Monday, March 18, 2013

A Belated Irish Blessing

I should have posted this yesterday
when Irish Eyes were
all on beautiful Irish things.
better late than never.
I was not blogging
when my youngest daughter
got married 6 years ago.
My older daughter
(who was carrying SweetCheeks
just under her heart in this picture)
posted this the other day
and I just had to share it.
My oldest son is missing from this
sibling picture.
BUT----Here is:
Mama's Boy, Mimi & MomtoSweetCheeks
I wish my father could have seen 
this beautiful  girl.
He would have said she looked like
an Irish road map.
And so she does.
She is Mom to the two thumbsuckers...
They look pretty Irish to me themselves~
Have a wonderful Monday
and I hope none of you drank too much of this celebrating St. Paddy's day.
and...if you did.....well....
God bless your wee headache!
your photo name


  1. They DO look like beautiful Irish lasses Diana!!!
    ( Mama's boy doesn't look Irish - but he's pretty easy on the eyes too lol ) No hangover here! Too busy buying furniture lol

  2. Lovely wedding photo, lovely smiles.
    Is that green beer.

  3. Such gorgeous kids! Such a gorgeous mom.

  4. thanks for sharing such sweet beautiful kids with us. God Bless Them.

  5. Oh, my goodness! What beautiful children and grandchildren, Diana. And you're right: this photo could have been taken at any family wedding in Ireland! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Such beautiful children - all grown up, but still always our children, right? Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. What a beautiful family you have, Diana! Gorgeous wedding picture!

  8. You sure do produce beautiful offspring. And they do, also, so a line of handsome guys and beautiful girls in your future forever.

  9. Good Morning Diana, I loved the family pictures. You have a beautiful family and your two grandsons are adorable. The boys will just grow up much to fast. It seems like a month just gets started and it is gone. They had corn beef, cabbage, red potatoes, and a dinner roll yesterday at the nursing home. The corn beef was really tender. A belated Happy St. Patrick's Day Hugs and Prayers coming your way from your Missouri Friend.

  10. Diana
    What a beautiful family.

  11. What a beautiful family! Those little thumb suckers are the cutest! Yesterday was a grand day!

  12. Your family is beautiful and I agree about the map of Ireland on her face and also her babies!

  13. Beautiful family ... those thumb suckers are adorable!!!

  14. Your girls are just lovely! I didn't do ONE thing for St Pats! I served at a homeless shelter in the afternoon and actually completely forgot until later in the day! Some Irish/Scots/Welsh gal I am...they should drum me out!

  15. A lovely wedding photo, Diana, and little SweetCheeks is there but cannot be seen, the little darling!

  16. Yep, beautiful Irish children.. You are so blessed. You have such a beautiful family!

  17. Your kids are beautiful, Diana.
    They got their looks from their Mom, right?

  18. Diana, I love the Irish look. Your children are a good looking group. Just like their mom , right.xoxo,Susie

  19. That is one of my favorite pictures of the adult children-all great parents themselves. AND I still want BigBoy E's lashes.

  20. Diane you have a beautiful family!
    Oh no drinking here.But we did enjoy watching the Irish band Gaelic Storm coming to us live from good old Milwaukee Wisconsin!!


  21. diana!
    this post made my heart so glad.
    not just because of it's beauty ~ they are ALL beautiful young people ~
    but by the way you so lovingly speak of mimi. your son's wife.
    i had a mother-in-law that i desperately wanted to be close to ~
    especially since i'd lost my own to cancer. that was not meant to be. she could never 'share' her son. she was hateful to me even to the point of it being publicly noticed. so jealous. so sad really.
    if mothers of sons only knew how much it would mean ~ to the wife ~ to be accepted by them . . . and how much easier their son's lives would be because of it ~ because he is the one who truly suffers since he loves both of them ~
    well ~ didn't mean to write a BOOK!!!
    mimi is just a lucky girl to have YOU! xo

  22. I sooooo love her choice of wedding colors. I don't think I've seen the green vest inside the tuxedos. So refreshing - and pretty. I bet that was a pretty wedding. And who doesn't love a little thumb sucker? Those boys are darling!

  23. You have a beautiful family. Love the wedding pic and those beautiful kids.
    Would green tea count? (I do have some in the cabinet.) I did wear green yesterday in keeping with the spirit of it.

  24. Beautiful family, Diana! You are right to be proud of them!

    No hangover here. That just wasn't part of our celebrating this week-end!

    Have a good Monday!

    xo Nellie

  25. You have such a lovely family Diana!

  26. What a gorgeous family you have, Diana! I love all that wonderful red hair and all the children and grandchildren are so pretty. Two of my five grands have red hair. Nowadays, it seems true red-heads are getting scarce, at least that is what I hear is happening statistically. If it is true, it makes me sad. Thanks for sharing this lovely photos with us!

  27. Hope you are having a good day. How are the different shoes working out? Steve headed back to work this morning and I have broccoli on the stove. I think lunch and then a nap will have to do for today.

  28. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing with us :)


  29. you have beautiful children with beautiful smiles

  30. I'm so glad you put these up. Beautiful happy children and grandchildren. I love it when you write about your parents too.

  31. Diana,
    OK I am familiar with all of them except the one on the left - is that your son? You have such a nice family, dear. Ooooooh, green's so cool looking, ya know?
    Love ya,

  32. My mother would say.. "She's a classic Irish Beauty!" she could never say that about me, because I'm clearly from the other side of my family's

  33. What a lovely post! Love the beautiful faces and those little ones and mommy do look so Irish! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  34. The photo of your kids is a treasure for sure...and I laughed again at the photo of the thumb suckers!

  35. What a CUTE POST and what a beautiful family.

    I really love the spring green tie and vest on the groom - that's unique.

    Had a wee pint of the brown ale but never have more than one. Too old, I don't bounce back anymore.

    Hope you had a fun one too.

    Have a fabulous week, Diana!

  36. I am your newest member.

    How was I not before?

    I must find you from other blogs, but now will get straight-away. YAY.

  37. The big kids are as wonderful and good looking as the little ones. I know you're so proud of all of them!


  38. Love these pics Diana. Until reading yesterday's post, I didn't know we both had "green blood"-at least that is what I grew up saying. My four grandparents came from southern Ireland. I had never heard that poem either. Your grands are so adorable and all look Irish. Come by my place tomorrow and see my youngest grand who looks really Irish.
    Hugs, Noreen

  39. Hi Diana,
    You have such a lovely family and you are just the best Nana ever!


  40. Hi Diana, Another lovely post.
    In regard to the comment you left about my clock obsession: I do think that the older we get, the more value we put on our time. The more we want it to count and not be wasted and the more we realize that each and very day is a pure and glorious blessing. We never get it back, once it is spent, but if we spend it wisely . . . we have wonderful memories to hold on to.
    God bless you, and many all your days be filled with joy :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  41. Oh your kids are so cute and they make cute kids too! What a great wedding my Mimi has been busy in 6 years having both of the thumb suckers! No beer here....To hung over from the dress form ball LOL!


  42. Beautiful children and grands! Hugs, Leena

  43. I'd say there are some mighty fine genes in that lot. Being good looking is great but being as full of love as your family is, is even better!

  44. Diana, What a beautiful family! Those cuties do look like little Irishmen. I'm still hopeful for mine! Laura

  45. You have a beautiful family, Diana! I love those blue eyes, gorgeous!


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