Friday, February 17, 2012

Yes! White Snow At Dizzy World

Can you believe it?
Yeah~ I can't either!
We hear tell that there is
snow in Green Bay
even though we are in the
Sunny South.
Here's a Green Bay snow picture
for you....
We are seeing a whole different
kind of White Snow here at
I mean
Sometimes, in my dotage,
I get things a tad mixed up.

Here, in all her black-haired
beauty, SnowWhite
with three of the dwarves
er..I mean grandkids.
You will notice that they
are sporting the dresses
I made them.
Several people commented on
how cute they looked.
And let's not forget the
Seven Dwarves.
Did you know there was an
Well, I never did either until
I saw it for myself!
Here she is now.
Here she is a bit later in the
day with
(her best audience)
She wore that poor little guy out!
He lined up all his treasures,
tucked himself inside his
swimmy blow-up
and that was that end of that!
I think I need to line up a few treasures
of my own.
A little bubble bath...
A cushy robe..
And this...
Never mind that I don't drink...
After a 12 hour
Dizzy World Day
I'm thinking I might take up a new
Send Tylenol~ 
your photo name


Miss Kitty said...

Those dresses are ADORABLE! You did a fabulous job on them. You can tell the difference in weather in that the girls are wearing those sleeveless dresses down in Florida. Hehehe...I liked the "white snow", "Snow White" play on words you used.

The enchanted home said...

So cute!Looks like you are having a ball......enjoy!!

Tete said...

Love their outfits! They all look so, so cute! Poor Baby E! What a tired little man. I'll bet you are the same way. I don't think I can get the tylenol there in time, but I can bite the bullet and take a couple for you today. Let me know if it works...
I have been praying that you have the strength to get through this week and keep up. Would love to see a photo of you and the grands there! Miss you bunches!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm so glad you got a shot of them in action wearing those dresses, Diana! Haha ~ pouty! What happened? She still looks cute, pout and all. Look at him all exhausted. Don't you wish you could fall asleep like that at night {she says, after being up with insomnia until 2 a.m.}. I'd even tuck myself into a swimmy blow up!

Bente said...

Oh, you are so great. Love your post. I`m sitting here smiling on my own.
Those dresses are fantastic and the children are amazing.

Warm hug from me. Need it because here it`s snowing non stop. Maybe we have to use a spade to get out of the house tomorrow.

Have a nice time.

outjunking said...

I want you to know you have to be the best grand mother in the world and mom. The way you adore those little ones and give them such great memories.
Wishing you a little rest,

Anonymous said...

I think you must be having a great time, kids look great, even pouty.

you can rest when you get home!!!

Susie said...

Diana, The picture of the girls and snow white is so sweet. Those dresses are a hit. Poor Little "E" wore out. They will have great memories . Have a safe trip home, all of you. Smiles, Susie

Cristina @ said...

Diana, Those dresses are so cute! How lucky to have a Nana like you!
You tricked me with the snow...white! :) Hope you have a chance to rest a little before your trip home!

Debbie said...

Love how the girls posed with Snow White. How special for them. Oh how I remember last year at Disney. We were all soooo tired at the end of the day. Then the next day, we were up and ready to do it all again!
You can do this Nana!!!

Marydon said...

She is such a kick, Diana. Love the outfits, beautiful job. Have a fabulous time,

Have a beautiful weekend ~

Nellie said...

Cuter than Snow White any day! Great job on those dresses! Chuckling at your "new hobby." I'm more likely to send Tylenol.:-) Have a great Friday. xoxo

Patty Patterson said...

It looks like you're having a great time! And none of my movies or storybooks have that Pouty dwarf in them. I guess they'll have to make new versions and we'll have to start collecting our set all over again! Isn't that just like Disney? Get you to buy all their books and DVD's and then add a character so you have to buy them all again! No wonder they're such a rich organization!

Donna said...

Looks like you'd better stay down there for awhile, or you'll be in for a rude awakening! The dresses you made are just adorable! Forget the Tylenol, make it a mai tai:)!

Blessed Serendipity said...

The girls are looking so adorable in their new dresses. I just know you all are having a blast! Now you need to have your picture taken with Prince Charming (I know you already have one but humor me anyway. ;)


Donna said...

The dresses are cuter the Miss White's! I'll bet you got tons of compliments on the dresses. I love that the girls, while knowing they are together, all have their own dress!



Jane, Naples, Florida said...

You are an incredible seamstress! I love those dresses...very clever and
cute! You must be having a great time at Dizzy World!

Jane Flora Doora

Zoey said...

I think Pouty might just be the cutest dwarf of all!

Ruth Kelly said...

I agree with Zoey, Pouty takes the prize. Adorable and yes kids can certainly wear us out. Love your posts.

wendy said...

For a moment I was thinking you were telling us you had snow in disneyland.
But, shucks, just snowhite. We can all deal with her ..Right?

I love the little dresses your grands are weariing.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, I hope you're ALL having a great time!!!