Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Promised You Paradise...

Now Paradise is different things
to different people.
As we traveled we left the rugged
beauty of Copper Harbor and the
Keeweenaw Peninsula behind.
This little piece of Paradise has been
sitting vacant for a few years.
We keep looking..
and the price keeps dropping..
Some days we dream that this
(with a lot of elbow grease)
could be a mini-Paradise for us.
It sits on Lake AuTrain
close to Munising and the
Pictured Rocks National Park.
This is what you see driving up.
There is a huge barn/outbuilding
with a big bunkhouse above it.
A small one bedroom cabin
and a larger, 2 bedroom winterized cabin.And a little shed...Someone loved this little spot of Heaven
for a time...
and now their time has passed
and it needs someone new to love it
and make it their own little
As you can see...she needs some work..
but she is sturdy..and well built..
Don't break in, MyHero..or they will
haul you off to jail..and I will
have to go home by myself..
and spend all your money..
and run away to Florida and...
What? You can't find the key?
Oh! You're NOT going in now?
Never mind....And, looking at the serenity of the lake it feels
a bit like Paradise, doesn't it?Well, I guess THAT'S not the Paradise
for our lives at this moment of time.
But wait...
Is THIS Paradise?Nope! This is Christmas!
Christmas, Michigan.
I want to move here and run for Mayor..
I want to spruce this sweet little town up
so it fits it's name..
Do you ever dream of reorganizing a town?
Is that a bit ambitious?
I think I could do it..
I do!
I want all the houses to look like
all year long..
I want to see lights ...
Christmas lights that welcome
and draw you in..
I want a St. Nick Inn
and lights..Oh! I want lots of lights..
and bells that ring...ring..ring..
NO! I do NOT mean
Casino Lights...which seems to
be the only show in town..
I don't want to hear
One Armed Bandits Ding and Ching..
Don't look...close your eyes..
That is NOT Paradise..
That is the Devil's Den!
No ching-ching for you there!

Santa waves goodbye as we leave town..I want to steal this sign-it's so cute..

but MyHero won't let me and I

is a'feared God might be watching.

Which is besides the point because I don't

own a hacksaw to cut the post down.

Are you tired of reading yet?

Huh? Okay then...
Here you go!

Without further it is....Was this what you were expecting?Or this? I guess it's where some folks

MEET Paradise~

Hmmm...Death by boat...

Just one more reason I don't like deep water..Just when I think Paradise ain't

(I love to work the word ain't in a makes my old

English teacher's good for him cuz

he was a lazy cuss at best)

Anyway...just when I think Paradise

isn't much like Heaven...we travel on

and I spot this...Lordy, Lordy...I think I have died and gone to Heaven...

The most heavenly place on Earth

when you are traveling and need it the most

looks a lot like this....

Hellllooooooooo Paradise!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I could see you re doing that town. Go for it and make it look like it's name all year long! That cabin on the lake is paradise for sure. I love the tranquility of water.

Hope Filled Living said...

Oh my! We just passed through every one of those places just a few short weeks ago. I recognize them all...however, we did not find the blue cabins...we too, dreamed a bit while we were up there. I did not want to come home because it was so peaceful. I always think about fixing up all the run down houses and making them pretty, but not of running for mayor! We are writing a book called, "Lost in Paradise" because my father-in-law was "Lost in Paradise" in 2008. He has never been found...he disappeared from his cabin without a trace.

WeeFaerie said...

Love it! Such a beautiful place on the lake and I could totally see you being mayor of Christmas. Have you been to Frankenmouth? It's Christmas year round there and it has Bronners nearby :) You would love it!

Kathy said...

Yep...that's the U.P.
You've got my vote girl...
Hands down you could turn Christmas into the town it's been waiting to become!
Why isn't fudge a main food group?
We bought all our kids an overnight at the lighthouse a few years back...They loved it.
Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Suzann said...
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Donna said...

Ooooh! You shouldn't have told me about that cute blue place for sale near Munising! You do know that blue is my favorite color, don't you? Well, I just might let you stay in the little one room cabin. Maybe! And yes, the town of Christmas sure could use your help!!

Suzann said...

Hello Diana,
Wow the pictures are beautiful!!! Could you save me a room at the lake? It looks so peaceful
We also have a small town Christmas in Florida, I go there to send out my Christmas cards so they will be stamped from Christmas.
Thanks for sharing the pictures..I miss Michigan when I see these pictures.
(Boy it isn't forgiving when I wanted to edit what I already sent :()

Tete said...

I hope the saints smile on you so you can buy your paradise and move there. I can see why you love it so.
I can see you running a whole town. I can. I can.
I have had plans in my little noggin for my town here for many years.
That's for when I win the lottery.
Hugs- Tete

Michelle said...

I want to run for mayor of Christmas town, you are so funny! lol, you should run for mayor, we need someone normal in the political world!

Diane said...

OMGosh, I ♥ that waving Santa. What a gorgeous place!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Oh yes! I agree, Christmas would be a fun town to "fix up" and to be mayor of! Loved this post, and your sense of humor!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

Oh, I love the lake view from your hoped-for paradise. What a serene place to be, I'm sure. Christmas, on the other hand, is not all that serene. Well, at least not the leading up to it. But that first place mentioned ... Ah, not only Paradise, but Heaven as well!

Julie Harward said...

I have never heard of that place..I would love to visit it at Christmas time. I bet they get a lot of letters addressed to Santa Clause! ;D

Vanessa said...

Devil's Den!!??? Diana you crack me up! This was a really fun post and I actually watched a show not too long ago about the Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes and it was pretty fascinating...and a little spooky too!
Glad you guys had a fun trip and if you ever become mayor of Christmas can I come live there?

Pamela said...

What a great place Diana thanks for sharing!
Yeah I could see you as Mayor!! YOu would sure make it fun!!!!
Pamela xo

Rebecca said...

I'll make a deal with you! If you move there and run and then win mayor I'll move there too and open a shop! :)

EEK! Maybe I better ask my hubbo first! hahahah

Sweet post!


Pam said...

I want that Santa sign too. Probably wouldn't fit in the car though. And what's beter than Fort Fudge? The good thing is that Christmas is coming and that means my family will be making fudge!