Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Birthdays Are Not Created Equal

You know how I showed
you the sweet little
 we had for our
little Ria the other day?

Well, last night there
was another small party
for her that included
 her other grandparents,
and some of the 
Aunts and Uncles.
We just couldn't all 
get together at the 
same time this year.

Now, last night the party was
held at Happy Joe's here.
It's a nice little pizza place
with a small game area
and good pizza.
The kids love going there.

Last week when 
I went to visit my sweet
friend, Lucy's blog
I started smiling
right out loud.

Just LOOK at this
ruffly, pink cake!
Seriously, could you cut
into that beauty?
And, to tease you just a bit more,
look at this little collage.
So, as you can see...
there are parties
and there are 

So, pop over there
and say Hello.
You will love 
Hey...We might even get
a show out of that.
I Love Lucy...
Has a nice ring to it, 
doesn't it?

I hope  the next time that
Lucy has a party like
that my name is on
The List!
You know what I mean?
I think I'll go buy a party
dress right now.
Something with ruffles,
don't you think?;>)
your photo name


KimMalk said...

Good morning, Diana! I'm sure you all had a wonderful time at Happy Joes minus all of the pink frilly-ness. I'm hosting my daughter's shower this weekend and have Lucy's family's impossibly pretty party in the back of my mind!

Debbiedoos said...

Looks like a great time Diana! Y'all know how to party in your family:)!

Susan said...

Diana, I bet the little birthday girl was in a wonderful state of bliss with all those parties for her birthday.
That ruffly pink cake is heaven sent and you are right way to pretty to cut.

La Brocanteuse said...

Hello Diana,
Glad to be here. Thank you for your visit to my blog and lovely comment on both my and Sherry's blog about our home. I so appreciated her dedication. I am happy to meet new friends, and fill follow def! also loved the previous post about buttons, o wow that button with the horse is just so gorgeous!! when you have time one day, would you take a pic for me of all the horsey buttons, would just love to see for interest sake...we love seeing horsey bits and daughter rides, and if she could have her horse sleep with her in her bed, she probably would!!
have a lovely day, hugs&XX Colette
Afrique du Sud

Rebecca Nelson said...

That ruffly cake takes the PRIZE for me! Oh my gosh! I'd be in heaven! Totally sweet! Happy March!


Simple Pleasures said...

Happy Birthday Rhea!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday Rhea. What a pretty name.
If you like that cake (I saw that beautiful party) go to The French Hen Barn......and see the cake for her one year old niece. is so cute. Looks like that but tiered with a birdie on top.

Debi WeeFaerie said...

What a lucky little girl to get 2 parties! Lucy's cake is gorgeous! But, you know, there is just something about a cupcake and pizza that says fun!

Gina said...

That cake is just too pretty to eat!

Patty Patterson said...

I clicked on the link but instead of opening in a new window it left your page, so I came back to read the rest of your post. I'm headed back over there, though. I saw the first line and it said TEA PARTY and as a grand mother of ALL GIRLS you know how I love a good TEA PARTY! I might find a few ideas I can use!

momto8 said...

wow!! what a is a work of art!
My son is getting store bought donuts today for his birthday....i guess that is ok...his brothers would give him way too much grief if I made a ruffled cake anyway!

Nellie said...

Pink and ruffles! Just what I like! However, at this age, I think I should just forget the ruffles.:-)

Unknown said...

It seems like birthdays stretch out a week or so when you are a kid. I remember, our children always had two parties because relatives all lived far away. They got lots of Christmas!
Yes, that cake looks out of this world. Yummy!

Japolina said...

I blove that cake!

Ruth Kelly said...

Kids just love those cute little pizza places that also have a section of games for them to play. Last year my grandson had his birthday party there and they even got to play a lazer game.

I'd dig into that cake without a pause, it looks so yummy.

Unknown said...

That cake looks amazing. I love the photos in that collage, and thank you for the link.


Donna said...

Well, Diana, if you love her I will love her!

I'll pop over in a bit and see her!

Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend!


Special 'K' said...

You a one big Party Family. I visited Lucy and OMG those frills are to die for. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

tearinguphouses said...

i love that cake!

Donna said...

Be sure to wear your dress with the big puffy sleeves! The one with lots of tuile and sequins! Oh, and don't forget your princess crown and septor! I know it's really yours, not Sweet Cheeks!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Most of our parties are pretty simple...but that cake is gorgeous!

Holly said...

I still like, no love, ruffles! And, a girl always needs a new dress.

Gypsy Heart said...

I wanna go party with you, k? :-)


Anonymous said...

That cake is a prize. The ruffles. My friend is a cake maker and she did a ruffled dress cake for a shower. I must post it soon. Adorable. Loved your cake big time. Enjoyed all your your pictures . Love your blogs. Very interesting reads. I love to take daily time to read other peoples blogs. To me it is relaxing and they add pictures. I am so lets say entertained in all of that. I am a Social butterfly I am told so I just flew in your backyard and I am nutty as a squirrel. Not ashamed. Laughter is a good medicine.

I will tag you here and follow you.

Have a Sweet Day! Di or Diana is it.