Monday, February 27, 2012

Don't Kiss Butts -Advice From SweetCheeks

I had one day home
after vacation-
A Down Day
to get caught up on mail,
and laundry,
and readjust to
the phone rang and there
was a DEAL in the works.
IF I would take
SweetCheeks for the day,
I would get a free
Starbucks handed to me
when I picked her up.
That amounts to about
25 cents per hour if you
want to break it down.
But the LAUGHS can't be
counted out in cash.
It sounds like a deal to me.
I pick our
SweetCheeks up.
She is accompanied by
her new best friend,
Don't ask...never heard the
name before myself.
At least she has dumped
her constant companion,
As you can see,
Corinda likes the
that I made.
AND, one can take MORE COOKIES
if there are two people eating them.
Corinda looks like a big eater to me.
Hey- SweetCheeks-I thought you
ate YOUR cookies.
I dihd, Nana.
Corinda dusn't reahlly lihke them
but she touched 'em so now I
gotta eaht 'em.
Well, that makes perfect sense to me!
Yes, honey?
Lookit my bayby's outfit.
Yep! That is really cute, SweetCheeks.
Doo yohu see thihs, Nana?
Lookit her buhtt.
It's goht a khissing heart on it
Really? Is that what that is?
Who told you that?
Corinda did!
Yohu know whut else, Nana?
Yohu should nevefr kiss anybody's buhtt.
No kidding?
Seeeriously, Nana!
Yohu should nevefr do that cuz iht's gross.
Ehspecially a bayby's buhtt
cuz they ahlways haf poop on them.
(I start laughing)
Thihs is NOTT funny!
Don't kiss buhtts!
Trust me~ I WON'T!

Yeah...and yohu shuldn't
kiss boobies, either!
Do you suppose I should have told
her I have kissed a few
boobs in my life?...
and I'm not talking girls here
if you know what I mean!
your photo name


A Cottage Muse said...

Great advice SC...great advice!!

outjunking said...

How old did you say this smart child is? She's always on top of her game and yours.

Debbiedoo's said...

No butt kissing for me either, get's ya no where in life LOL! How cute:)

Gina said...

I'm glad Sweet Cheeks is around to give us such sage advice! Something tells me no one is going to push this kid around!

Anonymous said...

out of the mouths of Babes!

thats cute.

Debby said...

How do you keep a straight face. I'm sure you don't.
Maybe she will take Dr. Oz's place someday.
Seriously no kissing butts.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL! Well, that's a deal you just can't pass up, Diana! A starbucks handed to you at the door! : ) She is too funny; you have to wonder where they come up with these things. I suppose they hear those sayings among adult conversation when we call someone a "butt kisser" and of course, they take it literally. I'd probably be crying for laughing so hard ~ fist pound to you for holding it together! : ) Meanwhile, I have a 19 month old that is fascinated with the words "Uh-Oh" and she keeps saying it ~ all the time! Sadly, I think I'm the one she picked it up from!

Tete said...

Well, I hope you listen to her! Sounds like she knows what she's talking about. Did you tell her that's why butt kissers are also known as brown nosers?
When you wean a kid on Starbucks, this is what happens.
Now remember, no butts or boobies kissing!
You need to rent her out for parties.

Susie said...

I think sweetcheeks takes after you.:):) once when I had Emma in a store, I said "well let's get busy" She said "let's take our clothes off and sell houses" She was 4. I asked where she heard something like that, she said"Spongebob-squarepants" I think kids hear things differently than we do and do take it literally.But oh the places they will say things.LOL. smiles, xo, Susie

Hartwood Roses said...

What an adorable, wise little girl!!

Blue Creek Home said...

Good morning!
Sweet Cheeks never fails to make me chuckle - I imagine a day with her is a happy happy day!

Hope your week is wonderful! And don't be kissing any butts or boobs!!

camp and cottage living said...

As I said before, Sweet Cheeks is wish beyond her years!!
No, don't tell her about the boobs!
We all have a few of them in our closet!!

Ruth Kelly said...

No butt kissing around here.

Petie said...

You are like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for always visiting my blog. I always look forward to your delightful comments. Have a wonderful week. Hugs...

Ellie said...

What a sage! Wish she could give some advice to my little boys!

Nellie said...

Another remarkable bit of knowledge from that cutie!:)

Gina said...

Hi Nana,

I nominated an Inch of Gray for Best Family Blog for Apartment Therapy's 2012 The Homies. I hope you will vote. Just trying to lift Anna's spirits.


Michelle said...

Hi Di
She's too smart!

jessica said...

Hahahaha!!! My Makenzie needs to meet your Sweetcheeks!!! lol What great advice!
Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh today!!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh my goodness how darn cute is this post! Please tell Sweetcheeks I won't kiss any butts either..LOL
What a sweetie-pie she is.
Have a wonderful week,
Hugs, Elizabeth

Elaine said...

Your granddaughter sounds like my friend's little when they are so straight forward with their thoughts..

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Love it :)

Special 'K' said...

So funny. I visit for the laughs. Have a great day. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'd say she is right on and learned it early! You should get a T shirt made saying "Will work for coffee"


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Haha! I think a camcorder on your forehead is in order.
Just run a stream of SweetCheeks- she's the new Edith Ann!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!