Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 4- Bates, Beauty & Beyond

We left the Bates Motel
(Yesterday's post)
and headed up to the Porcupine Mountains.
It was a gorgeous Fall day but
we had missed the high color Season
by a few days.
My friend, Donna, over at
My Shabby Chateau was there
the week before me...You can
see her gorgeous pictures here.
That's the difference between a
photographer and me.
Uh-huh- she takes great snaps
and I draw with my mouth..
(some of you will figure that out)
If you haven't discovered her yet-
You will love her-I promise.
Anyway-here is what we saw
as we drove the turn around and
did a bit of rock jumping to
get to the edge to see
The Lake In The Clouds.Don't jump- I told MyHero as I
gently bumped him towards the edge..
(It was just that kinda day being
as I only had about 3 hours sleep
and now everything I owned
smelled like old smoke)
As you can see-he firmly
Doesn't that HURT? I asked
I couldn't figure out if he was smiling
or grimacing with pain.
No usualWe couldn't stay here too long because
we had to HURRY to get to
so MyHero could golf..
We were there last month and he
didn't golf...but today was the day...
We decided he would golf and
I could DRIVE the cart
(see-I told you I always drive)
around while he golfed.
My job was to watch where his ball went
which-let me tell you-
is no easy task.
Here he is-trying for a home run...
that's our other favorite sport.
Now, I'm not saying
that he's a s-l-o-w golfer..
but I'm pretty sure that when we first
pulled up to this spot..
there was NO tree growing from the stump.About 5 minutes later we were walking
around in these leaves looking for his golf ball.
Uh-huh. He only had 3 balls to start with..
and the ProShop was closed.
(They might've opened for the pros..
but they were closed for us)
Hmmm...okay we are now down to 2 balls.
Guess what?
If we lose ALL three balls
we can go home early.
Guess which option I am hoping for.
Here we are on the
What kind of idiot named
a green piece of mowed ground that
hooks around a
Hmmm...the GOOD thing
about this is...
See all those trees off behind us?
There are more like that off
to the side of us..
We are down to only one ball!
Now we are guarding our last ball
very carefully.
We MUST NOT LOSE this ball.
While we are
down to take our time so we
don't lose our last ball
I have time to make friends with
Chuckles The Chipmunk
(I called him Scrappy the squirrel
until SOMEONE pointed out to me
that he was a Chipmunk NOT
a squirrel and I always think I am
so darned funny and I don't know
the difference between a chipmunk and
a squirrel..well..let me tell you, buddy..
I don't care...and
He seems to abhor
people that watch him.
He told me as much in
scratchy little chippy language.
I understood him perfectly
because you-know-who
is a bit squirrely himself.
(oh--see how changing that squirrel
to a chipmunk ruined all my little puns?)

The day ended as dusk settled over
the golf course.
One night in Copper Harbor
and tomorrow..
if you promise not drive me
off-course with your whining
I will tell you about our trip to:
your photo name


Tete said...

That post looks most painful up his butt. LOL
We used to golf at a place in Paris- that's in Illinois- that was the most beautiful places to be in the fall. It was a minimum 10 ball round when the leaves were falling.
That is a chipmunk- who are hard to photograph, so pat yourself on the back. They are just too darn fast!
Think of them as a squirrel with attitude!
Hugs- Tete

LDH said...

Hey, face on photo ~ good job! He knew he would need your keen vision and commitment to watch where those golf balls landed, especially with all of the fallen leaves scattered about. I know you didn't dive the golf cart over the first two golf balls to conceal them, right?

Yes, chipmunks are a pain, particularly when they mess up clever puns!

So, you ended up in Paradise! That is where I want to end up too!

A Cottage Muse said...

I have been such a busy bee and am sooo enjoying your trip! Hoping to get out from under all the paint and glue this weekend!

Donna said...

Awwww! You are just too sweet, Diana! Thanks so much for mentioning me! Now I know why hubby wanted me to stand on the edge of that stone wall to snap my picture!! ha, ha!! And I guess I will have to explain to you the difference between a squirrel and a chipmunk! And here I thought you were a real country girl!!

Jen said...

Hey Diana!
I don't play golf but I LOVE to drive the cart while my hubby does!
Wonder if you coulda talked mr chipmunk into retrieving the lost balls?

laura said...

Diana, your trip just looks so lovely, seriously, I want to travel around America one day, so does my hubby. All of your pictures are just awesome and I love that you shared them with us so we get to see a little bit of your gorgeous country. You have so much diversity; the deserts, the south, huge metro cities... Snowy areas... I cant wait to go there someday... Australia is a great place, but its landscape is pretty much the same wherever you go!!! Still beautiful though!
hugs sweet lady!!
Laura xxx

Pam said...

I love how "we must not lose this ball". It's almost as if you were playing too. I can't wait to hear about Paradise.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Your pictures are so pretty and festive with the fall colors. I had to laugh about the chipmunk and "we must not lose this ball"!
Can't wait to hear about Paradise.

Julie Harward said...

LOL I just love you! I love they way you write, it just makes me laugh! Being a golfer, I really got a laugh out of the slow golfer part! I think nowadays the Bates Motel's are renamed, they are now motel 6 :D

Love of the Sea said...

Great photos. The scenery looks beautiful. Love all the colors on the trees.

Carolyn said...

Very funny! I especially loved the the tree growing out of the stump part.

Have a good weekend,


Pamela said...

So you didn't play any golf? Just drove the cart around? My kind of golf!!!! Such a l-o-n-g game! I perfer mini putt!!!
Pamela xo