Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Habits Are Not Just For Nuns

My daughters tell me that
I am corrupting their children.
I don't know what they mean.
I don't smoke.
I don't drink.
I don't do drugs.
I don't dance in topless bars.
I never swear
okay-I mighta lied about the swear part
but only when nothing else seems to 
work to get MyHero's attention
I don't skinny dip anymore
Ah...yes....it is Starbucks!
Good old Starbucks.
I start them early with
Smoothies and Steamers.
All good for them.
Here is SweetCheeks at 3!
Look how happy SHE is!

Too young to drink?
Well, they can always bite their teeth
on the sleeve they give you with hot drinks.
Here's my philosophy:
Start them early.
Take them often.
It is never too soon to pick up a habit.
And after all,
it beats thumb-sucking!

Ah....yes...for me...It's the
Nectar Of The Gods.
It is my one treat for myself.
I drive every morning and use the
time to reflect on the day and
say a few little prayers for the
kids on their way to school
and the bigger kids on their 
way to work.
It keeps me connected to
the here and now somehow.
So, as you are reading this I am off....
I'll give you three guesses where
I am this morning and the first two
don't count! 
your photo name


  1. My husband and I make fancy coffee at home and pretend it's from Starbucks. Josie's been known to dip her cereal spoon into my coffee.

  2. If you have a bad habit, I guess Starbucks is a good one.

    MY younger son turned 13 last week and he was awake early so I told him that I'd take him to breakfast before school. (very unusual). I told him that I'd take him where ever he wanted, even for donuts. He picked starbuck. He wanted to walk into school with the cup (of hot chocolate)!

  3. How cute are you, and your grandkids! I had to cut back on the nectar myself... For a while, but I do miss the caffeinated calm!

    Ciao Bella

  4. They are sooo precious! Have to have my fuel in the morning...it's the cheap stuff. :)

  5. ROTFLOL OMG.....we are soul sisters!!! Mr. Art @ Home gets very frustrated with the Starbucks habit that the girls and I have.....so he actually bought me a Nespresso on sale Sunday, and asked: "Will you still go to Starbucks NOW?"

    Yes, dear. So sorry, but YES! ;P But maybe not as *often*

    I'm addicted to their Breve Lattes and Cafe Verona (which I do brew at home, too)....


  6. I see nothing wrong with that habit. :-)

  7. Ok, I think Starbucks seriously needs to hire you as their national spokesnana:) Their profits would quadruple for sure! Just look at that stylish pose Sweetcheeks is striking, how cute is that?!

  8. Too cute! Nothing wrong with that habit!

  9. I corrupt mine with chocolate! But - they're now proving that both coffee and chocolate are healthy foods. Did you know that people who drink more coffee have fewer issues with skin cancer. It appears to work kind of like a vaccine. You'd better keep drinking the stuff.

  10. You go Diana! Love me some starbucks too and I didn't get started nearly as young as Sweet Cheeks. She has a great Nana :)

  11. Diana, I used to go to starbucks. It's too far for us to drive for a cup,now. I do love good coffee. I get so mad when I am served a nasty cup of coffee, brewed from floor sweeping. So I make my own coffee every morning. Enjoy your morning brew. xoxo,Susie

  12. Haha. Funny! And I love that first photo. Doesn't she just look like she's full of mischief! What a little character. :-)

  13. Hilarious!!! I'm so happy to hear all the things you DON'T do. ;-)
    Your kids will treasure those moments with you always.
    I allow myself a treat at Starbucks when we go on a road trip.

  14. We love good coffee...but make ours at home! These look so tempting!

  15. LOL I started drinking coffee when I was five.That was way before starbucks.Still enjoy my first cups of the day!

  16. This post made my day! So sweet and funny! Just think, every time your grandchildren walk by or in a Starbucks and get a whiff of the wonderful aroma, they have been conditioned to think of you! Very smart lady... in the USA they will be thinking of you where ever they go!

  17. It may be the secret to Sweetcheeks and her fine wit.
    Just sayin'...
    Now, please go to a donut shop and show me a fresh, hot chocolate covered. I live thru you.
    xo, T.

  18. Starbucks, Starbucks Starbucks.....

  19. SWEET D!
    It's our day to celebrate!

    In honor of our Grandmas and their granddaughters Lynne and Diana...we welcome the arrival of the HAZELnut Macchiato!

    Holland has been sipping steamers in the homeland of Starbucks since she was 14 months old.

    I love your Starbucks ritual(not habit)!

  20. you are one fun lady and I double dog dare ya to come over and skinny dip with me!

  21. In my eyes you are just fine as a Nana. Love that picture of SC. She's got spunk even then. enjoy that coffee.

  22. As long as your praying while you do your habit, all is good!!!

    Since I only like coffee flavored water, their brews are a bit strong for me.

    If that's the worse thing you can do to them, I think they are pretty safe! lol

    Have a great day, you wild thing!

  23. I swear they put something "extra" in the coffee to make it become a habit! I buy the k-cups for my morning fix and usually go get the real deal on the weekends. I have a Starbucks about 3 blocks away, but I tend to want the coffee before I want to get in the car and go somewhere!

  24. I make my own Starbucks as I don't go to work anymore and I want it first thing in the am.
    You are such a delightful lady and I do look forward to your blogs. As for SC any time she gets on your nerves send her to CA so I can spoil her a little LOL.
    Have a super day Diana.

  25. there could be worst habits...as long as you don't load thm up with caffeine...but a steamer never hurt anyone

  26. Hi Diana!
    Now this post made me laugh!
    Make the grandkids feel like a "star" and give them some "bucks"


  27. I'd love to join you for a cup Diana.

    xo Danielle

  28. Where have I been? Leprechauns, court appearances (hope they let you off light), and corrupting minors. Unless, the court case was for corrupting minors with Starbucks? Hope you're having a non-snowy day today!

  29. I started my kids early too Diana the only one who doesn't like that stuff is Victoria, go figure! I keep telling everyone she's different LOL! I love McDonalds coffee and stop everyday for one maybe even two and in the summer I love to get the french vanilla iced coffee. If my son gets his hands on it, it's gone!

  30. Ha..this is too funny! I would fit into your family well..I too am a Starbucks addict. Very cute!!

  31. Hold YOUR HAT sister. I have had a some kind of choc something there from a friend once. I am 45 and never in life have I tried COFFEE> this makes me want to give it a whirl.. GOING to head out and get something with whippy stuff on it .. WILL keep you posted .. YIKES what have you done ... love, and blessings ............The Rusty Pearl ........Sherry

  32. Enjoy that Starbucks treat, Diana!

    Can you believe that I actually had my first Starbucks treat not even a month ago?!? It is a good thing there is not one too terribly near us here!

    xo Nellie

  33. Whatever did you do before Starbucks?

  34. Would you believe I have only been to Starbucks once in my life there are none around here but I often call into our local coffee shop for coffee when shopping, it's always a pick me up.

  35. Does that mean if I lived closer to you I'd be hooked on coffee ( can't stand it - the only person I know that doesn't drink coffee lol )
    I'd be so embarrassed if Sweetcheeks found out - don't tell her please!

  36. You? A bad influence? Never! ;D

  37. I could just kick myself for never having learned to like coffee! I save my coupons to buy Starbucks at the grocery store and even then have to buy it when my husband's not with me as he faints at the prices. But I love the smell of the beans when he grinds them and the pot brews. When our son worked at Starbucks I went some and ordered hot chocolate and bought their CDs and felt so very excluded not ordering the drink that the store was there for. No, you're starting your grandkids right, Diana.

  38. Your daughters should be happy to have you around their girls...( I'm sure they are)..

  39. It's super good, but I had to give up my 5bucks habit. I kicked the can this year and it's gone for good. I've discovered homemade coffee and Cold Stone Creamery sweet cream for my fridge, way less pricey overall and then I don't feel so guilty for my pleasures! Try it, you'll like it!

  40. I think for once I have to agree with your daughters :-)

  41. Diana, we are soul sisters.

  42. I agree!! I stop at Starbucks everyday on my way to work! Starts my day off just right....a nice hot cup of tea!


  43. Well who doesn't love Starbucks?! I like the mocha coffee they serve. I buy the breakfast blend at the store for our coffee maker at home. I am a loyal Starbucks drinker! I see nothing wrong with what you're doing. "wink-wink".

  44. Believe it or not, I don't drink coffee of any kind! I know, I know, I'm really odd. Never have. But, I'm glad you enjoy yours! And I think training the children in the right grandmotherly way is perfectly okay!!


  45. Ah a real Starbucks girl...

    Good thing you have them close by..there isn't one here for miles.


  46. I love Starbucks too, Diana. I go there about three times a week, and get the Cafe Americano - not as strong as the others. I sip on my hot coffee and reflect and pray and think and dream. It sounds like we are on the same page, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  47. I walk down to my Starbucks, 2 miles down and then back, green iced tea is my addiction. If I'm really bad I get the dark chocolate covered graham crackers too! PS I know I saw leprechauns in the distance in Ireland! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  48. Well, it's about time you stopped dancing in those topless bars, girl. I was beginning to worry about you...

    and I certainly know what to get you for Christmas next year: a Starbucks franchise.


    xoxo laurie

  49. Well nothing wrong with that. One of my fondest memories is my mom making me iced coffee as a child. Of course it was only about 10% coffee and 90% milk LOL. Enjoy your Starbucks everyone needs a treat.

  50. Hi Diana, I read your blog this morning, but I wasn't where I could leave you a comment. Grandmothers are suppose to teach the kids different things. I don't know why their moms think we are giving them bad habits. Just doesn't figure, Right. A little coffee won't hurt them. Have a great day. Many hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  51. Besides, isn't that part of what grandkids are for? Little weapons to drive your kids crazy for making you insane all these years? Works for me! Hugs, Leena

  52. That's what grandmothers are for right? Glad you treat yourself to something you love. You deserve it!

  53. Do your thing, girl! But, please don't judge me, as I've NEVER had a cup of coffee...and I'm 31. It smells great, but tastes awful. {I had a sip once.}

    Coffeeless in Oklahoma City,

  54. Sure it's Starbucks today, but what will it lead to? In no time Nana will have them at the track, betting on the ponies. Have you never heard of coffee being a 'gateway' drug? Ok, maybe I have never heard about it leading to anything, but daughters can never be too cautious of wild grandma's. I know mine keep a close eye on what I do!

  55. Diana, if I didn't have my coffee in the morning, I would probably be impossible to live with. LOL Starbucks is awesome and you just reminded me I have a gift card I haven't use yet. Enjoy your day and stop corrupting the children. Your poor daughters! :)

  56. Everyone needs at least one vice to keep it interesting! You and your grandchildren are beautiful Diana!

  57. I applaud you! I did the same thing with my grands when they were small. Strawberry and chocolate smoothies became "habits" for them. :)

    Hey, we tried to do the right things for our kids so spoiling the grands is so much fun!


  58. You are a funny one! I do love lattes! I can probably count on my hands how many of them I've ever bought but I do like them when I do!
    We just got a Starbucks but it's at this big grocery chain over here called Meijers. You have to go in the big store and over to their spot to get one. The parking lot is huge and I find it a big turn off for that purpose. Anyway.... When I was somewhere between 8 and 12 my Aunt Lavina introduced me to my first sip or two of coffee. I didn't exactly embrace it but it seemed somehow fun to do an adult thing! Now I love it! Can't start my day without my coffee!!

  59. Diana, I would love to join you for a cup of coffee. This post is just too cute. You are one creative girl. SC was adorable at 3. How do you come up with it all? I know, real life.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie.

  60. It would be great fun to have a bloggers meet at Starbucks with you!!

    I think of you everytime I pass one!

  61. I haven't had a Starbucks for a long while and my oldest daughter treated me this weekend while we were out shopping! I like their Chai tea hot or cold depending on the weather! But the coffee cake and scones are what gets me into trouble! Hee Hee! Love your photos!

  62. You don't skinny dip ANYMORE? Me either except in my bathtub and nobody wants to see that! I can't say I love Starbucks but my grandkids do. They ask for baby chocolate which are the little chocolate milk boxes. Their mother is like you and LOVES her Starbucks. If she would just stop having a baby every two years she might be able to drink it more often. We're on number 7 now! While I don't do SB's I will say, I start them on Sushi before they have teeth.


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