Friday, March 15, 2013

That Was Thumb Thrifty Deal

My daughter, Mimi,
made me drive
about 2000  100 miles yesterday
to meet her in a town called
West Bend to hit the thrift stores.
Let me tell you.
I should have saved my gas.
Who the heck is in charge of pricing
at St.Vincent DePaul and most
thrift stores lately?
I saw old sofas in bad shape that 
were priced at $200.
Are you kidding me?
And there were dressers that needed
extensive work like this one...
Price check- $129.00
WHAT??? I need one more flipping
dresser or sofa anyway...

So....What did I get?
I bought a skirt!
Yes! You heard that right-
I drove 3000  100 miles to buy
a skirt for $2.99!
Am I going to wear it?
LOOK at this fabric- Will ya?
Do you love it?
It's one of those big full skirts of the 1980's
AND it is Ralph Lauren fabric.
I see some pillows in my future.
If I can drag my butt down 
to the sewing machine
that is.
What was the highlight of the day?
Well....mostly it was driving
1,000,000  100 miles to spend the 
day with these two little
Can you see the eyelashes on 
Thumbsucker #1?
Don't you just hate that?
Imagine those with a bit of mascara on them....
Daddy won't like that thought one bit!
My new name, thanks to BigBoyE,
is Big Banana Head....
must be the hair......
your photo name


  1. What is it with thrift stores lately? I thought the prices at our local Goodwill were high, but the prices you're seeing make ours sound like a bargain...which they're NOT.
    Your little thumb suckers are darling. I can see why they were the highlight of your day.
    Have a great St.Patrick's Day.

  2. Despite the lack of "deals", I'm sure it was worth the mother-daughter time and seeing your little grands. Happy St. Patty's day! We'll be spending our weekend celebrating Josie's 5 year adoption anniversary.

  3. Good morning Diana! You have a full and rich life...look at those two darlings!!!!!!! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for coming by to visit last night! Anita

  4. Hi Di,
    That is to funny. Prices are unpredictable in the thrifting world. Love the fabric for the pillows.

  5. Beautiful fabric! Sorry the deals were so bad. I've noticed all the prices going up here too, in antique shops and thrift stores. At least you got to have a nice day out with your daughter :)

  6. You'd drive 10,000,000 just to get a picture of them.
    That is beautiful fabric.

  7. Well big banana head! LOL I'm glad you didn't buy that horrid sofa! Your RL skirt fabric is lovely! Those are some eyelashes! Your grand kids are precious!

  8. Good Morning Diana, Your cuties would steel anyone's heart even sucking their thumbs. I haven't been to a thrift shop for a long time. Might look around a little more when I have more time. Your new name made me chuckle. God love them and yes we do make drives to see those precious little ones. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  9. Hi Diana, Those boys are gorgeous. I would hesitate to buy anything cushioned...bedbugs...eweeee. Oh course there are cleaning ways to take care of that. Those prices are high. Best you just got that sweet skirt to make some pillow..I would probably use the placket front with the nice buttons also. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  10. Our St. Vinnie's is just as expensive as this one. I don't get it. GW and Salvation Army are raising their prices too high, also. The way I figure it is this ... if I pause and have to wonder whether an item is worth it, it is undoubtedly priced too high. Retailers need to remember that it's volume and repeat business that drives their sales, not making maximum profit on every item.

    Love the fabric on your skirt!

  11. hmmm those are the same prices I find in my area, ridiculous I know!
    Boys are usually the ones with those long eyelashes, adorable!
    Have a great weekend, Nana Banana! :D

  12. I totally agree. Thrift store prices have been insane lately. And the quality is way worse. At least you got time with those 2 cuties!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  13. I am going to have to get out to Goodwill and check out their stuff.

    Your grandkids are adorable!!

  14. Those boys are growing so fast! they are going to be such handsome men & those lashes, holey moley. I haven't been seeing any of those good bargains either-I wonder what's up with that?

  15. Boy they were proud of there prices huh !! Have a wonderful weekend

  16. I see these blogs with treasures they find I get inspired to go... but all I ever see are 100 of those time i got a sugar bowl and I was happy for a month.

  17. Ok the little thumb sucking babes adorable. I hear you on the thrift stores. They have such high prices around here too. Really a t-shirt used they want $4 or more for? I'll just get a new one from Target.

  18. beautiful fabric and beautiful grand babies,

  19. The fabric on that skirt is beautiful, Diana! I could definitely see that on some pillows. I check out the dresses and skirts when I go to GW for the fabric {after I scour the home decor section}. Those prices are outrageous on the furniture! Do you think they wonder why it's not selling?

  20. I'm with you on the thrift store prices! The sad thing about the Goodwill, is that true treasures are hard to find at the stores because they list them on line, or save them for the annual "glitter sale". (I guess that I should not be critical since it all goes to a good cause...)

    Your grandboys are adorable. I detect some silliness inherited from the Madame Banana Head!

  21. Nice bargain. I too think some of the thrift stores are getting greedy in their prices. I love the fabric here!

  22. The outlet stores that are in our area just don't have the bargains that they once seemed to have. Plus, my favorites have gone out of business. I do like the fabric of that skirt, though. Wonderful decorating material! Leave it to children to give you a name you'd never imagined.:-)

    xo Nellie

  23. First of all - those are Montreal prices - can you believe that?
    And second of all I think I had that skirt!!!! Seriously, I think I did lol - wore it all one summer with stilletto sandals - oh boy I'm getting old.

  24. Those boys are beautiful!!!
    Got so wrapped up in memories of my skirt that I forgot to mention that lol

  25. I love that fabric! It will make wonderful pillows. Good find!

  26. Your grandsons are GORGEOUS! What beautiful children! And I know EXACTLY how you feel! One time I drove 100 miles to Hudson, NY to the worst thrift store with the highest prices! I bought ONE glass, lol! Disappointed was an understatement! LOL! I knew the second I saw that skirt it was Ralph Lauren, what beautiful fabric it is! I know you'll make something beautiful with it! :)

  27. LOL Diana at least you will have some beautiful pillows! And those grandbabies make everything worth it! Have a great weekend! Vicki

  28. That's the kind of fabric and pattern I love too. I indulge my love of it in my bedroom where I have about 5 cabbage rose patterns going on. When you're an old lady you can get away with stuff like that!

    Those eyelashes! Let's hope he never has to wear glasses or they'll bat up against the lenses.

    The drive was worth the good company!

  29. Dianna,
    Cute Kiddos!!

    There does not seem to be much in the Thrift Stores here because people usually do not clean out their stuff until the warm weather hits and it certainly is not warm here.. 25 degrees this morning with a wintery mix coming later and tomorrow too..

    I have no idea where Spring is....

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  30. you are so cute...I cannot wait to see your pillows! how about a vest?

  31. I cannot believe some of the prices at my favorite thrift either! Oh the skirt fabric is one of my favorites. I am not sure, but it might be Ralph Lauren's "Charlotte" or similar..I have pillow covers in that fabric. A real deal on that skirt! The best deal of all, of course, was spending time with those handsome boys!

    Flora Doora

  32. I don't get the pricing either. It's outrageous, but I still love to shop at there stores. I mostly look for the stuff that is marked half off. And those two little boys are adorable. I wouldn't be able to stop kissing those chubby cheeks. Hugs...

  33. In Ottawa, there is "Global Village" and the prices are pretty good. I don't know if you have them in the States. Cute babies and yes, those eyelashes! That fabric is gorgeous!

  34. I, too, have found some fantastic fabric in clothing at thrift stores. Especially those old really full gathered skirts. And some of the fabric is washed out which just makes it prettier.

    A while back, I needed some worn denim for a project. I found a pair of men's jeans that were 72" waist. I think I have enough worn denim for a lifetime.


  35. The skirt will make very pretty pillows!
    Your stories up a smile on my face!
    Happy Weekend!

  36. Well, you got to see the grandchildren...btw, that sofa totally rocks!! (...just kidding)

  37. dear bbh,
    that fabric was worth the trip. no wait ~ those two heart breakers were. no wait. the daughter-time in the car with mom was. no wait ~ finding out you didn't even really need to go thrifting for their OVER PRICED nonsense to totally make a memory filled WONDERFUL day that is going to last forever!!! XO

  38. No kidding...sometimes I think people are crazy in what they try and sell.

    Love the skirt. I just bought a full/queen? bed skirt out of that same fabric for $1.99 at Goodwill. Same print but the fabric is lightweight cotton. LOVE IT!


  39. I love thrifting but the thrifts here are out of control. You could get cheaper prices at Marshall's tj maxx. Great buy on the skirt. I would flip that thing on ebay in a second but it will make pretty pillows.

  40. I'm sure your local thrift might have had something cheaper than close to $100 for a skirt (got to add in the gas money to get there and back, you know). But at least you got to spend time with the kids. And I have often thought of putting mascara on my son. Why are the good lashes wasted on the boys?

  41. Love love the RL fabric, good thing I wasn't with ya cause I would have had to wrestle you to the ground over it.

    My little thrifting secret... I got three PB counter stools for thirty dollars each this week.

  42. I"m laughing out loud. It's so good to see you again. (My computer drowned in tea recently and has only just come up for air.) Your little thumb suckers are absolutely precious. I'd take those eyelashes in a second, even if you did call me banana head!

  43. That's one of my all time favorite RL fabrics. In the 90's my bedroom was done in that. It's called Charlotte.
    I still have a few pieces of it, but my mom has the rest. I still love it today. Enjoy your skirt pillows, D!
    Glad you got some baby kisses. ;)
    xxx, T.

  44. I so agree thrift stores have gone way out there with the prices! The SA here where I live are out of their tree! I think they have caught on to the DIY world and they are sure taking advantage of it...Don't go there as often as I use to.

  45. oh you big banana head! what a great way to spend the day.. you may have driven a million miles, but at least you saved money!! those boys are beautiful!
    happy weekend

  46. I've noticed that some too! I think they're onto us! They know that half the stuff we buy we resell, but what they don't think about is the time and money we put into fixing it up. Maybe the economy is just hurting their donations so they up the prices. Still, that's one ugly couch for $200! Glad you got to spend time with the little ones! Hugs, Leena

  47. I bet you would had driven way more that 100 mile to see those two very darling fellas!

    I know what you mean about some thrift shops. Just isn't worth it.

  48. Hey, I've been known to do that too - buy the article just for the beautiful fabric - and THAT fabric really is lovely.

    Darling little thumb suckers. :-)
    Was that West Bend, Wisconsin?? I suppose every river has a west bend.

  49. The fabric is beautiful and it sounds like you had a fun day. Aren't you glad at the end of the day that you didn't BUY any furniture! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  50. OH you make me laugh!! and sometimes pee.

  51. Well those prices are totally outrageous...but the skirt is the perfect purchase. Pillows would be lovely. Those 2 little boys are so sweet. Worth every mile!

  52. Ah sweetie, you loved every mile of it because you were going to see those two little darlings.


  53. Thrift stores around the world must be charging more our are too, all little children have wonderful eyelashes do they fall out as we get older. A friend of mine whose nick name was bulldog had a eye condition and was given drops to help, the drops had a side effect they made his eyelashes grow can you picture a bulldog with long sweeping eyelashes.

  54. I just became a is amazing!
    As for the pillows to be...the back is already there buttons and all! Aren't you smart!

  55. I hate thrift stores like that, we have a couple in town! But the fabric...Skirt..Was a great find and the thumb suckers...Priceless!!


  56. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the prices of thrift stores now! I have done the very same thing you have. What are they thinking? Do you think someone really pays that much for these things? New stores are often less expensive and clean. Love the eyelashes- gorgeous! Two cuties! Have a wonderful weekend!

  57. I've seen some ridiculous prices on Craigslist lately and thought the same thing. I think we bloggers make it sound like all this old stuff is fabulous so now they think it's all worth much more than it really is. I had a friend show me a lamp she wanted in a thrift store and asked me what I thought it was worth. Not much was my reply. Sorry, but the truth.

  58. HI Diana! I'm with you - those things are too expensive. I see that sometimes in shops too. Now your little thumbsuckers - just adorable. I'm giggling at the comment on the mascara. When my son was just so little, I put mascara on his lashes and took him to get his picture taken. He looked adorable! ;)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  59. Wow! They should take thrift store out of their name!!!
    Yes...that skirt would make some pretty pillows. Love it!
    Your grandsons are just the cutest little boys ever, Diana.
    Of course, I say that about my grandsons too.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Love to you.

  60. Wow, those little guys have the most beautiful blue eyes! I would easily drive 100 miles to visit them.
    Our Value Village has really gotten ridiculous in its pricing too. Every once in a blue moon I find something reasonable. That couch looked like it was ready for the dump!
    Havw a good weekend Diana!

  61. Love the skirt fabric and your new name ;-) hope your weekend is a great one, Pam xx

  62. WOW I have noticed these higher prices too and what's up with that? Anyway the fabric on the skirt is gorgeous. What are you creating with it?
    Love the big eyes and lashes on this darling cutie pie. My gosh those dolls are worth the trip.

    Have a great weekend.
    hug, Celestina Marie

  63. Cute, cute grandkids! Why is it boys have the best lashes? :o)

    And I know - thrift stores are charging way too much for furniture and stuff. I seldom come away with a bargain anymore (bargain = great price for a piece in decent, redoable shape). Guess I'm going to have to try to find stuff at garage sales. Oh no! That means getting up early on the weekend. lol. Love that fabric! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  64. I love that fabric Diana! I could totally see it on some pillows. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who seems to strike out at the thrift stores. Those boys are about as beautiful as your granddaughters. Must be the genes! :) Have a great day!


  65. I love St Vincent for the little stuff but they are out of their minds on the pricing on furniture! Get real people!

  66. What a great post..You are too funny..Love the fabric..

  67. love the fabric--it will make great pillows! and how adorable are those two thumb sucking doll babies, big banana head?:)

  68. Goodwill is getting a bit pricey also....that sofa (if owned by you and you tried to sell it at your garage sale) you would be lucky to have someone pay $20 for it.....sorry to hear the girls are sick or was it just Sweet Cheeks that yacked up in your car....nobody yacks more then Miss look at her crooked and she gets sick...I don't even want to think about how many times my WV Bug has had to have the interior detailed....

  69. thrift stores are becoming outrageously expensive!
    cute lil thumb suckers, though.

  70. Thank goodness for good company!
    The thrift shops around here are definitely on to us vintage lovers who are recycling old pieces to make some $$!!

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