Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheery Cherry And Sharing A Cup Of Coffee And Oh Suds

Wondering what I am talking
about here, are you?
Did you think this was a

Last week I got two  three
(something else came, too)
very special packages
from lovely blogging friends.
I have to tell you 
that I feel beyond guilty
when I am on the
receiving end of things.
Anyone else like that?
A good giver...
A guilty receiver?

I have a sweet friend, 
Jann Olson @
(Don't you just LOVE that name)
She had me a daily cup cuz it makes
me think of STARBUCKS!
Here is what I received from her.
Two beautiful red cups,
a sweet little decanter,
and a small vintage tray.
Is that sweet?
Thank you so much, Jann.
I love them!
It will be fun to have them for
all the RED holidays..
Christmas and Valentine's Day
come to mind-
plus~ we are right next to
Door County the 
Cherry Capital of the USA
and I love all things 
cheery and cherry!

The second package 
was from my dear friend, Mary,
She sent these to me.
She has had a very hard year 
with family health issues and
lots of "things" happening
in her life.  
The fact that she saw these,
thought of me, and spent 
the time, money and effort
to send these along
speaks volumes.
Her note said that 
just because we lived far away
from each other didn't mean
that we couldn't share a 
cup of coffee...
in candle form here.
It smells like a fresh brewed
The little girls will want
these for "tea" when
I have burned the candles.
They are almost too cute
to light up, you know?
Thank you, Mary!
They are just darling and I love them, too!

And...WHAT ask...
Well, my dear old friend, Jettie,
that I knew long before blogging,
Jettie's Ramblings
makes soap.
Yes she does...and it is wonderful.
I think the subtle message here
is to
And if the soap doesn't work to
I think THIS will.
See if you can guess what
is encased in the silver cross
What do you think?
Give up?
I had to ask.
It is colored pencils,
sliced cross ways.
How cool is that?!?!

I am blessed to have made
such wonderful friends along
this path of Blogland.
I hope that you, too,
find a special blessing in your day.
And, although you may not get 
a gift
in your mailbox,
there is nothing better
than the grandest gift of all-
And remember~
as you go through your day
Smile- God Loves You!
And, my parting bit 
of wisdom whimsy is
If you ARE happy..
some of you might want to 
notify your face!
your photo name


  1. Aren't blogging friends the best kind of friends!! What lovely friends and treasures. Love that vintage tray. What a creative/beautiful necklace.

  2. Such thoughtful and unique gifts! Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Blogging friends are the best, aren't they? Look at those sweet gifts, you are so loved Miss Diana!

  4. Diana, You are blessed with many friends. What wonderful gifts. All sent with love. Smiles,xo, Susie

  5. Blogger friends are the best! Such sweet gifts! LOVE that little message at the end too:)

  6. You lucky girl! Enjoy your sweet gifts!

  7. What lovely gifts, Diana! Such a nice surprise to get them in the mail.

  8. They're all so beautiful! You are very blessed. With family and with friends! :-)

  9. They are all such special gifts. Whenever I receive something from a fellow blogger, I show my appreciation through my blog. Just like you're doing now. So stop feeling guilty already!
    Your Friend, m.

  10. Lovely lovely Diana...I am smelling that candle from here!

  11. Hi Diana, what wonderful gifts you received!... I just met Jann recently and I am so happy I did... she lives not far from me by the way and I hope to meet her one day and I would LOVE to meet you too... hmmm... Wisconsin is a long ways from Utah... I'll let YOU make the drive, 'k?... bloggers are the best!... and I LOVE your quote at the end... I will be sure and let my face know I am happy today!!!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I even love my wrinkles... I have smiled and laughed ALOT in my years to get those laugh lines...

  12. Aren't blogging friends just the greatest!!!! You received such fabulous treasures, and love to go with it. Can't do any better than that. Hugs, Marty

  13. Sweet gifts for a sweet person.
    Enjoy your surprises Diana!
    Blove you.

  14. So clever and funny. I do enjoy my morning laugh and my blog friends.

  15. Lovely gifts for a lovely lady!

  16. Hi Diana, Girl you have such wonderful bloggy friends because you are the cream of the crop! So many of us count ourselves blessed by you!
    I often wish I had more income, so I could give more but I know alot of folks are in the same boat.
    Have a delightful day my friend.
    Hugs & love, Noreen

  17. Blogger friends are just the best! Lovely gifts from lovely friends.


  18. Hi Diana, What sweet treasures you have received, love all of them, goes to show that You are the best blogger to have such wonderful blogging friends~ also wanted to tell you how Beautiful the Baptism gown you created is, what a Family treasure to pass down, Little guy CiC is adorable... My kids along with myself (and all the family) wore a gown from 1900 that My Gramma was Baptized in~ today, I think it is stored away, retired for age (too fragile to wear) have a wonderful week ~ xox

  19. What lovely gifts! I have that same red decanter, or at least a similar one. It is an Avon decanter. I love that red color.

  20. Yes, Jann's blog caught my eye as soon as I saw "A Daily Cup." The red set is very nice. Mary is one of my sweetest bloggy friends. I just love what she sent you. Those candle coffee cups are too cute. Her posts are inspiring, and her comments are just as sweet. Our bloggy friends are the best, aren't they?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  21. Oh, this is so wonderful! How nice it is when somebody cares enough to just make your day! You are very lucky to have people like that in your life. I love all your gifts!

  22. How sweet of so many to send you such nice things! I know you will enjoy using those items.

  23. That little decanter is avon. It had strawberry bath bubble stuff inside. My mom had one and when I found one in the antique mall, I had to have and have no idea where it is now. The cups are fireking.
    I got my box, too. Doesn't that soap smell so good? My cross is teal!
    Gotta love that gal.
    Hope you had a good day. Just got up from my nap and hubby here is talking while I type, so guess I had better get off of here and see how his day know how it is.

  24. Those are some lovely gifts, Diana! It is easy to tell that you are a good friend of many.

    xoxo Nellie

  25. Absolutely wonderful! I love all of your gifts...and I love you too.


  26. That sweet post just made me happy and I've notified my face too! You've got some special treasures to remind you of all your great bloggie buddies! Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments you have left for me, it means the world.


  27. You are the sweetest and you are always there for people, deserve these thoughtful gifts! I love them all! :)


  28. You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends. The candles are great. I love anything with cherries and the cross with the colored pencils is just adorable. You lucky duck. Enjoy your new treasures.

  29. How sweet of your friends! I can imagine how your day was brightened by these gifts. I have a feeling you are a first rate giver!

  30. Diana, what wonderful gifts you received. Blogging friends are just the best. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about the christening gown you made. What a family treasure (you and the gown!)

  31. Such wonderful gifts received from blogger friends Diana. You are loved.


  32. I'd say that all
    the love and kindness
    you spread around
    the Blogosphere is
    bound to come back
    to you, in spades!
    Enjoy all the treasures
    from your sweet blog
    friends, Diana!

    xo Suzanne

  33. I agree with Suzanne...what goes around comes around. You give so much love and support to everyone and all your blogging friends love you right back. We are all so blessed to count you as a friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Diana. XO

  34. How well your blogging friends know you to send such perfect gifts! It's so exciting to get a parcel in the mail! ~ Maureen

  35. Very sweet! and that coffee candle makes me want some NOW but it's 10:30 PM ):
    Wait. Just. A. Minute...I have some decaf out there in the kitchen!
    Have a great day! (evening)~TJ

  36. Wow! How fun to get such fun things in your mailbox.

    All so pretty and fun.

    The colored pencil idea is way cool.

    Isn't fun to get things in the mail? Especially unexpected things?

    I am expecting a book soon. It is an out of print book from 1948. Called Treasures To Share. A religion book. I have had a couple copies over the years and I have given them away because they are so good. :) Now I want one to keep. It should be here by Saturday.

    Well I gotta run. Take care, Janet W

  37. WEll.....I am so pleased for you what wonderful presents! I like your end remark! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too. Joan

  38. God Bless you Diana, You are very deserving and are a very special Nana.
    Enjoy thos goodies and post about it when you do.
    Hugs, Ginger

    PS Still in the heartland!


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