Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ruffles Rule And Fabric Is Flying

I'll tell you something.
It is downright scary to put
me in a room with my
sewing machine set up permanently...
to let me have my stacks of fabric

What is even scarier
is the fact that I can go to the
computer and google
Look what comes up!
These are from the
Let me tell you~
I did not know this blog
but after seeing  these I
hopped over there as fast as
my fingers would take me and
signed up as a follower.

I'm not sure where this one
came from I am sorry to say!
But isn't it cute?
Nor do I know where these came from.
So, shoot me, m'kay?
Gotta tell you,
I am inspired.
I am inspired to use up
some of my fabric stash.

 I read something the other day
about someone not wanting to
actually CUT INTO a new
piece of fabric.
They just keep saving their fabric
and not using it.
Let me tell you,
 I have that "disease", too.

I hate to put the scissors to the
cloth because once I do,
I am committed to using the fabric
in that way.
But after
reading that, I realized that I was
I also realized I need to
and using.

So, hopefully, I will soon have
a few ruffled 
THINGS to show you.

Today, I made THIS.

A little
heart for SweetCheeks.
And then...and then...
and then..
I cut into one of those pieces
I have been saving for
the end of the world.
And it looks like it's gonna be a
And not an
OLD BAG like me...
This one is NOT a ruffled bag..
but that is coming soon.
This one is
a bag with pockets inside
and fully lined.
Now if y'all are
and promise not to scold me
if I prick my finger and say
a naughty word, or two,
or three and don't tell
MyHero cuz you know he is a
pastor and all....yeah...and then
there's me!
I just might show you what
I am making today!
your photo name


sissie said...

Girl you are on a roll! I've known Carol for a long time and she is a hoot. Carol can create just about anything. I'm glad that you found her.

I made those ruffled bags too using canvas totes found at Walmart in the craft area. I put images on mine and embellished them with ribbon, etc. Can't wait to see yours. Love those little dresses.


Kathy@ Gone North said...

You certainly are on a roll...
Cute stuff... I too have a sewing machine permantly set up in my sewing room & NO ONE gets in there but me... (it would scare most folks with my floor to ceiling fabric stash : ) I do know the problem of not wanting to cut into it... : )
Can't wait to see this bag.... for Disney Possibly???
And Carol makes some great stuff.. I have been known to copy...

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Diana, what adorable dresses and those bags are wonderful! I'll be back!! I so want to see what you making today! Isn't sewing fun! I've not done it in quite awhile, but I love it! I'm off to see Carol!

Susie said...

Diana, I like those bags, don't you? When my girls were little, I would whip up play clothes like crazy. I have make the whole kid wardrobe. I had a beautiful singer sewing machine, not the top of the line, but one I actually wore out. Now I have a Janome(???) I have a had time remembering how to thread it, since I rarely use it any more.The secret is...keeping a machine out and ready at all times.xo, Susie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Way to go Diana!
Just love the little dress and the bag looks like it will be gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I remeber seeing those at the Polka Dot closet, she is such a wonderful creative person.You are so dang crafty you are and I cannot wait to see what becomes of the lovely fabric.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Haha, Diana, I just worked on some totes yesterday! Get out of my head lady! : ) Those are gorgeous and I am going to visit her blog from here. There is another one that I saw you would like, Lori at Katies Rose Cottage blog. She has some great looking totes. Also, if you are interested, I think there might still be an opening over at Marsha at Tattered Chick's blog for her tote swap. If you want the links let me know {I hate putting them in my comments}.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh, I'm just loving all the ruffles! You sew girl!

Special 'K' said...

Oh, yes I too love polka dot closet blog. Love those bags they are divine. Cant wait to see this mystery revealed. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Japolina said...

You are very talented Diana.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

You are definitely on a roll. Isn't it fun to be able to sew whenever you want. Love it. Hugs, Marty

Karen said...

I am LOVING the ones in the first pic... beautiful!!!.....

Rebecca said...

Totally fabulous bags! You are going to LOVE following Carol. She is so fun...and real SCREAM!


WeeFaerie said...

Awesome! You are doing great!!! A little secret, I have that disease too and have hoarded enough to stock a quilt shop lol! I want to see what you are up to! Inspire me. I'm at the point where I have cleaned my sewing room and I'm getting ready to think about sewing for spring again. You know that point, right at the edge of creativity? Come on push me over! I love to see what you make!!!

julie - eab designs said...

If there's anything I love more than fabric, it's ruffles! I've been adding them to bags and pillow too. My fabric stash is spilling out into various corners of the room so I better start cutting too!

Pamela said...

Those bags are so sweet Diana!!!
I love what you made Sweetcheeks!!!
A blogger friend is supposed to give me sewing lessons once she has finished painting her house. Can't wait for that!
I buy material all the time and I can't even sew!!
Pamela xo

Patty Patterson said...

Those are so, so cute! I think I'm going to go check out that blog, also. Maybe I'll get some cute ideas as well.

The Single Nester said...

I just love those ruffled bags pictured first in your post.

Red Rose Alley said...

I want that black ruffled bag! SweetCheeks is going to love the dress you made. You know, my mom used to make all my clothes growing up, and even my wedding dress. I have always thought it was such a talent when one could sew. I look forward to seeing your creative work when you finish.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

What cute ruffled bags! I stopped by after reading your comment at the Picket Fence. I'm so glad our Valentine Project is something your family can do after all! I'll be doing my after Feb. 14, too. Thank you in advance for blessing the girls of Hope Unlimited for Children. I pray you're blessed manyfold in return.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

THat fabric looks like a Lilly fabric~and that was a cute dress you made (or did you just make the heart)? I love making little fun projects, feels good~so keep it up~then share!

Angie@slipcoveredgrey said...

These are WAY COOL! Anything with ruffles, I am in LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing Diana!

Patti said...

Oooh, those ruffled bags are gorgeous! I want one!!

I don't know how to sew, so I don't buy fabric and don't have the problem you have; however, my grandmother sewed, and after she died, it boggled my mind how many UNCUT pieces of fabric she had folded up inside her cedar chest.

Similarly, I feel that way about scrapbook paper. I buy dozens of sheets of paper, and most of them are still sitting around unused.

Wishing you a lovely day.


outjunking said...

I am so impressed. I can't wait to see what you are doing. I needed the sewing inspiration and I thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those first ones from Polka Dot Closet are UNREAL. I love them. Then I scrolled down and saw the DizzyWorld dresses and almost fainted. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Enjoy your time there. Being from Florida, we practically live there and this is the best time to go, less crowds and better weather. Tell us all about it.

Nellie said...

What fun you are having! I have a fabric stash, too, waiting for who knows what! It will be fun to see what you have made.

Grace InAZ said...

I do love the ruffled bags. Are you making some? I used to sew a lot, but not for years. I have lost my touch in the meantime, But I do admire those who make pretty things!
Hugs, GraceinAZ

Donna said...

Too funny, Diana! That would be like not wanting to cut into a three layered chocolate cake, for fear of ruining it:) Love, love, love the ruffled bags, wish I liked to sew! The dress is sew sweet! (sorry about the very bad pun, couldn't resist!!).


So glad you found talented Carol! Gorgeous ruffled bags, I just love them, boy, I'd love to make them, but I gave away my sewing machine a few years ago...shoot! I so admire people that take time to make something pretty themselves. Thank you for your lovely visit pretty lady. Happy week.

jessica said...

What a beautiful dress!! I hate putting my sewing machine away after I finally get around to dragging it out!!
Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful, sweet comment you left on my blog! I covet your prayers.
Nice to meet you!! {5 year olds are so much fun, aren't they??}

Have a wonderful rest of your day!!!


Joan J said...

Ooo.. I am in love love love with those first ruffled bags. I'm thinking burlap, believe it or not.

Jettie said...

No naughty words, you aren't allowed...
Leave those to others, and cut that cloth...

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh my gosh well 1st of all thanks for sending to that great blog spot for the bags...darling little things!
Then, just so you know...its a good thing you and I don't live closer...we'd be dangerous, I love sewing and fabric!
Also love the cute apron you made...adorable and perfect for that fabric!
Thanks for coming by to watch "The Destroyers"...its going to be interesting to see how it all turns out!

Susan said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I can't wait to see what you make! I love to sew as well.

Tete said...

Just look at you go! I am so happy you are snipping away and making the cutest things ever! I am impressed that you can do all of this. Talent right there.
You say naughty words, too? I do it when I hit my thumb with the hammer.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I can't wait to see the ruffled bags you are going to make! Love sweetcheeks dress! Naughty words? I do it when I hit my elbow(crazy bone)LOL

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, thank you for showing my bags!!! I love the ones with different layers of ruffles. I am sooo with you, I hate to use the good stuff too. I think it is less difficult when I just use a little of the good stuff like for ruffles. The dress is darling!!


Karen Harvey Cox said...

Oh, those ruffle bags are wonderful. I can't wait to see what you make. I cannot sew. Nope I failed bobbins in Home Ec and never looked back. But I love fabric and I love designing it and then people send me photos of what they create and it makes me feel wonderful. I can sew by hand, but not very good.

You are so blessed to be able to sew. I can just imagine what you might make.


2retirednewmans said...

I love the bags!! You are very talented. Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope you will visit & join my blog too. I am a newbie & can use any advice you want to share regarding blogs...lololo Keep up the beautiful work.
2retirednewmans (Just Another Day)

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Ruffles are not me and harder to sew I think. I do love the material for your tote however, so much that I'd make a whole duvet out of it! Again, I'm impressed by how creative you are!

Donna said...

Don't know what's going on with Blogger - but this only came up for me this morning, Diana!

No matter, Sweet Cheeks will love her new dress, and your new bag will be lovely, too!

I've been cleaning up my scrap room, and should be done today. Tomorrow I tackle my Sewing room (the kids just lost their "visiting room" or half of it anyway!)

Can't wait to see all your creations!


SavannahGranny said...

Since I read the posts in reverse order I know you made. Ha Ha! It turned out great. Hugs, Ginger

Sweet Melanie said...

I absolutely love to sew and I too have that disease about not wanting to cut into fabric. I could spend weeks at a time at any fabric shop. Not to mention the hubs whole paycheck....Thank you so much for coming over to my glad you did so I can follow you.