Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WHOOOOO Had A Baby Shower

Good Morning!
You DO remember
the rabbit that got loose in
the family, right?
If not..visit here~
Apparently, said rabbit
left this family
than Easter eggs.
We gotta 
coming to bless us soon.

But, first things first,
Baby needs some things.
And how do you get
for a baby?
A Baby Shower!

Here are 
Baby Daddy & Mama-to-be
showing up at the shower.
Do you think that is 
gonna be 
Let's hope it doesn't
have rabbit ears..
just sayin'

Forget about that
cwazy rabbit cuz the 
about rabbits.

Here is the theme
for the nursery.
Isn't this a HOOT?
Mama stayed at
the shower while
Daddy-to-be took off
with all the other Daddy-men.

Guess who came to the 
The three cousins all dressed
in their Derby Hats
 from the previous day.
CharlesInCharge gave
MamaToBe a preview
of what life will be like
in the near future
if Cousin Ria holds him.
There was a onesie decorating contest~
Where THIS ONE...
Was accused by THIS ONE
of copying her design...
Who was accused by 
of copying HER design.
We won't tell you that it was
Auntie Carol that was the 
final accuser cuz we don't want
to embarrass her by letting 
you know she "outed" a 9 year old.

just did her own thing.

Mama-to-be got so many 
wonderful gifts-
Some were funny~
Some were sweet~
I picked this up for her...
It was something she wasn't expecting.
And remember this?
Well, these are the bands on
the valances for the nursery...
and they are not quite done yet.
I need to get them fitted before
I can get a final picture of them.
I will show you that soon.

The shower was a wonderful event-
Thrown by my daughter-in-love's
sisters and family and my daughters.
My youngest daughter
made this cake...
Can you see the window she also
made to hang in the nursery?
Not a very good picture, I know~
It's painted on an old window sash.
All in all,
It was a wonderful day.

And this...well this is 
My friend, Jettie's Aunt
crocheted this beautiful,
beautiful baby blanket and
hat to match.
She is 86 and 
still so talented.
A little closer...
Is this the sweetest thing ever?
Instead of cards we were
asked to bring a book
for the baby.
What book do you think I picked?
Give up?
Do you?
Do you give up?
Do you think it is a mushy,
kissy face book?
This book is one that 
suits my son well.
He will love reading it
to his baby boy.
Sometimes the stars all align
and you just find the
perfect gift.....ya know?
your photo name


  1. Looks like a delightful baby shower. I know you all must be so excited to be blessed by this little boy. Love the nursery theme, the artwork is lovely and that crocheted afghan is a real treasure. Congrats to all! Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Diana, That looks like the best shower.I like the onesie decorating. The baby will get plenty of love. Smiles, Susie

  3. Oh my! You are such a hoot. How about that shawl. Seriously beautiful. Wishing the lovely couple all the best. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. How sweet, Diana! My daughter would love your DIL's nursery theme with those owls. What a great idea to have people bring a book instead of a card.

  5. Do you know I would expect you to pick something like that!! What a wonderful shower and it seems you all had a lovely and funny time. Aren't family get togethers awesome?...and what a cake!! Joan

  6. What a sweet shower for your daughter-in-love! It looks like everyone had a great time. I just went to a shower recently where we had to bring a book instead of a card...I so love that idea. I also love the nursery theme...it's cute & the colors are great!

  7. That looks like it was a fantastic day. The crocheted blanket is beautiful, what a wonderful talent! And what a cake.

  8. What a wonderful day!
    There is so much "made with love" happening in this post!

  9. what a great shower, wonderful theme, lovely colors for the nursery.Thats a beautiful cake as well, thanks so much for sharing

  10. I just loved this post! Everything made me smile! Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  11. What fun! The theme for the nursery is just adorable. Your newest follower.

  12. How sweet. I just love baby showers and babies and all things to do with babies. The owl theme is adorable and the play gym thing is perfect. You were just made to have fifty grandbabies!

  13. Congratulations! "Grands" are simply the best! What a lovely party & wonderful gifts. Loved those Derby hats!

  14. Soon to be 3 boys and 3 girls what will you do.

    Beautiful cake, and the nursery is perfect!

    My aunt is 86, and she loves to quilt and crochet, and loves to make blankets.
    Love you,

  15. What a fun baby shower you all had!
    My youngest daughter did her baby's room in the same owl decor...cute!
    I love the book you gave instead of a card...perfect.
    Now you get to move on to the next chapter..."new baby is born".

  16. How fun Diana!... love all the darling gifts... congratulations on a new sweet little bundle of boy love coming soon!... can't wait to see the valances you make, and the little mobile is just precious!... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. what a great idea to make onesies I love that idea for a party baby shower. your gift looks like it will give many many fun-fun times ahead for baby. and the blanket and knit hat are so wonderful

  18. Exciting times ahead, congrats! The nursery theme is adorable and I love all the fun gifts. xo ~Liz

  19. That baby has great genes already with a Nana who looks like you. Look at your other adorable grandchildren!


  20. Hi Diana, you were right on target with your gift! I haven't seen any of those with owls! The blanket and hat, what a precious gift!

  21. You have no one to blame when you get called a stinky face later on. LOL
    Love that book and I can't wait to see the next stinky face in your family. I am not too sure about owls for a baby, they kind of creep me out. Rebecca collects them and she laughs at me about it.
    The hats look so pretty and I'll bet the girls love them.
    So, when is this boy coming???
    Seems like that girl has been pregnant forever.
    The blanket that Jettie sent your is gorgeous! Her aunt is amazing. I have never seen that pattern before. Something I might try one of these days, if someone on this end would start a baby or two.
    Lovely day here. 70s! Windows are open and a slight breeze, not sure what I want to so today. Inside or out? Maybe both.
    Have a great day!

  22. So sweet! I love that nursery design!
    And I love the crocheted hat. Ocasionally someone will donate hats to the hspital for the NILMDTS sessions and they make such a difference. A beautiful hat can cover a skin tear or some bruising caused by birth. I'd love to be able to crochet like that.

  23. Congratulations on the new baby to come. I love the owls and all the fun decorations and presents. My favorite thing is shopping for baby clothes.

  24. Oh what a fun day, you seem to go from one special event to the next! I love the crochet blanket, I know she got tons of store bought gifts, but ones made with love are so special!


  25. Hi there, Oh the joy of it all! A new grandson-when is he due again? Our girl finds out this Friday if she is having another girl(will be #5)or a little boy. I've got fabric for both and will start designing a quilt right away. Loved seeing the girls with the Derby hats on too-wasn't it a wonderful race; love seeing all the ladies decked out.
    Have a joy filled day Diana.
    Love, Noreen

  26. Baby showers are just the best! This one looks like it was one of pure joy, such happiness abounds! What a beautiful post and what a creative and precious nursery!

  27. How wonderful to be expecting a new little one soon. I love the theme for the nursery and your play mobile is the cutest thing. What a great idea to get the kids involved by designing some new outfits for baby.


  28. OK...how many does this mean for YOU NOW????

    Yeah...I find an antique iron bed and you gets another g-baby!



  29. Oh, Diana, what a beautiful baby shower!!! Congratulations on your new grandson! Such exciting time! It is going to be one handsome boy and I hope he has his grandma's sense of humor and love for life! Great post!

  30. Had to chuckle at the book you picked out! It sounds like a fun shower. How exciting for you to be having a new baby boy arriving soon. Since I have just one son, I am partial to baby boys. :)

  31. I love you stinky face was one of my stinky face's favorites. Even though he is 12, he refuses to give it to his baby cousin.

    Sounds like a lovely shower! All good things to the new baby!

  32. What a wonderful party and such an exciting time for your family! :-) I love the painted window!

  33. Diana, looks like a wonderful shower and that 'onesie' being decorated is adorable. I'm sure everybody burst out laughing when they showed off your "stinky" book! Enjoy.

  34. Oh..everything is just so darned cute! I was tempted to send your post off to my little expectant Granddaughter..but her Mom..my daughter is knee deep in preparing so I am just going to butt OUT!
    Our shower is on June 3rd at 2!
    Our little boy is due July 4th. I probably already told you..aw well..I'm old and forgetful!
    I think we are both dancin' on one foot and another! I'm a very old veteran of baby showers etc..but I just PLAIN get so excited about the whole thing.
    Ahhh..so there are copy cats at showers too, not just on blogs! LOL :)

  35. It looks the the party was fun!!!

    Mommy to be received some very nice gifts, love the blanket!!!
    Your girls sure are cute in their hats.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  36. Hi Diana
    So wonderful to meet you! I am so blessed by so many wonderful bloggers and their kind friendship.
    Looking forward to sharing on your blog as well

    Have a wonderful week

  37. What a great baby shower! I love the book you bought for your son/baby:) Also love the nursery theme and I hope you share the curtains when your done with them!

  38. Congratulations to the whole family! What a wonderful shower. Love the idea of decorating the onesies. But that precious crocheted blanket! My oldest still has the shreds of a crocheted blanket she recieved as a baby. And yes, I mean shreds!

  39. What a wonderful shower! I love that painted window!

  40. Love the Onesie decorating contest Idea...and natures little friends theme...SO, Adorable!
    Congrats to the your whole familyand All the Best Wishes and Prayers, for a Happy and Healthy Delivery!!!

  41. lolol! That must'ave been the "funnest" baby shower ever, Diana! lol! I can't even imagine all the laughs!!! Congrats once again...granny!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  42. What a sweet shower! I love the owl theme! And that baby is going to be showered with lots of love!

  43. What a fantastic shower. So many sweet gifts and I love the owl theme. Decorating the onesies is such a thoughtful and personal gift! The girls must have really enjoyed themselves. Your book is just perfect. What an exciting time for your family.

  44. Oh, I am jealous! A new baby coming to the family-precious. I love the idea of decorating the onesies, and the nursery is going to be so cute. What a nice keepsake the afghan will be!

  45. Hi Diana!
    What a fun Nana you must be! :) The baby shower looked like alot of memorable fun. I really like the book idea instead of cards~a great way to get baby's library going! Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a friend! You are a sweetheart! I'm now following you and will add you to my list!
    xo, Amber

  46. oh happy days!! congrats to all of you. The shower is such a beautiful show of support for a mom!!

  47. What a wonderful baby shower! Love the book!:) What a talent is shown in the crocheting! Just beautiful!

    xoxo Nellie

  48. Well my first message went to message land -

    Oh Diana,

    What a perfect day! Looks like the happy new mama, all the little cousins, Aunties, and friends, and Nana of course, had a marvelous time.

    Little 'Stinky Face' will be well loved by all, and Charles in Charge will have someone he can push around in the wagon or on the trike!

    Happy times!! God bless you all, Nana!


  49. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!


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