Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flower Power To The Max

I grew up during the
Flower Power years.
Anyone remember those?
The late 60's/70's
were the years of
Love and Flowers...
and a whole lotta war and
civil unrest.

Anyway, I have always
LOVED flowers.
This Spring finds me dragging out
the flowers...
There's the canvas print above
my stove top-
The Real Thing
in my kitchen window.
Dressed with a bunny card from a friend.
How about the printed flowers 
on my Marjolein Bastine calendar?
Or the fake faux flowers in my foyer...
What kind of flowers flour don't I like?
How about this one?
Never stop to take a picture of an accident
because when you do
SOMEONE who shall remain nameless
finds joy in stepping in it.
Now, I am no detective but I am thinking
that looks about like a child's 
size 11 footprint.
Any ideas WHOSE that might be?

I'll be late visiting today-I am off
to meet my daughter for a day 
of thrifty nifty goodness- 
Catch ya later-
your photo name


  1. Have a fantastic day of thrifty nifty goodness! Bring on spring flowers!

  2. Have fun Diana. I absolutely want that Love bug. I have been so used to fake flowers since we had the cat. I really don't mind them if they look cute or real. I like the picture you have in the kitchen. Oh I think I know who walked in the flour. :):)xoxox,Susie

  3. When the in the seventh house....and Jupiter....alii-iigns with Mars....

  4. I also grew up in the Flower power years. Love that bug and all your beautiful flowers around the house! I will give you one guess who stepped in that flower. LOL Have fun shopping today!

  5. I love the canvas print! Happy Thrifting!!

  6. Have a wonderful time thrifting! :D Your print is *pretty*

  7. Have fun on your thrifty adventure!


  8. Have fun thrifting :) Love your prety flowers and the bunny card is just too cute!

    Hugs to you,

  9. have a great day Diana, find some great stuff to show us tomorrow! I love the print over your stove, its beautiful!

  10. The canvas print above you stove top is gorgeous - and I've got to check out that calendar. Love that!

    I'm having a spring sale on all my vegan, handcrafted soaps on now through March 21. Hope you'll stop in.

    And I'm pretty sure whose footprint that is. :-) I'm off to find some pink geraniums.

  11. Fun first pic totally brought me back..we had flower power stuff for sure. And volkswagens too~with bell bottoms. Fun and fresh looks~your geraniums make me want summer to come right now!

  12. Happy thrifting!! Love the flowers... Vicki

  13. What memories I have of the "flower" days! I had a white 2 door 60 Chevy Impala with a souped up engine that was painted orange and yellow flowers! Got lots of looks when they checked the oil...remember when they checked the oil?? Hugs, Penny

  14. I was there too!
    Peace, Sweet D!
    Have fun thrifting!

  15. I remember when they checked the oil. it was heaven. because now I always forget to do it.
    have loved your last three posts.
    from handsome men to bathing beauties!
    have fun with your daughter! xo

  16. I love the print above your range-just gorgeous. I think
    I know who stepped in the flour but what I'm surprised about is that J didn't,
    he must have been gone. LOL

  17. Bastin is one of my very favorite artist.

  18. Have a wonderful day out thrifting with you daughter. Sound like a good time to me.

  19. First, enjoy your day of nifty goodness!!
    Second, your flowers, fake or not, look so lovely and springy! we had some snow this morning. That darn groundhog was wrong so far, I think!
    Third, What are you smoking in that first picture! It may seem like you were smelling a weed/flower but I wonder.... and you look awesome in that jumpsuit!! LOL!!

  20. Have a great day.
    I think I will paint my VW Bug like that one. I love it.

  21. Love the flower power picture!! It must of been an awesome time...

  22. those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end....8)

    Daughters are so fun to hang out with!!

  23. Have a fun time Diana!
    And I love that first photo with the car! The flowers have the Power!
    It made me laugh.

  24. Have a good day Diana - sounds like fun!!!

  25. Have fun being thrifty..Love the "accident".. I can't imagine whose foot that might be..

  26. groovy baby! (can you tell which generation i'm from - LOL)!

  27. hey...I think that's me blowing bubbles in a field!

  28. I so enjoy flowers but won't even think of planting until after Mother's Day-it seems so long away.
    Hope you had fun shopping.
    Hugs, Noreen

  29. I'm guessing Miss SweetChecks!! Have fun shopping!!

  30. A size 11.....hmmmmm.... I think it might be Sweet Cheeks! And we're making messes here, today, too. BIG messes! But we're having fun!

  31. 60s and 70s? are you mad? I am nowhere near old enough to know about this. But I like the retro VW and the flowers

  32. Hope you had a successful shopping day! I'd love to say that I have no idea what you are talking about "flower power"! However, I am all about hot pants, bell bottoms and orange and yellow daisies!

  33. Your pink geraniums are so cheerful. I brought my geranium in for the winter and it is gorgeous and healthy, but not a blooming bloom!

  34. flowers make every space you would have made a great hippie!!!
    have fun treasure hunting.

  35. Pretty flowers do cheer you up in all shapes and forms.

  36. Have fun shopping Diana:) and your flowers are gorgeous! ... I remember the luv bug era, ha!


  37. I am betting the culprit has a wonderful smile!
    Love all the flowers! xo Ginger

  38. Diana I have that same canvas print! It's packed away with the other pics since I ran out of wall space and it got put away when winter approached on year. I need to resurrect it sometime and let it shine again!

  39. "to the max" (hadn't thought of that in years) I wanted to be that girl in the picture. I was a bay area girl then but I think that it was probably a good thing I never made it to Haight Ashbury. lol Thanks for the memories.

  40. You're really putting me in the mood to decorate for Spring! I love your beautiful flowers...they make a house happy! Have fun today!

  41. Love love flowers, love the print beautiful... I am guessing not naming names but I believe the initials are SC. Hope you had a wonderful day

  42. I hear you Diana, I love flowers too:). Just saw the first blooms here in NY & I am so excited! Love those little footprints. Hope you had a great day with your daughter, souned fun! Have a great weekend, Jen

  43. Your flowers-real and faux-are lovely! Hope you had a great day thrifting with your daughter. I am on the hunt for Pyrex...but not finding much! There is a cute piece on the please-take-these-dishes-home table at church but it woudl probably be wrong to take it. Even if it has been there for months. Right? LOL

  44. That canvas print is gorgeous, Diana! But those pink geraniums are talking to me! Hope you had a great day with your daughter!

  45. Love that BUG, have fun Diana. Loved the 70s, greatest time of my life. 1970 is when I met America, what a country now my home.

  46. Hmmm. We've had many a "Code White" disaster around here, and that looks like the work of a young child. ;)

    I really like your canvas in your kitchen, too.


  47. Hope you had a fun day! I like your canvas picture and your pink geraniums! My pink Christmas cactus is blooming which is a welcome punch of color!

  48. Flowers certainly do perk up the place when we are in the throes of winter! Do you think you will ever see the ground without snow again?:-)

  49. Pretty pretty pretty! Flowers really perk up a room and a day! Come on spring! Hugs, Leena

  50. Good morning Diana! Your flowers are so pretty. I hope you had a fun day with your daughter. And yes, I have a pretty good idea about who those footprints belong too.... :)


  51. Oh yes, I remember the flower power years, because I was born in the 60's and grew up in the 70's. Keep smelling those flowers, Diana. They are the magic in our lives. And oooooooh, I love that flower print above your stove. Have a good weekend.


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