Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WAIT~What Is That Noise?

One of the best parts of
being together on vacation
is the interplay
of family.
Some good.
Some REALLY good.
Some NOT SO good.
We will concentrate on the good
ones here.
Here is my sweet
She hears something...but what?
Oh look-
It is TheBrawnyMan...
Who knew?
Hey...big guy....
Don't quit your day job just yet.

We also have another
sweet interaction.
SweetCheeks "reads" to
He is all ears but knows every word on the page.
She can't fool him.

His Daddy thinks he is pretty special, too.

The little girls got along beautifully.
But then Ria ran away...
SweetCheeks walked away
Leaving our sweet Lulu all by herself for a moment.

Don't you love her shirt?
It says
Girls Can Change The World.
I say..

Thank you for patiently
following my family around
on our vacation.
I might not always tell you but
each and every one of you
that visit and take the time to comment.
I know that it is a wonderful gesture
and takes time in an already
time-stressed world.
I am grateful....
and humbled...
and think you are awesome.

Now...Read that
TShirt again
and go out and change the world...

well...except for you GUYS..
and you know who you are...
you can just sit in your easy chairs
and watch us.

your photo name


  1. Diana, what a wonderful family trip and the building memory kind of a trip! You've got an adorable family! I so hope you found your camera!

    Well, I'm off to try and change the world!

  2. I feel privileged to have been allowed to share your family holiday. It has been years since we have been to Disney, so it was a joy seeing your pics.
    I'll have to postpone changing the world until my chest cold goes ;)

  3. You vaca did look fun. I think you captured some great moments as well.

  4. Diana, Did you find your camera?? Those are cute pictures. Smiles to all, Susie

  5. Well, Thanks for sharing your family with us... I love stoppping in here & rarely miss a morning of checking in with you 1st thing...
    Just makes me smile....
    Was fun to follow you thru Disney..

  6. thankyou for sharing with us, you are one of the highlights of my day you are!

  7. It has been a plesure to follow you on your trip. Think you are a fantastic family, all of you.

    Hugs Bente

  8. Dizzy World looks like a great place! I soooo want to go there, someday. But - we should wait until the little ones are big enough to enjoy and remember it. So - it might be something to do in about 3 years. Then, the babies will be 4 and almost 4. (and we'll probably have a few new ones to wait on)

  9. Thank you for sharing. So wonderful to holiday as one big family a great idea. Hope you are all making beautiful memories. Take Care, Have Fun. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. Sweet Nana,

    I love coming to see your blog, and I love posting things about my family on mine. I love the idea we can share with each other, like visiting old friends, grab a cup of tea and just visit. That's why so many of us visit with you, and each other. Together, we're connected and we can change the world! he he he!

    PS Find the camera, or did you download while you were gone?

  11. I think it was fun to go along with you on the vacation. Now, I'm off to change the world. Or my world at least!

  12. I've so enjoyed being on your virtual vacation!! Just like I was there with you!!!

  13. Diana, it is a pure joy to read your blog! I had such fun following the family around on vacation.

  14. It looks like you, and especially the children, enjoyed this vacation! I would be pooped after the first day! Your love of kids is wonderful! Now you need a good rest! :)


  15. I have really enjoyed the pictures and what you and your family have been up to at "Dizzy World". Thanks for taking us along with you.


  16. I love spending time with your family through your blog! :)

  17. Diana, I love this post! Family is so important and I think you have a lovely one!!

  18. Reading about your vacation has made me want to gather up my whole family and go somewhere! I'm glad you had such a good time together.

  19. Looks like you had a great trip to DW. I would love to go with my son,dil and his 4 kids, but I don't think that will happen. We went about 5 times when he was young.It was expensive then, but now I hear it is crazy expensive.
    Maybe if the economy ever improves and gas goes down. We can pray!

  20. Just caught up on your big adventure! Hope you found your camera- and thanks for taking us to DizzyWorld. The kids looked adorable. I loved the new dwarf, Pouty.
    Rest up now that you're home, you've earned it!

  21. Diana, it sounds like such a fun time! You really made wonderful memories! Your blog is a delight to follow!

  22. I enjoyed traveling along vicariously with you. These are great times to enjoy with your family.

  23. I'm kind of glad you took us along on your vacation. It looks like you've captured some great memories!

  24. Great trip, great family. Looks like you had a ball. I am trying to change the world but the %@#+* thing keeps slinging me off. Oh, you didn't mean direction!
    Hugs, Ginger


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