vacation?
They asked as we got our
Starbucks coffee, midday,
on the way out of town.

They could see our car packed and
my trusty Starbucks Thermos
at the ready.

So..WHERE did you say you were going?
Hmmm...We DIDN'T really say..
Cuz...We're not really sure yet.
was the reply.
Aren't you leaving now?
Yep! Right from here.
Huh? Leaving here and going where?
Yeah...well, therein lies the problem...
We are just gonna drive..
and stop..

The girl at the window looks at me
like I have grown a third head.
She should be used to the
other two by now.

Well, I ask MyHero, as we
pull out of the drive..

Where ARE we going?
North, South, East, West?
Let's head West! No..wait...
Let's head North!

I compromise..
because as you remember..
I drive...he rides....
I drive NorthWest.

Late afternoon finds us
in the sweet little town
of Rice Lake.
Rice Lake has the well-known
Midwestern medical facility~
Marshfield Clinic.
A wonderful hospital
that performs many miracles.
But...listen to the words..
Do you think of swamps and
rice fields? Huh?
Yeah-me too!
Guess what?
There are none-
Neither marshes nor rices...
yes..I know the plural of rice
is rice.
Thanks for asking....

Rice Lake-sure is pretty~
We drove all the way around the lake.
Then found a motel
and a restaurant.
We like to eat.
We like to sleep.
I like to watch
late night TV.
MyHero likes
to grumble
about late night
TV too.
Next time I am getting my own room:>) We asked the motel lady..
Where do you like to eat?
She said~ Drag's
I'll have you know I did NOT
make ONE joke about the name.
No. I. Did. Not~!
I could have-but I didn't..We dragged ourselves to Drag's...

Okay-maybe just ONE teeny little joke.

By this time I was dragging butt (TWO)

Because I had dragged the mop (THREE)

all over my house before we left so

I could drag (FOUR) myself back to a clean house.

Okay-I quit now~ I promise~

Well, when I saw the sign that said

Italian Restaurant AND

Roman Lounge

I told MyHero to

take his clothes off and they would give him

a toga to wear...

He refused because he thought I might be joking.

We hesitantly entered thinking we

might see old naked men in togas...

or worse.


Well, what a cute little place.

They had Halloween decorations up

the yazoo...Y'all know what THAT is, right?

The owner must have DRAGGED out

box after box of decorations.Even the lights were cleverly disguised as

hmmm...baskets of flowers and leaves..

Pretty funky lights...It was just charming...

All lit up and cutsified*...

*new word..feel free to use it...As soon as I whipped my camera out

My Hero started flinching...

and frothing at the mouth

Don't take any more pictures..he grumbled.
I won't- I promised.

But wait...here comes the

Spaghetti.....OH SO GOOD!Can I just take one picture of you eating? I asked

ever so sweetly~

Here, he said, Talk to the hand!Now~ If you are very good and promise

not to use recycled toilet paper

tomorrow I will tell you about

Murder and Mayhem.

Try to DRAG yourself back here tomorrow, will you?

your photo name


Gabriele Agustini said...

As always, your post is hysterical!!
And it woke me up enough so that I have the gumption to 'drag' my butt out of bed. Hopefully the rest will soon follow.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love your sense of humor girl!

Romeo said...

Marsh fields and rice patties....purrhaps existing before the ice age. Yep, that's my theory. Archeological digs showed evidence of prehistoric little rices and chopsticks.....so they named it appropriately. Yep, yep, yep quite pleased with myself and my theory. So off I go....dragging my butt....I hate when something leaves the litterbox with me.....

Hoping to return tomorrow....minus the litterbox remnants. Oh yeah, forgot I'm leaving those with you today.....

Purrs (because I'm happy to have been able to drag my butt),


Julie Harward said...

Loved your trip to the unknown place and beyond! I have missed you and your fun post so I am off the check up on what you have been up to while I was on vacation! :D

Diane said...

Great trip. Lucky you and that spaghetti is making me soooo hungry Ÿ

time-worn interiors said...

To funny!

Ld3441 said...

I am dragging due to work! ;)
Did you take pearl on this trip?
Thanks for the smiles!

LDH said...

Fun post and fun time you guys had! Handsome hand you are married to!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

That spagetti has me hungry too. I mentioned you in my post today. Hope you don't mind. When I'm talking about Starbucks you just come to mind! Looks like you had a great vacation.

Kathy said...

Glad I DRAGGED myself over here to see your Husbands hand! Ha!
Your crazy...my kind of girl!
xoxo~Kathy @Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Lindy said...

Great trip.....I see you got the "talk to the hand" hand! I've got to start reading you earlier...before the hub is asleep. Good thing he's a sound sleeper!! I love it, though. You are always, always good for a smile. Thanks! L.

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahahaha. It looks like a really fun trip!


Tete said...

Holy crap, I missed this one yesterday. No wonder I had a bad day! I won't do that again!
You would not believe how many hand photos that I have deleted...men.
Fun play on the resturant- at least you didn't have to drag yourself to the side of the road later after being poisoned. Always good to ask the locals where to eat. They know the best places and where to stay away from.
Loved the decor!
Hugs- Tete