Friday, March 1, 2013

Couples Counseling -Are You Kidding Me? That's It For Me.

If you are just joining me you
really need to read
Session Two & Three to understand
this whole scenario.
We are now down to 
Couple # 3 is the reverse of me and MyHero.
James thinks everything is funny.
His wife takes everything a bit too seriously.
James and I try not to sit where we can make
eye contact because it is all downhill from there.
Session Three:
James comes by himself.
Counselor/Lila:  Where is your wife?
James:  Ummm....she isn't coming tonight.
Lila: Oh-Is she ill?
James:  No, she's mad.  Say, could you take a look at my back?  
She threw something at me
and I think it might have cut my back.
She says she is not coming back again.
Lila:  Well, this is certainly too bad.
(I start laughing again and so does James)
We are now down to 
Me:  Lila, I don't think this is for us-
um...we don't have these kinds of  problems.
Lila:  No, need to can serve
as a good example.
Ummm...There is no one left to serve as
an example for-but we'll see.
We never went back.
Do you suppose she is still sitting there....
all that room.....with the door open....
with the coffepot on....waiting?
Nah! Probably Not.
And, thus, ended our counseling sessions
although I swear MyHero still needs help!;>)
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  1. oh my goodness! those are the funniest stories! I wish you had gone back... I want to hear more! lol
    happy weekend!

  2. Good Morning, You are too funny! What wonderful posts. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Anna

  3. Ok I had to go back and read one and two...but OH my, I had a vision of you laughing out loud. I am the same way Diana...I almost lost myself in our Pre Kana class before we got married..I had to literally run out of the room because I was laughing out loud so LOUD. Too bad everyone dropped out, you could have had more stories.

  4. Na, she got a whole new show in a few weeks, and you shoulda been a fly on the wall. There is a book in there somewhere.

  5. Too funny! I guess you could say it was a successfully unsuccessful couples counseling course! I bet that Lila was left scratching her head wondering where did this go wrong!! LOL...

  6. There is a lesson in here... somewhere...I think...maybe.

    Nope - just made me LOL. Thanks!

  7. I swear this sounds like it should be picked up by the writers of Modern Family. So funny!

  8. I always knew counseling would be a total waste of time. And you just proved it! LOL I can't tell that anything was accomplished and that poor Joe even got hurt!

  9. Diana, this was so funny. You truly know how to keep us on the edge of our seat. LOL
    As for the counselor, she is probably talking to herself by now. She went insane~~~

    Have a great weekend my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. poor guy...I wonder if those couples are still together after all...but I doubt that

  11. An amusing experience though not for the angry ones. I think those who left are those who needed it the most. Anyways, I did get a few good laughs out of it but I only laughed when you laughed because that's when it was funny.

  12. Did anyone check his back??? I think you should have switched with husbands! Both of the wise crackers should have been put together.
    Fix MyHero? Bwahahahahaha.

  13. LOL! Now D, surely you know that there is no fixing that man at this stage. ;)
    xo, Tina

  14. Well, this supports my reason for never going to couples counseling! We might not have made it 38 years if we had! Your wedding picture is just beautiful! You gave me a good chuckle (I did go back and read all the posts)!

  15. Too funny! I read all the posts, I don't think you two needed it and besides, there is no changing them at our age. :)

  16. I knew it!! I said it to you yesterday!! You two would be the last couple standing!! or sitting. I too cracked up as soon as (i'm
    lol-ing while writing this!) he said "could you please look at my back, she threw something at me".
    I am serious, I am sitting here, alone, laughing my head off over that while typing!! Hopefully no one is watching me. They may try to have me committed!

  17. Diana, how funny. You make my day. Have a great weekend and hopefully you are getting better weather.

  18. hahaha! Was Lila ever married herself? Somehow I get the feeling she never was! Maybe hubby and I should have gone to set the "good example", hahahaha!

  19. Poor J-he certainly may benefit from more help ;-)
    I'm afraid I'd be a giggler too.

  20. That is just too funny about how everyone left and noone got helped. Maybe the counselor now needs counseling herself!! LOL!

  21. Well that was fun,I guess it wasn't helpful at all.

  22. What funny stories! The sad thing, though, is that they accurately depict the relationships existing with many! I wonder if she is still working as a counselor. xo Nellie

  23. So funny..You are a great story teller..Count your blessings..

  24. Maybe the 2 of you should start your own counseling for other couples! You could at least entertain them and get their minds off their troubles for awhile!!!! LOL!

  25. Ha! Yep.. This is how it goes. The perfect reality television show :)

  26. Loved the whole series - esp the photo of you and your hero when you were slightly more youthful! Oh, those couples, didn't they know the ones who laugh, last?

  27. Oh Diana, she will never lack for couples looking for counseling! But I'm sure she will never forget you and your husband either! Congrats on a long, happy marriage!


  28. Hi Diana, I will try again to leave you a comment. I laughed at your counseling sessions. I always wondering if the ones giving advice really know what they are talking about. Hope your day went well. Mine was not very productive that was for sure. Have a great day. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  29. Now, my sister and I don't feel so bad about laughing all the way through our prenatal classes. Obviously, we were pregnant at the same time. Our instructor didn't find any of it humorous and we skipped the last 2 sessions. Your counselling sessions are hilarious! But then, I've been known to laugh at inappropriate things.

  30. I've never been much on I know why! lol

  31. Maybe you and the Pat. could start your own counseling sessions. You know how to clear a room. Make sure they pay up front for so many sessions.

  32. Poor James, I wonder if they're still together?!?

  33. Diana
    Like I always say, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it"
    That is the very reason I've never gone to one of those church marraige counseling sessions!

  34. Some people swear by them. I guess the rest laugh!! Funny series. Xoxo

  35. you tell the best stories, diana--and always with great humor:)!

  36. Poor woman, sitting there waiting, cob webs all over her LOL! Too bad everyone left. It sounded like a lively group! LOL Hugs, Leena


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