Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghostie Games & Skeleton Stretches

Well~After our Pumpkin Game
(see yesterday's post)
we moved to the next table
which SweetCheeks insisted was
The Ghostie Game.
Now..Hearh is howh yoah play.
Yoah take ah suckkar and yoah
whrap sum tissue or sumthin' around
it and then yoah draw sum eye on itt..
and yoah gott a ghostie.
I'hl phick my suckkar first, okay?
I gonna phick three. One for me.
One for Lulu and one for Ria..
But I get to pick the besst kind furst.Uh-oh!
This game is getting more complicated.
Now we gotta pick a twister to wrap those suckers with..
(get it sucker...suckers? a little play on words...never mind)
Whew~! Misssion accomplished...
Now we just gotta draw the eyes on..
This takes mucho concentration..
There's a new entrant in the
Who's that, SweetCheeks?
This is Colin...him's my friend.
Is he your BOYfriend?
Noooooah...I gotta real boyfwriend..
an isss NOT Colin...
Shhhhh..don't say enyfing, Nana!
Speaking of "games" they sure start early.SweetCheeks tells Colin to sit down and she

will help him. She leans in to offer advice.Poor SweetCheeks starts to cry... Why are you crying?

Cuz Colin dusn't whant eny hellp!

It's okay, SweetCheeks-
He can do it all by himself!
Him's chan?
Yep! See?The waterworks dry up and..
Like a proud mother she
looks over and tells him-
Ghood jobb, Colin!Hey! Lookit whass in thiss bowl..
Isss skuluhtons or sumfin'Colin watches her cautiously...
Itt stwretches out like thhisssOoooooh...Now luuk...but isss kinda skeery
cuz I'hm afraid it will break and hurht me...Look...I let it ghoe and isss just norhmal
again. Do yoah see it? Colin?
Do yoah see it?Poor Colin!
He is thinking that SweetCheeks is pretty
skeery herself...
but maybe not quite as scary as this...

And certainly not as scary as THIS!
Happy Halloween from

the Crazy Nana Witch!

(MyHero just said...That's not shouldn't put that on there-what will people think?)

Hmmmm...wonder what they'll think when I tell them you're a pastor..

Don't tell them..he said...Oooopps...Too Late!

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  1. So SweetCheeks has a real boywriend! She has such fun:) Getting mooned by a witch early on Halloween just makes it for me!! lol

  2. Cute and I love the full moon shot. Happy Halloween to you, too.

  3. This is better than the Sunday comics. Your blog always starts my day off right. Poor Colin. LOL
    I want to know how many washings it took to get all that hair spray out of her hair!
    Tell pastor guy that full moons are a part of Halloween- I got one on my blog. God gave us a sense of humor and a butt with a crack in it. It just had to happen sometime.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. hey diana, thankyou, your little angels are gorgeous! love you and your gorgeous pastor hubby! just ....
    your stories truly do make my day..
    thankyou for finding me..
    hugs, laura xxx

  5. I thought Colin was cute till he made Sweet Cheeks cry!! Happy Halloween.

  6. Good Morning Diana Sweetie...
    Thank you for popping by my Country Wings and finding it lovely enough to sign up to follow. I so adore meeting new friends and sharing. I am now your newest follower as well.

    Looks as though your family had the nicest Halloween party I have seen in a long while. The decorations were just fabulous, and I really loved the costumes. SweetCheeks sure did make a beautiful Winter Fairy, and the Fall fairy was gorgeous as well. Your daughter did a great job making the costumes.

    I am still chuckling at the Mooning I got. I haven't been mooned since I visited Tete just yesterday and before that? I can't remember when I had so much fun. Let the child in us come alive for this Halloween night. I love it sweetie.

    I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween tonight. Don't let the ghosts and goblins catch up with you. Will see you soon sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. Hi Diana-

    The link back to your site worked -how exciting. Life would be great if we didn't have to deal with tech issues. Hope you have a fun Halloween with your little cuties.
    MY best- Diane

  8. I think Nana has gone "plum crazy", but in the bestest, funnest, way. Sweet pictures and great memories. Fun!!

  9. LOL Diana I feel that your pastor hubby should
    chill out. After all he should know your personality by now, nothing wrong with being crazy and a little cracked. 41 1/2 years ago, mine would swear (I know, not nice to do, but he would anyway) that he didn't know I was crazy and cracked, but it has kind of worn off on him.

  10. She couldn't be any cuter! Adorable in her costume too :)

  11. LOL! Oh my gosh! What a doll! And as usual, you crazy chic, you had me laughing til I cried. How in the world does your straight-laced pastor hubby put up with your antics? Ohhh.....he's NOT as straight-laced as I thought, huh? You've been his undoing, I'll bet......Have a great week, chickie!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Poor Sweet Cheeks, she's just beginning to find our how frustrating boys are. I love your blog, Mrs. Pastor's wife. Now that was a fun surprise! Oh, and I think you should definitely enter that contest to win a camera. Your butt crack picture doesn't look life-like enough. LOL; LOL; LOL!

  13. LOL very cute and I just laughed at your Halloween Moon! ;D

  14. You crack me up!!! I got so tickled when you said Colin is thinking SweetCheeks is skeery!

    She is just a charming little prissy pot! I know that she must keep everyone in stitches.

    A preacher? hmmmmm...wouldn't have guessed it, but that's great.


  15. I love the sweet gift that was sent to you. What a nice friend. :)

    Stories about Sweet Cheeks always makes me smile. What a cutie!

    And....the pumpkin moon is cute too! :)


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