Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pandora Treasure In A Chinese Take Out Box

Remember Pandora's Chest?
Well, according to the
Greek Mythology
Pandora opened her chest
releasing all the evils of the world....
BUT...what you 
is that when she closed it she left
HOPE inside.

Where did the HOPE go?
Well, at our school fund raiser
that HOPE went right into
these Chinese take-out boxes.
What are you HOPING for?
Well, you are HOPING you win 

MyHero and I sold the boxes for $15 each.
There were only 50 boxes so you had a
one in 50 chance of winning a Pandora piece.
Last year it was a bracelet.
This year it was a Pandora watch valued
at $150.
Inside each box were gift certificates
worth at least $10-
if you didn't win the watch.
The boxes were left on the table 
until all were sold and then all
opened at the same time while
the emcee made the announcement
of the winner.

My daughter, Ms,T, did a 
wonderful job
organizing the school benefit.
A World Tour
They sold food representing each country.
Look where our booth was...
And it was on St. Patrick's Day to boot!
This was Ms T's second year heading it up.
Last year was the largest fund-raiser
they ever had.
We won't know how much this one
raised for a couple of days.
There were all kinds of donated gifts
for silent auctions.
There was a live auction later.
Look at this!
It's a rather large canvas.
SweetCheeks' class made it.
it is made of their thumb prints.
SweetCheeks thumb print is red.
This sold at the live auction part
for almost $1400!
(names are blurred on purpose for the blog)
A great night all the way around.
And this?

Well, MyHero thought he was going to
sell kisses.
He had his chapstick ready to go...
AND his breath mints.
He was a little disappointed that
they put him the Pandora's Box area.
Too bad, buddy!
There's always next year...
maybe you will have your
own booth then.
Meanwhile- you can practice
puckering up!
I'll be in the booth on your
right selling these....
Sign up now, ladies...
you know how long those
lines can get......

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  1. So many great fundraisers! Love the creativity. That thumbprint artwork is fantastic. Congratulations on a successful event.

  2. LOL...

    ... and what a great fundraiser idea!

  3. what a great recap of your event. congrats to the school , it looks like it was a true success! I got a pandora for xmas and just love it.

  4. Awesome fundraiser. A good time for a great cause. congratulations to your daughter!

    The French Hutch

  5. That's an amazing canvas ( the thumbprints ) Gorgeous!
    And I love that bracelet you showed just beautiful.
    Poor John lol

  6. Great fund raiser! Looks like a fun time with lots of good food. Love Pandora, so I'd have been buying chances. :) LOL..too bad your hubby didn't get to man the kissing booth. You're so funny.

  7. WOW! Great fundraiser! Love the thumbprint canvas!

  8. You are a hoot...those monkey lips. The thumbprint canvas is wonderful, so creative! Looks like a very successful and FUN fundraiser!

  9. Wish I had been there! I love the bird of thumbprints!

  10. Great fundraiser! I love that bracelet!

  11. What a great fund rasier!!
    Sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Thanks so much for slways stopping by....Your comments make me smile!!


  12. Looks like FUN! I love events like this! Enjoy your day!

  13. Diana, That was a fabulous fund raiser. I like the boxes with surprises. SC class did a great job on the dove.xoxo,Susie
    p.s. Poor hero and his chapstick :):)

  14. Wow! What a great fundraiser, I,d love to have her here to help with our MS Walk fundraiser! 😉 Love..love..love that thumbprint painting! How unique...just beautiful!

    Great photos...sorry hubby didn't get the booth he wanted!! lol I just love that bracelet...who wouldn't have loved winning that? Wow!! That is amazing!!


  15. Great fundraiser! I LOVE sweet cheeks artwork!


  16. you make me giggle. What a great idea for a fundraiser too. xo

  17. what a wonderful creative event! I love the thumbprint creation,
    thats amazing!
    Your poor Hero, you made me smile ,

  18. What a fun fundraiser and I just love that thumbprint art-very neat idea!

  19. passing this idea on to my baby bo peep!

  20. What a great way to start my Tuesday...I'll be chuckle..ing (is that a word???) all day! Hugs, Penny

  21. What absolutely FABULOUS and CREATIVE ideas!! However, I can't help but feel a bit sad for Mr. Hero; bless his heart!!!

  22. You are just the coolest and the cutest! What a great event, Sweet D!

  23. LOL! Well that is EXCELLENT the fund raiser went so well.

    Love that gorgeous Pandora Box bracelet, it's beautiful!

    I especially adore that thumb print painting the class made, now clever.

  24. Hahaha :) What a great funraiser! The bracelet is beautiful.

    Have a lovely week!


  25. That is a great idea for a fundraiser. I may have to steal a bit of that idea to do one for the youth at church one of these days.

  26. Oh, Diana, I'll remember this blog post forever. Poor "MyHero"! You are so funny! You should be a stand up comic. The poster that SweetCheeks' class made is so precious. No wonder it brought in such a huge sum. About the Pandora box bracelet, it's gorgeous. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of a Pandora's box bracelet until last February. I was invited to this lady's 60th birthday party. I was told she had a Pandora's box charm bracelet. Her son and his wife had a beautiful arrangement mountain of cupcakes with a huge cupcake as the topper rather than the traditional wedding cake. So I gave her a silver cupcake Pandora charm as her gift. Needless to say, she was very happy. It was my first time going to a Pandora store and I was so overwhelmed. I kept telling the clerk that I had to walk out of there with a charm and when he brought that one out, I knew I had hit the jackpot. I knew just how meaningful it would be to her. I guess I was lucky. A charm should mean something.

  27. What a great fund raising idea with the boxes and the Pandora treat! You are so funny!


  28. Your blogs are just a hoot; especially the ending.

  29. Awesome fund-raising event. The artwork is fantastic and so beautiful as is the bracelet. How many kisses did your hubby get? Hope you have a fabulous week Diana.

    xo Danielle

  30. Love that thumbprint art! What a clever idea! It would have been lovely to have one of Pandora's boxes!

    xo Nellie

  31. Diana, you are so funny - I had to give a good laugh at pucker up.
    What a great fund raiser. I hope you made LOTS of money for the school.
    The picture that SC class made is really pretty and what a lovely addition that would make in any one's home.
    Have a greast day.

  32. Diana
    Are you saying you don't want to watch while hubby is smooching other women?
    Wow, you sure have a creative daughter. The fund raiser looks like it's full of fun ways to raise money.
    We all knew that Sweet Cheeks autograph will be worth money someday, but her thumb print now!
    Who knew?

  33. Howdy, wow too much fun! :)

    Great pics too.

    We have been having a wild life here. Troubles still with mom and sis. We are going to get up there about the end o may.

    Mom had to go to the ER then to a nursing home about a month ago. I don't think she will be coming home. Sis is having a hard time dealing with it all by herself :(

    Anyway... take care my friend miss you. hugs Janet W

  34. Thanks for the laugh..Love the thumb print idea..Great fund raiser..Your hero is a big help..better luck next year..

  35. How totally cool! I love that artwork Sweet Cheeks class did! how wonderful that it sold for that much :)

  36. You are so hilarious! How do you get away with it? That sweet smile?
    Looks like a fun event and a great fundraiser. That fingerprint canvas is priceless.
    xo, Tina

  37. Hi Diana, I am doing a little reading this evening. My daughter is progressing and she decided that she is staying home all week. His mom is going to stay with her tomorrow. I loved the picture the kids did with thumb prints. I can understand why it went for money. Pandora jewelry is the going thing right now. I had to chuckle about your hubby. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri friend.

  38. What an awesome fundraising idea! Sounds like a huge success!

  39. Glad you did so well with your fund raiser. Love all the booths and tell that girl of yours I think she is so talented, in spite of her breeding. Bwahahahaha.

  40. Hi Di,
    What a great idea for the fundraiser. And love the Pandora story.

  41. great ideas!!! I know the effort was appreciated!

  42. Kudo's to your daughter for her creativity - great idea, and a LOT of work. I think you owe the hubs an extra BIG smooch since he's rockin' the chapstick. Too funny!!

  43. What a great idea! Our local school just had a basket bingo and raised a boatload of money. I love the idea of donating one fantastic gift. Also, the canvas with the thumbprints.....great idea! Congrats to your daughter on a successful fundraiser. I can imagine what a job it was!

  44. Great fundraiser. Congrats. To your daughter.

  45. Looks like it was great fundraiser! They are so much work but always for a great cause. So nice you guys were on hand to help out! Laura

  46. Hi diana! bet u werent expecting to see me here!!! I was so inspired after talking/emailing with u the other day that I decided to blog again..! I just kind of felt ready and talking to you was the motivation! different blog tho... new and fresh!
    I loooove the idea of Pandoras box!!!! thats amazing! and the thumbprint canvas is so gorgeous! what a great cause! oh, and the monkey!? love it! love your sense of humour!!!!

  47. Looks like it was an awesome fundraiser. You all did a great job! I love the bird made from thumbprints. My daughter is getting married in June, an outdoor rustic wedding set along a lake near here and we're going to be doing something similiar. It will be a tree and the guests will dip their thumb in green paint and make a leaf on the branches of the tree. And sign thier name next to there print. Have a wonderful day!

  48. So many really great and unique ideas for a fundraiser! I especially LOVE the thumbprint art. FABULOUS! Lucky the family that walked away with it. Have a great day!


  49. What a great fundraiser. Your poor hero LOL

  50. Diana
    This just made me smile. How wonderful of a fundraiser. Lol on the chimp!

  51. What a fabulous fundraiser! I'm sure so much hard work went into this one.

    My daughter-in-law is a Pandora specialist and saw to it that my husband and kids started a bracelet for me this Christmas. I love it.

    I have always loved the legend of Pandora and that Hope was there because that's one thing that's so beautiful to me.

  52. ROFL!! Pucker up, baby! What a great fund raiser! I love that picture made from the kids' thumb prints! Your daughter did a fantastic job! Hugs, Leena

  53. Look like a great fundraising event. The food tents are charming.

  54. HAHAHAHA! Great fundraising, Diana! I love the thumbprint art, it gives me good ideas!

  55. What a beautiful work of art SC's class made...and what a pretty penny it fetched!

  56. Great fundraisers! When the kids were at Catholic school the big fund raiser was the Brown Bag Social. People donated various items and they set out rows of brown lunch bags and you dropped your tickets in those to win items! Tickets cost $1 each and were sold in $20 sets. It was great fun and took in lots of money and one year I won a beautiful Native American doll! SHe was splendid! Sigh!


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