Friday, October 1, 2010

Nana Is Mad!!!!

I am one of those easy-going people.
It takes a lot to make me mad..
Sometimes I pretend to be mad...
But I'm really not..
I am pretty laid back in my old age.
Don't YOU yell at my grandchildren
and make them feel bad.
Our little SweetCheeks is only three.
She is liable to strip down to her skivvies
just about anywhere and
change into something else.
She hasn't learned yet..
what she will soon know..
that girls don't go topless
in public places.
She was in her own yard..
with her Dad...
minding her own business.
They live in a lovely home on a
The woman across from them
looked at SweetCheeks who was shirtless
but had her jeans on.
She was transforming from girl
to Princess, I'm sure.
(that's the side of the street SHE lives on)
yelled at her...
She told our little SweetCheeks...
don't run around bare-naked.
dropped her head down to her chest
and big tears coursed down her cheeks.
She hung her head and
The WITCH was working on a ladder,
washing windows.
I wanted to go over there and
kick her ladder out from under her..
But I didn't...
I'm pretty sure that is against the law.
Darn it! Darn it! Darn it!
Instead her Daddy...
Her great big Daddy...
The protective Daddy of 3 little girls...
Told her she shouldn't be yelling
at his little girl!
SHE told HIM that if he didn't know
enough to have her keep her
clothes on she had every right
to yell at her.
He told her what he thought
but did not berate her.
She is unstable.
She is...
what she is...
I feel sorry for her..
because she has lost
the joy of living..
the joy of the day..
the joy of
Please pray for her.
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WeeFaerie said...

The evil, rotten, ignorant hag! I absolutely hate people that make little kids cry! Just so you know Lil' Miss likes running free in her TinkerBell undies too and I would take off the head of anyone that insulted a 3 year old for it! It's such a short time in their lives that they are truly free from all the social standards so how dare she try and shorten it! Don't be surprised if something bad happens to her, karma has a way of biting people like that!

Hope Filled Living said...

So sad.
Obviously, it made the lady uncomfortable for some reason. ???
Trying to make a three year old feel shame...
The world is an ugly place sometimes.
Thank goodness she has a big, strong, protective daddy!

Michelle said...

What a crab, yesterday I had a similar experience... I was in the hall of my apartment building and my next door neighbor was there, I said to her, "it's weird my apartment smells really bad of pinesol and I don't know where it's coming from" she looks at me and says, Whats with you and smells first you say you smell cigarettes through the walls and now pinesol, your weird. I just stood there like an idiot.. turned around and walked away. She is the smoker on our floor and the hall reaks like smoke by her apartment door. Her comments have been bothering me ever since.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh my gosh! THAT was awfully forward and rude and inconsiderate and just blatantly none of her business! Wow! I'm glad that SC daddy was there to put her in her place. You gotta wonder how people like that are happy in the world they live in, don't you....? I hope that SC got an extra scoop of ice cream for dinner that night. :)

Can hardly wait to see you next summer, too, D! We ARE gonna make this happen! lol!

xoxo laurie

Patty Patterson said...

God created Adam and Eve and they went naked until they lost their innocence and sinned - so I don't see a problem with what Sweet Cheeks was doing. She's 3 for goodness sakes!

And your story reminded me of my little niece. She lived in the country and played outside in her panties quite often - so when we drove by my shy little home schooled boys always hid their eyes with embarrassment. But - this little naked princess was the sweetest little thing. She wasn't my niece at the time - but the girl is priceless. My nephew ended up marrying her making her my niece. When he proposed he trained a horse to bow and rode to her house to propose and she came out in her panties and a t-shirt. She's never been modest - but wholesome, she is. She's a NICE girl. Saved herself for marriage and the whole bit. And now they have four precious little ones *who are not modest, either* and she's an excellent mother - and a godly wife. They are youth pastors and missionaries. Maybe the innocent still don't need clothes?

So tell Sweet Cheeks we think she's a NICE GIRL and the neighbor lady is mean!

Tete said...

Well, the first thing I would do is hide all my brooms or she'll be riding them!
Second thing is that since wicked witches like full moons, I would have given her one or two.
The third thing I would have done would be to warn her about flying houses. That's what happens to wicked witches who mess with munchkins.
I had a neighbor like that when my son was in diapers. We had a wading pool in the side yard under the only tree we had at the time. His butt was so small, I couldn't find any swim trunks for him and the smallest pair of training pants slide ride off when wet. So, he swam and played in the water naked. I had 2 boys and his brother didn't mind until he peed in the pool.
She was so rude! The poor baby was only 18 months old. He didn't know is was "shameful".
There has to be a cranky old fart in every neighborhood.
God help the soul that makes a child cry. I prayed for her.
And hug SweetCheeks for me and tell her she can play topless in my yard anytime and not to listen to cranky old ladies with pointed hats.
Hugs- Tete

Jettie said...

Some PEOPLE! poor sweetcheeks, and good for her dad... people like that woman are never happy, so they try to make everyone else miserable to match their moods....

Gabriele Agustini said...

I'm so pissed right now!!
That woman has a deep-rooted problem!!
Maybe she was molested as a kid??
I guess I'm just trying to think of a reason WHY she would berate a little girl - who is just a little older than a toddler, for crying out loud!!
Seriously, Diana - this made my blood boil!!
So sad.
Hug that precious, little girl for me!!


Pam said...

Well, with Halloween coming up maybe we can devise a plan to get back at her. She'll just think it's your typical Halloween prank. Light a bag of dog poo on fire on her porch? Hang naked Barbie dolls from her windows?

Vanessa said...

OHHHH! Hold me back!!! This kind of stuff drives me nuts! With all of the rude, disrespectful, snotty, bratty children out there this lady decides to take it out on a sweet and innocent little girl who would have absolutely no idea what on earth the big deal is. I don't know what the big deal is either for that matter! My 3 year old is also thrilled at the discovery that she can dress and undress herself and you just never know when it is coming. How sad for this lady and how good of your sweet girl's daddy to stand up for her! :-)

NanaDiana said...

I'm still at work but checking in on break. Thank you all for your kind words. I do feel sorry for the lady-she is miserable and makes everyone around her miserable. She was fired from her job at one of the hosptials. I can see why. Her hubby is a Dr. and a very nice man. She has one son that I've never heard say a word. Their house is up for sale and they are moving to a place where -GET THIS- People are more liberal thinkers! Now, is that a contracdiction, or what? She told my dd that she thought all people that followed a structured religion of any kind had something wrong with them. So, as you can see, yesterday's fiasco is just the first sip of the sour milk.

Thanks,ladies=- this is a wonderful group of supportive women. Hugs- Diana

Love of the Sea said...

What a weirdo. She obviously has some deep rooted issues. Actually, I feel sorry for her.

Amy Kinser said...

How very sad when a person's life comes to making comments like that to an innocent child. It sound like she needs the love of Jesus to fill her and change her. Who knows, God might just use your sweet granddaughter someday to teach her about Jesus and His love. Maybe you could use this opportunity with your granddaughter to pray for the lady who is sad and angry. Pray that God will help her to be happy.

I'm sorry this happened to her. I would be angry too and then my husband would remind me how I should handle this situation in a Christ like way. He is my calming person who keeps my anger under control when it starts flaring up.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oooohhhhhhh! I'm not so laid back like you in my old age. I have a very volatile Irish temper. Unfortunately I'm not very good at asserting it on my own behalf, but mess with my kids or my grandkids, or YOUR grandkid — especially that SC, to whom I have grown quite fond. Where do they live? I'm ready to take that warped lady
D O W N. She obviously has some issues and while my first reaction was the above, I know taking her out would be the wrong thing to do. I'll say a prayer for her for the obvious reasons but, man is she going to be in trouble if she's moving to a more liberal area. What will she think when the cougar mom next door is sunbathing topless? A three year old? Really? COME ON PEOPLE! Give SC a big ol hug from me and make sure she knows she didn't do anything wrong. She's just a baby and was innocently turning into a princess in her own yard. Ya gotta get naked to do that!

Debbie said...

Ya know maybe the witch needs an UNCLE PHIL!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I am so angry and upset over this nasty, sick woman's remarks to your precious grandchild!
I loved Tete's remarks and I am more than happy to join Cottage By The Sea in giving that nasty porcupine a bit of my opinion.
I will say a prayer for her because she is mentally unstable but I will also pray for the rest us that we never have to come in contact with that witch! I love all the supportive comments that have been left on this post!