Friday, February 3, 2012

Dealing With Daily Disappointments

Don't you just wish that
life was always laid
out  before us in a

Some days I feel like
SweetCheeks looks here..
Just a tad let-down about the day
in general.

Yesterday I had planned to get
some sewing done.
A bump in the road changed that plan.
Maybe today,
I will get at the sewing project.
That was one disappointment.

The second one is one I hesitate
to even mention.
I have gone back and forth about it
in my mind..
whether to post it would serve
any good purpose.
I decided I to share it here
because it has probably happened
to other bloggers as well.

Long before Christmas I won a give away.
A wonderful giveaway.
Part of it was a book that I wanted.
I cancelled the one I had already ordered...
The blogger promised to ship it out..
so I waited...
and waited....
and waited....
and waited...
for my prize to arrive.

after 8 weeks of waiting I
sent a short email asking if
she had sent it and wondering
if it had gotten lost in mailing..
no pressure- just curious.

No response.
Today, I went to check her blog.
Guess what?
The blog has been taken down.
Her email no longer exists.
I am disappointed in this woman
that I had come to like
and thought I knew.

A simple
I'm sorry, things aren't good here,
would have been more than sufficient.
I don't really care about the book...
I care about the person.
And, I feel bad for the blogger
that felt she had to cut off
contact with the blogging world
because, for whatever reason,
she could not make good on
something she had,
in good faith,
set out to do.
Today will be a better
day because I am not
one to let
disappointments rule my life.
I am gonna pull up my
big girl panties and
move forward.

I am hoping
that tomorrow I will have
something GOOD to show you.
 I AM still working on
my own special ensemble
for Disney.
Remember this little number from
the other day?
Well, my friend, Jettie
(yes~ that is her REAL name)
suggested I might want to
get a Dolly Parton wig instead
of the UPDO.
She's not fooling me.
She just wants to borrow the
whole shazam for one of her
church suppers.

I'm thinking
MyHero would much rather
be seen with
Wig #2
as opposed to
Wig #1.

your photo name


Pam said...

Well, that's is very strange about the blogger. You would think she would have sent out the giveaway prior to shutting down the blog and disappearing. If we're voting - I say #2. #2 looks larger. Her hair looks larger too.

LDH said...

Sorry about your disappointment. I once won a $25 gift card to Lowe's from a blogger giveaway and never received it. Guess something unforeseen happened.

Thinking about the wig should brighten your day :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Same thing happened to me too...I won a few pillows and never received them. She kept telling me she was going to get them in the mail but never did. We all know stuff happens. She still blogs now and then and I think even had another giveaway.

Mary-Sweetwater Style said...

Don't you just hate when you have "a sort of bad day"? I always feel kind of guilty feeling that way as the life I have is really so blessed....but you can't be "Ms. Sunshine" all the time...I just appreciate when you are! Tomorrow is sure to be better..good luck sewing!

Debbiedoo's said...

Oh dear, I am sorry. I know you are more disappointed with the person. Yes, it actually happened to my MOM...I posted about it, because I was so upset with this blogger. I never mentioned their name, and I wound up taking the post down. It was the point, the principal and what I felt to be a deceit. This blogger and I never did make an amends, and they never did make good on the giveaway. I was more upset that they did that to my MOM, who does not have a blog and actually went out of her way to participate in this particular giveaway. Well that is the past anyhow, and I am just a righteous person, you have all come to know. Don't dis my Mom! I hope one day she does at least contact you, and let you know hey, Im OK life got in the way and I had to step back. We all understand those things. It is the unknown that bugs us. Have a great day Diana!

Anonymous said...

I think you are quite right, it's not about the prize, but the disappointment that the blogger couldn't just be honest with you.It does seem very cowardly to just disappear.

Anonymous said...

it takes all kinds to make this world go round, for what ever reason the person should have explained why she couldn't send the prize, no matter what, she took the time to close the blog, she could have took the time to email you.Too bad,
I can't wait to see the sewing, go for wig two,

Michelle said...

Hi Di,
Same thing happened to me. After 3 months and many reminders I finally got the giveaway. It took the fun out of winning though! Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

Wig number 2, definitely :-)

And, that particular blogger must be going through a very difficult time, whatever it is... to have dumped the whole thing like that. I wouldn't take it personally.

Susie said...

Diana, The blogger should have at least emailed you. Just common courtesy.
Please don't be down Diana, it's not your nature. You are the one who cheers all of us each morning:):)xoxo, Susie

Mark said...

She must be horrible embarrassed. I would be. And probably quit blogging too. And then her not saying anything just makes it worse.
Sorry about that.
And tell me, who doesn't love Dolly! Seriously, give me their names. I'll hunt them down!

Tete said...

You will get to the just need a little STARBUCKS!
On the blogger let down, you know, life just happens sometimes. Turn her over to God for safe keeping for He is the only one who knows what's going on in her life.
Hugs to you today! I have a list of things I would like to have done today and I am not getting a fast start here at all this morning...LOL
I do feel ok- just slow moving.

Patty Patterson said...

Definately wig #2! If you actually wore wig #1 - and it wasn't Halloween - you might end up in the Loonie Bin and that would be an even bigger disappointment. The grand children wouldn't be allowed to visit because their parents would be afraid that one of the other patients might harm them in some way. With wig #2, you'll look sane at least.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

It is disappointng when people let you down, especially someone you once admired. I'm shocked by how many people commented that they never received their giveaway prizes. And yes, it happened to me too. And mine was not just a giveaway where I had to leave a comment, but a challenge put together by two very popular and well known bloggers. It required a good bit of time and energy to participate. I was a fairly new blogger at the time and appreciated the experience, but I've never been able to think about those bloggers in the same way again. I guess for me it's all about your integrity as a person - real world or blog world - it's one and the same. When people show you who they really are, believe them, accept it and move on.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a let down, you do wonder what was going on that kept her from emailing you. How sad. Well Missy, I vote for # 2' hairdo, you'll look darlink!

Hope Filled Living said...

That's sad. Please feel better today. You add sunshine to our lives.

Hope Filled Living said...

PS: Do you know what is equally as disappointing???? When you send packages out to 10-12 people, as a thank you for participating in something on your blog and only 1 or 2 even acknowledge that they received anything, by way of an email or note or something. Then when you comment to them asking if they received it, they never respond!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

So sad that she didn't send the giveaway. It is also just as sad when you have one and you do send it out and the person never says I received it or thanks. Manners are a little askew sometimes. #2 for sure on the wig. Hugs, Marty

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I vote for #2 on the wig issue Diana. I really can't believe some bloggers didn't recieve their givaways, I've been lucky in that department. Tomorrow will be better:)

michelle said...

So sorry about your day, I had one of those too. I love wig #2 and you would look fabulous in it!! I hope today is beautiful for you my dear.

Cristina @ said...

Wig #2 for sure! Wow! what a dissapoointment all this! Hope getting in the sewing mood will sheer you up! xoxo

Japolina said...

Hope your day is better.

Donna said...

Hi Diana,
Dolly is totally you! But I think you might end up being taller than your Hero! Sorry about the giveaway. That is pretty poor manners on their part, I think. I've been disappointed by several bloggers, too, so I know just what you mean!!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Get that Starbucks IV flowing and those fingers will be flying in no time!
I vote for the Dolly wig.
Hope you and SP have a better day.
Big hug,

Blondie's Journal said...

I feel bad for you...that has happened to me twice. I don't think they have left the blogging world, I never checked. It's not that I don't make waves sometimes, just that in these cases I didn't want to dwell on it. They should be ashamed of themselves though.

I like the Dolly are going to look super!


The enchanted home said...

Too bad, first thought that comes to mind is hope she is OK? Happened to someone whose blog I loved too....they just stopped one day, had a lot people puzzled and concerned. I understand blogs and people come and go but its nice for them to say goodbye. Heres to a better day tomorrow:)

My Grama's Soul said...

I donno I kinda' like that BIG HAIR thing. BTW.....I'm sorry another blogger let you never know what is happening in someone's life and how it has taken a turn. It would have been nice if she had at least attempted to get in touch though.





Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hi Diana, it is such a joy to come over and visit, even if you are having a down day. I hosted a giveaway a long time ago and the person (it was an Etsy store, never made good on it--then, I saw her store promoted on another bigger blog :(. I ended up sending the winner something myself. It probably took weeks by the time I figured the other "host" wasn't going to make good.) Anyway, I went through all of the posts I missed--I can't believe your gold lame dress story, how funny! The dress you made for Sweet Cheeks, so cute (I watched her star of the week vid too.) I think either blond "do" will be a hit. Blessings sweetie pie!

Ruth Kelly said...

Dolly Pardon wig, of course.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm with the others - #2 wig is YOU!! I would have to buy a great "push em up high bra" to pull off the look, but wouldn't it be fun to walk in Dolly's shoe for a day!

We know that sometimes people disappoint,
but that doesn't mean that we have to like the fact.

Holly said...

Well, dadgummit! Doesn't that just beat all? (Andy Griffith comment) Yes, it happened to me once too. Sigh! But, you were able to end on a happy note because I immediately smiled when I saw your pics. But, I'd go with Dolly.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I think my comment went to la la land.......
Makes me sad for the blogger, I hope she is ok....Makes me sad for you waiting for the package :(

Well...I hope you have a fabulous weekend my friend, you deserve it!

Nellie said...

Sorry about the disappointment, Diana. I love #2, but I'm from near "Dolly Parton Country.":-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm sorry you didn't receive your giveaway win. It's unfortunate what may have caused her to shut down her blog all together. Whatever it is that caused this I hope she gets through it. Your positive outlook is inspiring.

xo, abby

wendy said...

Absolutely I'd go with wig #2. I have often wondered WHAT does Dolly look like without her wig and makeup...curious.

I feel bad when I have people I have blogged with suddenly drop off the face of the earth (blogland)
no explanation...(not a lengthy one is needed, just a little "gotta go for now")
Because I too grow attached to them and then I wonder "what happened"

I am sure tomorrow will be a better day. I was so happy today as we had a beautiful SUNNY day with NO WIND !!...and it certainly made me smile.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Diana,
That is strange what happened, isn't it? It's happened to me too...and even weirder is when I send something but never hear from someone even to find out if they liked it or not...I sure hope that blogger is okay.
I just read your other post about that accident...
I'm going over to visit and I am so sorry to hear about it.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I'm so sorry you had one of "those" days. They are not much fun. And I absolutely understand that you care more about the person than the giveaway. Like several others have mentioned, I had it happen too. But I was more disappointed in a blogger that won one of my giveaways and never even let me know she received it until I had to ask her if she received it! Was she not taught about common manners!?! And I really like this person so I was quite surprised at her bad manners. Well, tomorrow I know you will have a better day! And, by the way, I would definitely go with the Dolly wig!!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Yes. No 2 for sure!
I think it's rude when people just disappear. But, it happens. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

Rebecca said...

First girly...I can't wait to see your sewn project once it's finished.

Second...I'm not going anywhere on my blog...just my website. So...I'll still be here!

Thirdly...I'm just now getting the Train Case sent to my winning blogger. I knew it would take me all of January to finish it as I had to work it in with paying customers (I have to eat, you know?)... are right. A simple note sharing of her situation would have been nice and polite. I'm sorry for your disappointment in it all. are amazing. And I adore you.


Grace InAZ said...

I'm thinking #2 is the one. LOL.
New follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me, too.
Hugs, GraceinAZ
Growing Old With Grace

Cotton Peony said...

Just found your blog and thank you for stopping by Cotton Peony's ( Always in the mood for another instigator (oooh, did I say that? heehee) But atlas, you sew too! I can't wait to read up on your blog to see your projects that you've done.

Sorry to read about the lack follow through, sorta a bummer, yet one must not expect much from others as it is a joy to give than receive. Just a lil' somethin' somethin' a birdie told me.

warm hugs your way,
Cotton Peony

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Just stopping by from Something Nice and Pretty's blog and had to comment on this one too. I also once won a giveaway that I've never received the prize for. She even emailed me asking for my address. It was quite a disappointment as I bought several things to coordinate with this specific prize because I was so excited about it. This particular blogger is still out there blogging and still has giveaways often. I never sent her a reminder or anything as I wasn't comfortable doing that. I don't understand bloggers that don't follow through or will not respond on their intentions. It's just rude! In your case at least something does seem a little askew. There is obliviously something more going on. Thanks for this post because I too had wondered if anyone else had experienced this. Hope you have a great day!

Jettie said...

Oh My Goodness, that Evil Jettie has done it again, starting trouble......
I heard from the horse's mouth that Dolly once mooned people while riding in a limo, do you think you might follow her example?

Donna said...

Dear Diana,

So sorry for your disappointment with your book you'd won. Stuff does happen, and some don't do well when they loose face, although I think this is even worse. I'd rather fess up to a problem than lose my identity!

Take wig #2 - especially since your Hero would love being seen with it!

Blessings for a wonderful Sunday!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Well I am thinking something horrible happened. I know of a big blog that seemed very stable, and then she stopped allowing comments, then she came back and said she was going through a you just never know. But it is strange.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Ever the alarmist, I can't help but worry that maybe something horrible happened to that blogger that never got back to you. I wonder if any bloggers have something in place for in case they die, or have a nervous break down or get really sick and just can't do the blog anymore? If (and I hope this is the case) nothing bad really happened to her, and she's just a flake, than shame on her!

I'd go with the second wig and pair it with those panties and bra you were thinking of making up in your recent post!