Thursday, March 28, 2013

Southern Living March 2013

You know my heart is in the South.
Even though I was born in PA
and now live in the Midwest
I was smitten with the South
when I lived there in my 20's,
before marrying MyHero,
a Wisconsinite.

If you remember I talked about 
giving up just about all of my
magazine subscriptions.
Well,  I kept two.
One is Romantic Homes
and the other one is
I grab the magazine as soon as it comes 
and immediately fly through its pages
at a fast pace.
Later,  I go back and study every page.
Look what I found this month.
How about some
Marbled Eggs for Easter Morning?
click on image for recipe
Are those cute or what?
Hmmmm...wonder what kinda chicken
lays THOSE eggs?
I'm thinking they look like this....
but you know how gullible I am.
click on image for link
Has Angel Food Cake EVER looked so Heavenly?
click on image for recipe
Heavenly Angel Food Cake
So,  While I am covering my eyes so I am not
tempted by the cake
 I am peeking through my fingers and 
yearning to see this.....
click on image for link
However, while I am dreaming of the South
  I look out and see this-
Not a dream at all-
It's a nightmare.
Someone wake me up when
Spring hits, will ya?
oh-yeah- wake the old boy up, too.
Tell him it is time to come out
of hibernation.

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  1. Its coming, slowly. Someone here yesterday posted on FB that they saw their first dandy lion. Imagine that. Our snow is almost all gone, and the tulips are showing again. Its going to be awhile yet on them.
    I am so dreaming of being out on the deck and sweating a bit.

  2. I love Southern Living magazine. They have great recipes and beautiful pictures. It's been colder than usual here too. I'm ready for 70 degree weather, flip flops and working in my garden, I hate being cold!
    Our summers are 100 degrees, humid, and hot as you know what! At least weather is ever changing! And that concludes my weather rant.

  3. One of my favorite mags too along with Garden & Gun and Coastal Living. It will be close to 80 degrees by Sunday. xo

  4. Well, honey child, you know I love Southern Living!
    They collect the recipes from the magazine for the whole year and publish them in a book. You can find old ones at yard-sales, sometimes! I have one from 1983, and you would not believe how long those recipes are, maybe we had more time then!
    Just read the comment before mine, and I can tell you that our summers seem hotter now than they used to be. Either that or I must have lived running under the water hose when I was a kid!

  5. That is a fun mag to subscribe to….always some good morsel about pretty porches, gardens, southern interiors….I gave up most of my subscriptions too, but I miss that one! Enjoy!

  6. Diana, The sun melted almost all our snow yesterday. We had 7.5 inches of snow . So that is a good sign. Today is suppose to be wonderful too. I am wishing you some sunshine . Looking at the flowers in the magazines makes me want to dig in the dirt and plant some seeds. Don't give up hope for spring just yet.xoxo,Susie

  7. Love that magazine! I hope that snow goes away soon! Happy Easter, Diana!

  8. It is still cold here in NC...I'm so ready!!! He'll wake up soon......:)

  9. Great photos !!! I don't think spring is ever going to come !!!!

  10. LOL! The snow we got is finally melted, Diana. The next few days call for temps in the 50's and then for Monday ~ can you believe it? ~ it shows flurries! I could cry. Maybe it is just an April Fool's Day joke.

  11. You are a funny, funny girl Diana! I would send you some spring weather if I could! I'll be thinking of those dyed chicks ans smiling all day now thanks to you :)
    xoxo, Andrea

  12. I am the same way Diana... I know you mentioned you are from PA. I am in the Phila area... LOVE Southern Living.. V

  13. That is one of my faves, too. I haven't even opened mine yet. Must get to that.

  14. Oh I always flip through that one also-it just makes me feel warm ;-) If I remember correctly your the
    one who introduced me to that one so thanks are in order. THANKS ;-)

  15. I'm getting spring fever, too. I'm tired of winter and we really don't even get much of one. I want sunshine, flowers and pool days!

  16. I'm looking forward to Spring, also. We had seven inches of snow here in Virginia Sunday, but it's now gone. I seldom read Southern Living, and I really don't know why. You have inspired me to check one out soon.
    Oh, and regarding yesterday's post, I also had two dyed chicks,I lived in town, but we put them in a little chicken coop and they grew to be mean roosters and we eventually took them to the "country". Their names were Doodle and Dandy. I was such an original child.

  17. The angel food cake does look heavenly! I would love some right now :) Spring is coming....really, it is :) Have a great day!


  18. Naughty Diana! Did you have your hero's permission to take that pic? (grinning here)! I am not familiar with that magazine but it looks very nice!

  19. I love romantic homes!! I wish I could live in each and every page in that magazine!!
    I totally think those chickens made those eggs. They look very guilty to me!!!

  20. That cake was my favorite thing in SL this month...I MUST make it!
    Well, I wish you could come over for cake and coffee and sit out on the back porch in the warm sunshine.
    It's such a beautiful day.
    Yours are coming soon!
    Hugs, T.

  21. Diana, I so enjoyed your post. Those "colored" chickens are too funny! My daughter and their family have chickens and it is interesting to see what kinds of eggs they lay. They had a racoon dropping by for midnight snacks, however, and were losing a lot of eggs and chickens, too. They were finally able to catch him a week or so ago when a friend loaned them a trap of some kind to catch it--not one that kills the animal. They said it was very angry at being caught and making roaring sounds! They've had a lot of trouble with dogs and wild animals killing and maiming their animals. By the way, went in and turned off the word verification feature on comments, so I hope I've rectified that--still now when I turned that on! I had some other people tell me I had a problem, too. Thanks again for looking out for me! Bless you for doing so.

  22. I get that mag, too! A friend got me a subscription for my birthday and it's such a treat! I really love those colored chickens...wonder why I've never seen those before? It's amazing how they lay those pretty eggs... ;)

  23. what i want to know is which came first the pink chicken or the pink egg:) your husband must love that pic! happy easter to you!

  24. agghh - Lynn beat me to it - was going to ask what came first lol!
    The snow is almost gone now here and it's warm - OMG I think Spring has arrived in Montreal!
    Sending you big YELLOW hugs,
    ( yellow as in sunshine - not dog pee on snow )

  25. You would love the weather here today. It is 45 degrees and the sun is shining. Most all of the snow has melted away.

  26. gorgeous pictures.
    have never seen angelfood cake look so pretty! looks almost like crystallize sugared flower petals on those.
    lovey. hang in dear southern girl!
    spring will finally come.
    at least they keep saying!

  27. it's time to fly south...not that we have been having much nicer weather here...

  28. I have gotten Southern Living for more years than I can even remember. I love that magazine and often find places in it that we stop along the trips south. I also love Midwest Living and Coastal Living! We have to dream, don't we?

  29. I love Southern Living too. It is a pile of loose pages after I finish clipping what I want to save. That's how I tell if a magazine is any good--how many pages do I save from it?

    One year I didn't renew in a spirit of frugality. After ending up purchasing almost every issue at the grocery store it made more sense to subscribe again. I have slowed way down on clipping recipes. When you've done that as many years as I have you get very selective about new ones.

  30. Yep, I'm thinking of lettin' some of my subscriptions go , too. I've got TWO of one that comes every month b/c of how they renewed my subscription, and I've contacted to no avail. I will always keep Romantic Country, myself!

  31. Thanks for coming over for a visit on my blog! We live in Canada and do the snowbird thing for the winter. However, the snow is still at home when we go back in April. Snow, and grey slush until at least the end of May.

  32. Oooooh! He is going to be so mad at you! (As I laugh and laugh) That magazine looks so wonderful. I don't see it on the shelves here, I'll have to look on the internet. Sorry you are still living in the deep freeze. It sure is pretty, though. I know, shut up. Hugs, xoxo

  33. well maybe your next move will be to the South!!!!I'm a magazine junkie, i have scaled down as well, very pricey!!!

  34. The cake looks good, the eggs, not so tempting.

  35. So many of my mother's and my recipes came from Southern Living.

  36. Come on down here, girl! We'll be near 80 on Easter :( I miss the snow! And of course...ADORE Southern Living!

  37. Hey Diana! Come on down here to Va. I would love you as a neighbor. Wouldn't we have a blast! Happy Easter :)

  38. If I could, I'd send you a whole lotta sunshine and warmth!!!! Those eggs are cute and the chickens? well those are pretty unusual. :)
    p.s don't wake the sleeping bear until spring has sprung.

  39. Diana, I almost flipped when my copy came. Don't you love those cupcakes. One of my grandsons is getting married next year and they want cupcakes for wedding cake and my daughter is supposed to make the cake. I think those on the cover are perfect.
    SL and Traditional Home are my favorite magazines. I find it hard to part with one.
    Wonder if those eggs are grape flavored?
    He is Risen!

  40. I'm sending you some Texas sunshine, Diana. The Mister used to say when we first got married, I would spent $100 at the grocery store - milk, eggs, and the rest on magazines. That's why he does the grocery shopping. Happy Easter!!

  41. He is going to kick you in your knees LOL just kidding.. SOOOOOOO FUNNY I giggled sitting here . just loved it all....... YES spring is coming sister and I love how you said married your Hero... YOUR a good soul my sweet friend >>> I LOVE THAT

  42. I wish I could make my cakes look that pretty!
    The things you get by with Diana...
    Does your hubby know what a brat you are being putting him on your blog for the world to see?
    I got a feeling he must be a real easy going guy!

  43. Oh yes one of my favorites too!

  44. Even though I am a Minnesotan, I have a lot of Southern girl in me, too...I lived in Greenville SC and Savannah GA for much of my childhood and still remember the beautiful azaleas...

  45. The eggs make me giggle as I have made those "accidently" for years. Always one or two came out like that. :)

    I'm so sorry about your snow. It's finally starting to melt here in MN.!

  46. Diana,
    That angel food cake looks delightful, so yummy. And those chickens are something else. I didn't know you lived in the south when you were in your 20's. I have always wanted to take a trip to the south. I hear they have the best cooking ever.

    Happy Easter.

  47. Perhaps you'll feel a bit better if I tell you that though I don't have snow outside my front door, Spring is slow to come this year, even to the south, but soon. . .very soon, it will happen. Even for you!

  48. Oh no...It is cold down here in Orlando too...Crazy season! I had a piece of that cake too!! Happy EAster


  49. I am a women who speaks with a slow and soft southern drawl. I love everything southern even the heat, grits and okra!
    Smiles, Dottie

  50. Oh so funny! The pic of your husband. I'm afraid I'd like for my husband to wear the eyemask ..only so I could move it down to his snoring mouth! LOL

  51. Haha oh I can relate on the magazine subscriptions :) I could never, ever part with Victoria no matter what! I have always been enamored with the South as well. They know how to live with effortless style.

  52. My favorite magazine ever! And it's one of the most difficult for me to give away or toss. :)

    So sorry about your cold and snow. It's been very cold here the past few days but scheduled for warmer temps this weekend. I hesitate to wish for warmer weather 'cause we seem to go straight to the 90's and 100's. That I cannot take! :(

    Wishing you a very blessed and Happy Easter!


  53. It's wonderful to dream of spring thru your magazines!! Our snow left the other day....seems like your company doesn't want to leave! Thinking of you in all that snow~~~just remember...GOD knows what he is doing! Happy Resurrection Easter Day~~~Roxie

  54. O'Diana, I LOVE that magazine too and have gotten a lot of great recipes from it. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter. Hugs, Gail

  55. I was late getting this month's issue...just got it yesterday. I've brought it to the lake with me, and I can't wait to read it!

    You can be an honorary SOuthern Belle, m'dear! :D


  56. Southern Living is enough to make anybody yearn for the South! xo Nellie

  57. oh no!! has it been a lOOOOOng winter!!! my kids would just love that snow but I know how awful it is when it melts and gets everywhere! but it does look very pretty!!!
    Laura xxxxx

  58. How lovely, Diana! That magazine looks so yummy.
    Hope Spring arrives soon in my corner of the world, too. I have lots of projects, places to visit, photos to take!
    Thanks for all of the lovely comments you always leave me, I really appreciate each and every word!

  59. There IS some Southern girl in you! That is one of my all-time favorite, never gonna stop the subscription, magazines too! I've been so busy I haven't had time to look at that issue so thanks for sharing those great photos. Hope you and your family have a great Easter weekend...sounds like you are in the South at Dollywood.


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