Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romantic Homes Featured Bloggers March Issue

when I get my
every month.
I let most of my subscriptions
lapse but this is one I
will keep renewing-
maybe forever.

when I get it I quickly go
through to see what is in
the issue and then go back
and absorb it at a slower pace.

Now...here is what is
amazing to me.
In the front of each issue
are "featured bloggers".
I am so blessed to follow each
of these blogs.
It makes my heart beat a bit faster
to know that they pop by my
blog, too, and comment sometimes.
I feel like we are kindred souls,
even though our blogs are
nothing alike.

First up,
Sweet Abby over at
 has a beautiful blog and
she is leaving an image and
quote every morning now.
Next up is June,
a dear, sweet gal,
over at
She has had her share of heartaches
and joys in her life but her
spirit will lift you up and give
you wings.
And, then there is Mikey,
Another blog you will love to visit.

And, although this is not a blog,
when I saw this purse
I smiled right out loud.
You might want to visit her here at
Try and drop by and
say Hello to these talented people
and tell them I sent you!

Happy Tuesday, friends.
I am on my way to my daughter's home
for the night and then headed to
Florida tomorrow.
You won't be rid of me easily though
because I am taking my computer
with me- HA!

So...watch your mouth!
your photo name


  1. Good Morning Diana! I love that magazine, I devour it quickly and then savor it at a slower pace. Thanks for the links, I'll head over there soon. Have a great and safe trip to Florida!

  2. My favorite magazine, too, Diana! I just got mine yesterday. I love this section because sometimes I know the bloggers and the ones I don't I go visit. One month, I think I knew every one they had in that section! By knew, I mean follow and have emailed with.

    I always see Daphne's bags in there ~ I won one of her bags from a giveaway a few years ago! It is stunning and I don't use it too often, but see it every day. It hangs in my closet as pure eye candy and art!

    Safe trip!

  3. I love this magazine too, although I am a more of traditional style in our home.

  4. Love love love it, and the bag,, ooo la la !! Have super time in Florida!

  5. Blogger power!!!!!! Great mag, and they knew a good thing when they saw it:)

  6. Thanks, Diana and all! It is a real thrill to be included in Romantic Homes!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  7. Hi Diana,
    I love this magazine too and would buy it if I was down to my last dollar! Um, bread or magazine, bread or magazine.....magazine!!!! LOL!
    I love seeing all of our bloggy friends in there too. I hope I make it one day.


  8. Have a safe trip and don't forget to enjoy yourself while you are gone.

  9. I too got mine yesterday & was so happy to see June had her blog in it!! Don't ya' just get a thrill to know that you "know" published people??!! WOO HOO!!
    Have a Peaceful Day!

  10. I love Romantic Homes and really get a kick out of seeing a familiar blogger featured in it! June's blog is beautiful!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip and stay in touch!


  11. I didn't realize you were going to Florida so soon. Have a wonderful time, drink up all that sunshine, and be safe!

  12. Diana, Come by on your way thru Indy and pick me up :):) I want to see the princesses too. Your daughter and granddaughters are blessed to have you in their lifes. Enjoy yourself, keep us posted. xoxo, Susie

  13. I love seeing featured blogger in magazines.
    Florida.......warm temps.....sun and sand......I'm following you.

  14. I'm going to sit here and drink my coffee and visit them all. Good thing all I HAVE to get done today is laundry! :-)

  15. I think I would enjoy that magazine so much. Thank you for sharing it with us today xo

  16. P.S> safe travels, make happy memories!!

  17. I love that magazine too! It's always so full of inspiration.
    You guys are going to have so much fun in Florida!!!
    Did you get all the dresses made?
    I'm looking forward to seeing LOTS of pictures.
    Love you!

  18. I "read" my magazines the same way you do!! And those blogs sound amazing, I will be sure to check them out!!
    Have a great trip!! Don't forget your bikini!!

  19. wow! Isn't that cool?! This magazine is always fun to just look at...and then use the ideas. thank you..I am going to get a copy and read it at the gym today. You should get a commission!

  20. Oh my, that magazine is just oozing
    with loveliness! Dreamy.
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Flordia. I look forward to seeing some pics!

  21. It's a little hard to watch my mouth without a mirror in front of me.

  22. hello diana dearest, wish we got that magazine over here, but , no such luck... that bed on the front cover is just to die for! I just love, love love everything you have been sewing, your mickey mouse dresses are just the cutest things ever!! I am sooooo jealous you are going to disneyworld!! if i won the lottery tomorrow, that would be the first place i would go to; yes, i would be on the next plane outta here!!!
    Have lots and lots of fun with your gorgeous girls!!!
    take lots of pictures!!
    Hugs and love, laura xxx

  23. Ooo...new bloggers to check out, thanks! I always take my computer to Florida when I go, but I'm always too busy or too sleepy to get much done. Have fun!

  24. What fun, Diana! Have a great time!! I will look forward to your great updates!

  25. Have fun in Florida and at your daughters!

  26. I don't get this magazine so I didn't know they featured bloggers. That's awesome, there are so so many beautiful blogs.

  27. I ADORE my RH mag, Diana! You're so right about the Featured Bloggers pages. I find myself declaring loudly to hubby, "HEY! I KNOW this blogger! We write to each other! She's like....like....FAMOUS now!!" To which he looks bored and says, "Wow, that's nice, honey." lolol! I'm glad that RH features bloggers. We rule, don't we???? bwahahaha!!!!

    Oh....and my bags are packed. What time will you be here to pick me up...???

    xoxo laurie

  28. I could certainly use a trip to Florida right now, ahhh, beaches, warmth,!!..and of course you have to take your computer.
    I'll have to go and check out those blogs. So many creative and wonderful blogs/people out there.
    I know June. (well,, NOT personally, but I have been following her for over a year now.
    have a great time.

  29. Isn't that fun to say, "I know her!" What a wonderful magazine to be featured in. I love this one too - always so inspiring!
    Have fun in Florida!!

  30. I do the same thing when I get my new issue of RH magazine. I quickly go through it and then I slowly go through it over and over again.
    Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to seeing some photos of you in Florida.
    Have a fantastic time!

  31. Hello friend, thanks so much for sharing the exciting news with all of our fellow bloggers, it's so nice of you to mention me. Have fun in Fl, bring some warm sunshine back with you.



  32. Hi Diana! Thanks so much for letting those of us who don't know about "Romantic Homes" magazine see the section on bloggers. I will need to go get a copy in the morning. Have a great time on your trip...you are going to think it is Spring when you get down this way...it is unseasonably warm (in a good way).

  33. That is so exciting Diana! This is the first I have seen this. DO you mind if I steal these pics of my layout so I can post it on my next post? As you know I live 60 miles from the nearest store to buy one an I had let my subscription lapse :( so I won't see it until I go sometime.
    Thank you sweet for posting about it so I could see it.
    biggest hugs ever!!!

  34. Thanks for the heads on these blogs. Have a great trip.
    Hugs, Ginger

  35. Hi Diana, so sorry I'm just now getting by to visit with you, it's been so very hectic around here. I wanted to thank you so much for the sweet words about my purses. It's always nice to meet new blogger friends. I will definitely be by for more visits. I do have a blog but I haven't been able to post much lately as I have been so busy. Hope to do a new post in the morning though! Would love for you to visit anytime!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne Nicole


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