Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Button Button-Who Has The Button?

My little helper,
decided to sort buttons
for me.

We set up muffin tins...
one for each color....
In between sorting and
watching Dora The Explorer
I think she was trying
to slip this one in her
shirt and take it home.
Here we go..
all sorted for future use.
These were part of
the things left behind
Grandmother Clara
passed away.
This is only part of them
but look at some of these beauties.
She was a horsewoman so there
are lots of "horsey" buttons...
And she was a modern woman
for her times...and liked
geometric patterns..
And she was a grand dresser
so had lots of glitzy buttons...
We found some hand made
pink ones- each one a bit different
than the next.
I think these are pretty
unique.  They have small dyed
seashells encased in plastic.
And who doesn't need at least
Big...about 2" across...
So, we have this box
buttoned up, so to speak.

What do you mean you thought
I was talking about

Well, here's a picture of
taken after tanning in
Last picture?

However mine looks
minus the jewelry...
after THAT...
I'm thinking I might be
pretty good at this game..
Anyone up for a game?
your photo name


DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Early to rise, my friend. Are you sipping your Starbucks? Your post and Miss Sweet Cheeks...I have to be the first to say it... Cute as a Button!
Grandma's collection is such a keepsake! Thanks for sharing!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Oh...and one more thing...the game...
You tummy is a bit flatter than mine!
Are those real diamonds?
(Had to go grab the extinguisher!)

Anonymous said...

Mine looks like that too! Now, how do you play that game?

Japolina said...

Blove those buttons!

Japolina said...

Blove those buttons!

Gina said...

I love buttons & it looks like you have quite the collection of vintage buttons.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL, Diana! Suspecting your own Sweetcheeks of trying to make off with your button! : )

What a beautiful collection. I have a bunch in a jar and if I'm throwing out a shirt that has blingy buttons on it, I cut them off and add them to the jar.

Michelle said...

Hi Di,
Nothing like a 2fer. Getting a chore done and keeping the munchkin busy and educated at the same time.
great job.

Susie said...

Diana, Those are memory buttons from your grandmother. How sweet. and speaking of sweet/cheeks...she did a swell job on sorting. Your own button is wow-wee !!:):) My daughter made bracelets for my sisters and I from some of my mom's old jewelry mixed with buttons of hers.. smiles to you, xoxox, Susie

Patty Patterson said...

It looks like Sweet Cheeks did a pretty good job!
And have you played that game? Is it fun? It looks pretty interesting, but I kind of doubt Gracie is old enough for it just yet. Most games become messy boxes of scattered pieces right now. I really should lock them up to prevent having to sort the pieces into the correct boxes.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a super button collection! You're so funny you are.You always make me smile!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What a great button collection and what a super sorter SweetCheeks is! Yup, my bellybutton looks just like that too... yup!
Have a great day, Diana!

It's All Connected said...

Fabulous button stash! I must get your workout routine from you. ~ Maureen

Nellie said...

A wonderful button collection, and an even more wonderful helper for sorting.:-) Pants on Fire might be an appropriate game for this day!:-) Have a great one!

Marti said...

Grandma's buttons are a treasure. I love buttons! I have glass jars sitting on my sewing room window sill filled with buttons, each jar with different color treasures. Have a good day.

Chatty Crone said...

You have some GREAT buttons - and that skill of sorting is a great skill for her to learn.

You love to be a grandma as much as I do.


Julie Harward said...

I totally believe that is your belly button...when you were 16! ;) Looks like a great activity for her and grandma, and you do have so many neat buttons! Amazing how we all love them! ;)

outjunking said...

You have an assistant? Oh that's right I nearly forgot she's the boss and your the assistant ;) Looks like girls having fun.

Donna said...

Oh those are some beauties! Every time I go to an Estate sale, garage sale, thrift store, you can find me at the buttons. Love them, can't get enough of them. And, we never know when or where we need or want to put that one or this one!

I'm believing that belly button - I mean yours Could like like THAT, I mean, MINE does, at least in my magic mirror (my mind) it does! he he he!

Alright - break out the game ...


Zoey said...

I was just going to ask where you got that pic of my belly button....LOL.

You have a great button collection from grandma Clara. I especially like the seashells encased in plastic. I can tell she was a sophisticated lady just from her buttons.

Sherry said...

Those are some beautiful buttons, I wish I had thought to save some of my grandmother's buttons... Hey, but I think your belly button is the best! :-)

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a wonderful way to entertain your granddaughter; somehow before we moved I got rid of all of my mom's buttons and boy do I regret it. You had me going with the tan,flat tummy with the glittered studs-so glad that it wasn't you-I'd feel really old and out of shape if it was.LOL. The game looks fun!
Have a great afternoon & evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Goodness you will never need to buy any buttons. How sweet a helper you had for this project.
Love the variety.
Have a wonderful week and have fun with this game. lol

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I inherited a box of buttons from my hairdresser, whose Aunt was a dress maker, so there were some pretty cool buttons in that box but none as fabulous as yours. I covet those horse buttons! Happy Day to you Diana. xo

bj said...

one of the grandgirls has her belly bottom pierced and it is ADORABLE in her swim suit...:))

Debbie said...

I love collecting white shell buttons, but they are sooo hard to find.
How nice of SC to help you sort yours out.
Hey, where did you get my picture of my belly button ring????

Hope Filled Living said...

I have news for you....those are my wonderful abs in the photo!
Love your button collection!
Sweet Cheeks is pretty cool too.

momto8 said...

you are one sexy lady with a great button collection!!

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

I would like to take a look at those buttons and possibly take a few for some projects. I'll let you know..... :)

Sweet Tea said...

Hey, since you're eating no sugar and no flour your belly probably does look like that. Girl, what do you eat, only rabbit food? What's left to eat? Really. I want to know.

Janet said...

WOW! Those are cool buttons! My grandma had a button jar. Her button were not this cool. But she was. I loved my granny. :)

Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. :)

Have a great Thursday. Take care Janet W

Debbiedoo's said...

I love your collection of buttons. How cute to put them in the muffin tin. OUCH on the belly button one, no way no how for this tummy LOL!

Pam said...

Those are some mighty unique buttons. I guess they must have had funner buttons back in the day.

Sue said...

Oh my, you certainly have a fantastic collection of buttons!! I think they look great displayed in apothecary jars, but I don't have any cute ones. Just the stuff that falls off of old shirts and pants. LOL Make sure you're careful and don't spill your muffin tins of buttons. Wouldn't want to see all that hard work gone to waste! :-) Sue

Cheryl said...

My two little button sorters last about 5 minutes at doing that task. (ages 3 & 5) Its cute while it lasts lol


Silly girl, that was MY belly you pictured. ROFL!!!!