Saturday, February 25, 2012

WOW! What A Welcome Home

Bloggers Are The Best!
This is a couple days late
because, as most of you know,
I lost my camera.
I had to beg back the one
I gave my hubby.
It works....sorta!
When I got home and went to
pick up our mail I got a
pleasant surprise.
Two wonderful ladies
had sent me two wonderful
The first one was
from Elaine-At Home With Elaine-
She is just the dearest soul.
Pop by if you have the chance.
What did she send?
A sweet box
with these lovely things in it.
A darling frame with
Nana on it.
(Nana things are hard to find)
I have to find the perfect picture
to put in it.
Don't you love the saying?
That's not ALL that was in there.
There was also a little notebook
to carry in my purse
and a pinwheel.
I have a special place for the pinwheel
that I shared with Elaine.
And last, but certainly not least,
the sweetest little purse with
2 Russell Stover Chocolate Caramels
in it
Is that the cutest thing ever?
Can you see this as a bow for
SweetCheeks hair?
Can you see a hair bow there?
I can and that is exactly what
I am going to do with it.
The second package was equally
I got it a bit after
Valentine's Day because
we were gone.
My friend, Donna,
fondly known as
The Glitter Queen,
sent me a wonderful,
sweet, handmade
a lovely wall hanging.
She puts so much love and effort
into each and every piece of
work she does.
I have been lucky enough to be
gifted with a few of her
beautiful items.
A little close up of the card.
She uses this lovely old seam binding
on most of her projects.
And I love this little flower on the bottom.
I can't say enough
Thank Yous!
You two ladies are
something special!
I love the friendships I have
made across the miles.
What a blessing to
have friends that think about me..
that know what I like...
that care enough to
send a bit of sweet love to me.
I am always a bit taken aback...
and humbled...
and don't feel worthy sometimes.
I think I feel
for everyone that I have met
Should I coin that word?
Blog+Love= BLOVE.
Do you suppose that will ever
make into Webster's dictionary?
Will they pay me to use it?
Should I quit my day job and
make up new words?
(ie-S'NOT a good idea to quit
my job and make up words)
See what I mean?
I feel a whole new career coming on!
your photo name


  1. So sweet.....but then again so are you:)

  2. Love that you had those treasures waiting on you when you got home! What sweet little surprises! I got a card from Donna, too. I will post it one of these days. Waiting on my new camera to come in...sigh.
    I hope you are doing a little better this morning. I am ok so far. The old man is working today so we are not going anywhere until he gets home, and we may wait till in the morning. We need to hit Kroger and that's where Burger King is, so I can't wait!
    It snowed through the night just enough to make the road white. High of 38 today and then another warming trend and back in the 50s.

  3. Treasures waiting at home for simply beautiful YOU!


  4. That is very sweet and what a nice surprise to have waiting for you. Blog friends are the best!

  5. You sound like Sweet Cheeks, now! *LOL* Maybe the two of you can go into the word business together!
    And the little hair bow is beautiful!

  6. beautiful gifts,
    word inventor has a great ring to it!

  7. Such wonderful & thoughtful gifts!!
    We plan on moving just about 1 hour above Tampa. Bob will retire in a little less than 5 years. I can hardle wait to move away from snow & cold......
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  8. Diana, I was hoping you had found your camera. When you get a new one put your address label on it, somewhere. We all know how you love your pictures, just betting you had many wonderful shots on it. I visited the sites...I had never been to Elaine's and it had been awhile since I visited Donna's. You are loved, lots !! Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  9. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful lady. It is only fitting. Welcome Home! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. What great surprises! You are a very special person!

  11. How sweet Diana. Yes I think you should coin the phrase. You are so sweet to others, it is no surprise you received these lovelies.

  12. Thank you for the two new friends and their lovely blogs you have shared with us. I hopped right over and was very excited to follow them.

  13. how fun to get. the friends we make in blog land are priceless!

  14. Packages in the mail are just the best. I love your new word. BLOVE is perfect!

  15. Lovely surprises in the mail are just so totally delightful! Your gifts are beautiful, and I definitely agree about the hair bow...perfect!!

    I, too, am thankful for the dear blog friends in my life.

    Have a lovely Saturday.


  16. Loved the pics the old camera took and I'm so glafd I could give a gift you could use... Warm Hugs for the weekend. Elaine

  17. What sweet friends you have...beautiful treasures :o)

  18. Awwww...what sweet surprises for you, Diana.
    How nice to come home and find that we are loved, huh?
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Awwww sweet gifts for such a sweet lady! You really are blessed :)

  20. I'm feeling' the blove, too, Diana! (I think you need to get that word copyrighted asap!!) So glad that you love what I made for you. And I am loving your other wonderful gifts, too. That would make such an adorable hair bow, I can totally see it on SW:) And I would forget about the s'not, yuck!! Are you going to buy a new camera?

  21. I love the word Blove! I think you should coin the word!


  22. Your bloggy friends are just too sweet, but they have the right person to gift! Sweet Cheeks is going to love the bow!

    Have you adjusted to being back in our cold, cold world? ;-D


  23. Blove your
    sense of humor,
    Diana! Welcome
    home : ) I'm off
    to read your cookie

    xx Suzanne

  24. Hi! Trying to catch up this weekend and also get ready with Linky! It seems more complicated than google reader. Ugh! But we do what we have to do! Love all your pretty treasures. Pink too! Have a happy weekend! Anne

  25. You received some wonderful gifts! That little bow will be pretty in sweet cheeks hair.

  26. How wonderful, Diana! You sure deserve it, you are the sweetest person ever!

    Welcome back home! xoxo ~Liz

  27. Oh my gosh, so much "blove," Diana!!! I love it all and these women are so precious with the most beautiful hearts....Love, Cindy

  28. great stuff. wonderful friends you have, and so talented also. I agree, don't quit your day job. lol

  29. Are you loved or what?!!! How wonderful, Nana. =0) such beautiful pieces too!
    hope you are having a blessed day!

  30. Yes, you are very much bloved by everyone in blogland. I was hoping your camera would have popped up when you were unpacking!

  31. are SO loved by so many of us, Diana! ♥ What sweet welcome home gifts! Blog friends ARE the BEST, aren't they? I know what you'll be doing in your spare time. Thinking of new words for Webster's.....I fear we're in for a lot of laughs!

    xoxo laurie

  32. Wow the same thing happened to my sister and her camera!
    I love the word "Blove" so perfect for what I feel for all my blogging friends...sometimes they are more supportive than family and even spouses...sorry, sad but true :o)
    Now I want to go make those wonderful Ritz chocolate cookies...think I'll do them for dinner tonight!
    Hugs my sweet blove friend!

  33. Good for you! You are very deserving my friend.


  34. You are the bloverly one!
    How about that for a word based on your word???
    Your gifts were wonderful.
    I love the Nana saying on the frame.
    It fits you perfectly!

    White Spray Paint

  35. B'Love back to you, Diana!
    I wouldn't be at all surprised that your new word will be picked up and put in blog vocabulary now!
    The gifts you received are thoughtful and sweet. The hair
    ribbon will look perfect on Sweet
    Checks. She is a real girlie girl!

  36. Sweet gifts, Diana, enjoy them. I am Nana too. They say that before Grandma! :)

  37. Beautiful gifts for someone with a beautiful heart!



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