Friday, May 4, 2012

Working My Way Through The Yard -Plate Giveaway

Where do I start?
Well, I start with this!
And this...(for refills)
And these...
Whew- Okay these are in
the garage on the counter.
 The hard part
hasn't even started yet and 
I am tired already.
 And this job is 
My Baby.
MyHero does not help here.
Because he thinks 
THIS might be a flower.
He thinks THIS might be a weed..

Yeah...gardening is NOT his strong suit.
Either that or he is smart
enough to pretend he is 
gardeninly (my own word) challenged.
Hmmmm....Probably true but
hard to prove....

This is NOT a very good
before picture but I forgot
to take one before I started
so had to find an old one.
As you can see,
I have expanded the bed and
tied it back to the foundation of the house
with stones that were saved
from the front of the old house.
Pardon the hose..
Water for the new plants.
The box planter is an old
moving trolley that was
used in Granddad AA's
chicken hatchery
to move stuff around.  
I added the box to the 
front of it.

I'm sure many of you know
this old trick.
To make an easy mow strip
without all the digging
I simply lay old shingles down
with about 3" extending from
under the rocks.  
It keeps all the weeds out
of the mowing strip and
out of the rocks.
You can buy broken bundles
of these really cheap.
I turn them upside down
so the color doesn't show.
From a distance you don't 
even see them.
It's an old farmer's trick.

finally we have some
crab apple trees
blooming up our drive.
There was no drive in
off the main road when
we moved in 5 years ago.
We added the trees
the next year.
Love them!
We have to reseal the driveway
this year.
Up close?
Even prettier...
Onto the next project....
Oh, Lawn Boy, Lawn Boy..
Wherefore art thou?
You do THAT and I will provide
Sounds like a good trade
to me!

Two plates left...
1975 girl

and  1980 boy
GONE NOW-Ruth  @
Dian's Timpanalley
(I need your full name and
address-you have
NoReply on your email)

If you had a girl born in 1975 or
a boy born in 1980 these
plates are yours...
first come basis.

PS. SweetTea please contact me.
You have a NoReply on your email
address and your blog is coming
up with an infected warning  and
my computer shuts it down.
You won the 1973 plate but
I need your name and address.
your photo name


  1. Your crab apple trees are just gorgeous. My husband is having 15 yards of mulch delivered later today. I guess with my foot surgery, I'm really off the hook with mulch duty this year. Oh darn (smile). Have a lovely weekend in the yard.

  2. Oh Diana,
    Please don't tell me you have to move all that mulch by your lonesome.
    You will be a very sore gal!
    Love your the trees...gorgeous!

  3. I think it is a wonderful trade. Special Spoke deals with the outside whilst my domain is the inside. The trees are seriously amazing. Thanks for sharing Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. Diana, I love that shingle trick. I have used newspapers under the mulch before. I could use a truck load of mulch now. Yes, I too think husbands play dumb to get out of certain chores.:):)Smiles, xo, Susie

  5. I do believe your hero is smarter in the gardening dept than you are giving credit. Love the planter box...and what a LONG driveway!

  6. I love how you made that bed bigger, Diana. Great tip on using the shingles under the rocks. I wish I had known that years ago when I did the beds at my old house. I will be passing that tip onto my daughter though for the beds at her new place.

  7. I love your clever planter box and you crab apple trees are beautiful!

    I hate to say it, but I think Your Hero is alot smarter than you think! LOL

  8. beautiful yard you have! The blossoms are just lovely, azmazing, I had the same thing happen when I went to Sweet tea, what is that??

  9. The crab apple trees look great along the driveway, rather grand in fact!
    A few years back I had to go into hospital, husband assured me he was looking after the garden. When I got home he showed me all his hard work, he'd been spraying weedkiller! Unfortunately, he also sprayed the newly planted stock I had painstakingly put in just before I left!

  10. I love the crab apples lining the driveway - so pretty! I really love working out in my yard. I'm constantly moving plants around and trying new things. I actually like getting my hands dirty. But the basic maintenance is really too much, so a few years ago my husband came up with the perfect Mother's Day gift - I get a day of clean-up, trimming, mulching, edging, etc... from a landscape crew. One day and I'm set for the year - best present ever!

  11. Diana... this post made me laugh! My husband went out last weekend to clean up the flower beds. He came in and proudly announced that he had removed all the onion weeds from the backyard. I told him I didn't remember ever having onion weeds in the back. He said, "We sure do. You should have seen the giant onion bulbs when I pulled them out."

    Uh huh... he mistook my crocuses and daffodils for weeds. If that isn't gardening-challenged, I don't know what is. This is the same man who weed whacked my clematis last year. God love him!

    Your crab apple trees are gorgeous!!! And, I didn't know about the shingle trick, but I'm going to give it a try. Thanks!!

  12. The trees are so pretty Diana, Stush plamted me one two years ago and I think it's a plum tree:) This spring it had pink flowers on it anyway...I love, love your bike, I knew sweetcheeks would want pink! Really neat Diana!

  13. Good Morning, my friend!

    Your Hero and my Sweetie, they went to the same gardening school. Actually, mine, he really doesn't care! And, his idea of helping is, "call Jose!" His gardener. The part that gets me is I love to work in the yard, and it puts me down faster than anything. So, this year, I'm using pots and had a raised bed put in end of last season - so there's a little to putter around in!

    Love your crab apple trees! They bloom so beautifully! Thanks for the shingle trick - I've never heard of this but sure will give it a try!

    You should be able to get help for your gardening chores with the bribe you posted. Especially since whoever sees them will be able to smell there goodness!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Nana Diana! Will you have your little helpers?

    Owe you a letter, talk soon!

    Gentle hugs,

  14. I did not know the old shingle trick. I wish I had known it. Instead we weed eat. Thanks for the tip, though. If I remember, I'm sure I'll use it someday!

  15. Sometimes it's best to just do the job yourself. Someone is keeping that lawn pretty nice, though. I hope he can tell what grass looks like and takes care of that job for you! ~ Maureen

  16. I had to laugh at your Hero not helping out in the garden due to not knowing a weed from a flower. Yesterday we (as in I and HE watched) planted our herbs. I was looking at the beds and all the weeds that need pulling out. I asked him to pull one little clump of grass growing in one. He questions.."Are you sure this isn't a flower? me..."Yes...pull it" Then he points to my day lilies (they are just green growth as of right now) and says "Grass?" sigh..."No" ;) He gets the veggie garden this weekend to clean up as of right now it's all weeds. ;) Thank you for the shingles trick. I was just noticing all the grass growing out of my rock borders.

  17. Oh that planter box! I love how everything looks! And the trees? SIGH! More than beautiful.

    Until my guy gets OUT of school in November we are just happy to get the lawn MOWED. I try and do the flower thing but alas...I haven't got a green thumb. :(

    You inspire me! xoRebecca

  18. Nice job on your flower bed area. I love beds that are bordered with old stones, and those trees? To die for. What I wouldn't give. Beautiful!

  19. Hi Dianna... I do all of the gardening around here too... that's okay though... Jack walks around with me and admires it... I would actually rather do it all myself anyway... that looks like soil pep to me, my favorite!... or is it bark, I can't tell from the photo... but I LOVE the smell of both of them!... and your cinnamon rolls look delish!... I took TWO, hope you don't mind!... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. Oops, didn't mean to put two n's in your name, I just type really fast!

  21. Diana, You inspire me and you make me laugh. What's better in life? That tip about the shingles is awesome.


  22. Loved your crab apple tress...gorgeous. Are you going to make crab apple jelly with the fruit? If so...I'm in for some! Will you come and do my garden next? Joan

  23. Your Hero isn't weed challenged, he's a sharp old codger, who knows how to get out of work.

    Your yard will be beautiful, but don't let him pick a bouquet, or he'll bring in dandelions and chickweed.

  24. What a post, love it! Those blossoms lining your drive are just beautiful! I love to hear that your Mr. is challenged, mine is too, by choice! Don't think you'll have trouble finding someone to help, look at those goodies! Smart lady!

  25. My son Tobin was born in 1980. Thanks for the tip about tiles keeping weeds out. I am not much of a gardener so I don't know all those tricks.

  26. I love you! Showed DH what you did with the shingles and we are going to do that down the sidewalk under the bricks, cuz he is not so good about spraying when it needs it and now Craig and I won't have to sit and pull those crazy weeds all the time.
    YOU are just priceless!

  27. Your expanded bed looks so nice, Diana. I really like the flowers in the old trolley. Your driveway is sooo welcoming, I'd love to come strolling up it with a basket of freshly baked muffins :). I hope a darling lawn boy shows up for you.

  28. Hi Diana: I've known a lot of old things in my time, some of which could have been farmers, but I never heard of that trick with the shingles. I like it and your planting bed and the crabbe apples are beautiful..Keep Working..Happy Friday..Judy

  29. Love those crap apple trees. I want one:) they look Terrific on the driveway.

  30. Hi there, What a lot of work you've been doing in your yard. I love your driveway and the crab apple trees-we have one and I'd love more! So much dirt-wish you were close to me and we could weed together.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  31. I love it!! I'm so gonna pretend that I have severe gardening issues with my hubby....wait, he'd shrug his shoulders and say...oh well!! {and both the weeds and the flowers, would be left for our enjoyment!!}

    Have a great time gardening!! Your beds look wonderful :)

  32. Wow, sure looks like you have been busy! Are you sure that you don't want to come and work in my yard??? Just be certain to keep your hero out of my flower beds! Love the crabapples, how pretty!

  33. It looks like you have gotten alot done.......until you see that pile. Because f all the rain we have weeds and ground cover taking over. We need a real yard boy.....for sure.
    Love your pretty. Also love all the little things in your gardens.

  34. Good job, Diana! You actually starting attacking that garden!!! Wooo hoooo!!!! As for that mulch.....I shoveled and wheelbarreled and spread TWO trailerfuls (four yards) of it last week. Nope...I couldn't walk the next morning. lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  35. Yuuuuup! Getting mulch delivered here by the cubic yard, too! Plates are cute. My mother has an extensive Hummel collection. She has a few plates like those.

  36. Wow Diana! That yard is BIG! Love what you've done so far! The flower bed, that planter box, and those apple trees are awesome!

  37. Hi Diana,

    Still have those cinnamin rolls??

    I will be right over. Whats your address?? :)

    Your yard looks great. Cool planter box.

    I love your word: gardeninly lol :)

    Have a fun weekend.
    Take care, Janet W

  38. Wow! Nice work! What a beautiful yard, D! It appears that the forecast looks decent for the weekend so Mr D and I will be out in the yard weeding, transplanting and barking.

  39. It looks like you have been doing some back breaking work! I know what you mean about no garden help. My DH is the same. He will do some of the extra heavy digging if I ask him, but he plops his size 12 workboots down on any lily bulb within a 2-ft. radius. Needless to say, I usually do it all myself, too. :)

    Crabapple is beautiful. I should have one blooming soon. Too bad it only lasts a week or less.

  40. great garden pics, diana:) i LOVE the shingle idea--genius! happy weekend!

  41. The trees lining your driveway are beautiful. Thanks for the old farmer's tip. I may try that if I ever dig up some new flower beds. I hope the hummel plates find the perfect home.

  42. Diana, you have been VERY busy with your gardening chores. You have given everything your special touch!
    xoxo Nellie

  43. Lots & lots of hard work doing a lawn and flower beds. I love it but now only have space for some pots. Perhaps that's better for me now anyway. :-) No helper here either!


  44. Lots & lots of hard work doing a lawn and flower beds. I love it but now only have space for some pots. Perhaps that's better for me now anyway. :-) No helper here either!



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