Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Counseling-Session One- Are You Kidding Me?

Long, long ago in a place
of newly wedded bliss years
when we still looked like this
we found a group through church
that offered 
(internet image)
We were doing okay but thought
-what could it hurt-

Session One:
We start out with FIVE couples.

We go around the room and everyone
says 2 things they LIKE about their spouse.
MyHero: #1- Well, she is even-tempered-always the same
no big ups and downs.
#2- She has a great sense of humor.
Good-good- says Lila, the counselor.
Next we go around the room  and everyone
says 1 thing that "bothers" them about their spouse.
MyHero:  She thinks everything is funny.
(I stated laughing and could not stop-
matter of fact I am laughing as I type this)
Lila:  Isn't that a direct contradiction?
You said she has a great 
sense of humor and now you say 
she thinks everything is funny?
(I am still laughing out loud as she is talking)
MyHero-spluttering:  No! No!  In HER CASE
it is NOT a contradiction.
It went downhill from there.
Pop back by tomorrow for
Session Two

(I am away all day but will check in tonight and try to catch up)
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  1. Hi Diana,
    You are too funny. The counseling must have worked. Can't wait for session 2.


  2. Im laughing too.. thats funny!
    looking forward to part two.

  3. Oh my! I always start having that nervous laugh...when I get nervous! I hope you enjoy counseling. I wouldn't recommend it! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  4. I laughed reading this and can't wait for session 2.

  5. oh no, I don't like where this is going! lol, You are a beautiful bride!

  6. I guess he needs to learn to laugh along with you. Laughter is supposed to be good for the soul!

  7. Maybe he needed more counseling, because you are funny, and laughter is good.

  8. LOL... now I need to hear the rest of the story!!

  9. LOL!! Thank you for my first smile this morning!

  10. LOL looking forward to the next session! Thanks for the laugh I really needed it today!

  11. Funny your a Hoot! Love your poat to go along with the picture.

    I wrote in yesterday and dang it. It would not go through.

    So lets see what happens now.

    I loved yesterdays as well with your hubby.

    Ya. it is going to work today.

    Thanks for your re back for my blog.

    Good for you Di what you wrote back to me.

    Hope your day is not Dr's Apppontments.

    Maybe a nice restful day or visitng. With you and hubby. Who knows what you both have up your sleeves. Your both a humour pair.
    Hubby is a real good sport.

    Love your postings.

  12. You guys are adorable! When we were newlyweds, we used to play the newlywed game at parties with our friends. Those were the kinds of questions we asked. I didn't know we were doing marriage counseling!

  13. You're funny! :) That's a beautiful picture!

  14. Your laugh is contageous, I am laughing too. NOw for Session 2. Hugs, Marty

  15. Once I really start laughing, it is hard to stop! I crack up at the hot flash one that is out now. That is worth a good 5 minute chuckle to me!

  16. Laughter is good for one's health! That's what the experts say! You are way ahead of them.:-) xo Nellie

  17. Laughter is so good for the soul.

  18. Counseling when you don't need it? If it ain't fixed, don't break it.... Lol

  19. It seems that the things we find attractive while dating, are the same things that rub us the wrong way when married...go figure that one :)

  20. I wonder what she would think of sweetcheeks? LOL
    Can't wait for the next session.

  21. Girl, you need your own show...YOU are the show! :) Love your humor, can't wait to hear what happened next! Lovely picture as well! XO ~Liz

  22. I can not wait for session #2.

    I must say, "You were a beautiful bride, I love the halo of daisies in your hair" and what a wonderful photo. How many years have the two of you been married?
    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  23. Diana! Look at you in your wedding dress! You still look just as beautiful. :) Looking forward to more counseling...


  24. Love that picture of you guys
    Can't wait to see what session 2 is about ;-)

  25. Beautiful couple. I can so see you laughing. Can't wait to hear more.
    Home, exhausted after a long day in the air and at the airports.

  26. Diana, you were such a beautiful bride and your husband looks so handsome on the photo. I laughed so much when I read what you wrote about when you started to laugh. I can't wait for part two.

  27. Gorgeous picture!!! I'm telling should write a book!

  28. I wish I had been in that group. I haven't heard part 2 yet, but I have a feeling the other couples still remember you!!

  29. You didn't tell us what 2 things you said about him, and the 1 thing you said about him!! I can only imagine what would have come out of your mouth!! You would have no problem speaking up, but did you chicken out about him? I can see you like this:
    "I don't know, he is cute and nice but he leaves his socks on the floor".

  30. I LOVE that picture of the two of sweet! And I'm laughing (again) at this post. It's nice to see you haven't changed over the years. Obviously, you still think everything is funny, because you share it with us, and it's always HILARIOUS through your eyes! Can't wait to read session 2!


  31. Diana, you never disappoint US with your humor! (and your stories:)
    You were a gorgeous bride, for sure! It looks like you could've even been laughing in that picture...just sayin...

  32. If it ain't broke...Don't fix it!!!

  33. I'm laughing out loud just reading it! Oh my this is gonna be good :)

  34. Ok, now you have me on the edge of my seat, Diana! I think these guys don't know the differece between the good and the not so good!!

  35. I love your wedding photo!!!
    Can't wait for part 2!

  36. Love the photo!

    Can't wait for session two!

    Never stop laughing!!

  37. Oh how I love you....such joy in laughter. Thanks for sharing some today....xoxoxxo

  38. Well, you do have a fabulous sense of humor and I bet that's what he loves about you.

  39. Well I can't wait to hear how session two goes!

  40. Ha! Well.. I've been married 30 years.. soooooo I get this, been there! Lol!

  41. On the edge of my seat....moving on to session two now...

  42. Okay I am into this story now. LOL
    Going on to session two~~
    XO Celestina Marie

  43. OK all I can do is LOL and I am!! LOL!


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