Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Boyfriend Got Himself In A Fix

Well, when MyHero found
out I had a
he was not too happy.
As a matter of fact, 
he showed THAT GUY who
was boss of MY LIFE!

He said-
I'll fix YOUR wagon
Things are not looking good here.
I finally convinced him that it
was a platonic relationship
(and it saved him a whole lot 
of work-which was the REAL clincher)
so, soon enough,
he was back with all
feet (or wheels) on the ground.

But, while he had disabled my
I found my
waiting in the dark confines
of the back garage.
He smiled when he saw me
because I had not let him
see the light of day in 
a few months.
Oh- Wait!
The one above belongs to
Julie Marie over @
She's the one that put me
up to this!
Sigh-No...that is NOT
my boyfriend.
This other guy?
It is a clandestine affair, this one.

MyHero said-
I'm going to 
and so he did.
If you asked me-he kinda liked it!

Now you KNOW he has a name.
What is it, you ask~ 
You want to know his name?
His name is Mickey.
Mickey Mantis...
(kinda like Mickey Mantle 
only different)
Mickey has been my 2nd love
for about 15 years.
He always makes me sweat 
when we get together.

I asked him..
Mickey~What would you like
to do today?
He said...
Let's do something for the kids.

How about a pumpkin patch
down by the lower fence?
Pretty, huh?
Pumpkins and gourds
will soon be enjoying the view.
As for me?
I am putting Mickey away 
for a couple of days.
He just plain wears me out!
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  1. I want to visit your pumpkin patch! What a view that is. How could you ever consider leaving it?

  2. You and your boyfriends totally crack me up! I can't wait to see how your pumpkin patch grows. We tried so hard last year and those darn woodchucks and deer weaseled their way under and over our fencing.

  3. LOL! I love the pumpkin patch idea! That's going to be alot of fun.

  4. Cool...a pumpkin patch! That is going to be so neat. I just adore this view too Diana.

  5. Oh my goodness this is sooooo cute! I love your humor! Things are looking beautiful! xo

  6. What a beautiful view, Diana! I wanted to be planted down by the fence! : )

  7. Every gal needs a "boyfriend" or two...

  8. Mercy....I had NO idea you lived by that beautiful water and had that handsome hunk in the back of your garage.
    * gasping for breath here.

  9. LOL Diana, you have me cracking up and spitting my coffee! hahaha What a gorgeous view you have!Ok, you are keeping secrets from us. LOL Do you know how lucky you are? Can I please come live with you? Please!!!!! The pumpkin patch was an awesome idea. Your grandbabies are going to love it!

  10. Too cute Diana!... I wondered where my boyfriend Tom had been lately... hmmm... love your little tiller, yep, I was right on your last post!... I used to till everything at our little farm and loved it!... and a pumpkin patch, how fun!... your place looks just beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Diana, Sounds like you have had one of those days ...that the next day your everything can hurt:):) Well that's what I tell Teddy Bear.:):) Funny how one of those little tillers can put a hurt on you, isn't it?? Looks like Hero is a Mr. Fix-it. Love those guys. Smiles, xo, Susie

  12. I want to borrow Mickey Mantis please...
    He'd be the perfect hunk for me, lots better than that 8 horse hog I've had for 33 years...I pieced him together in the kitchen floor, while the other 'boyfriend' was at work.

  13. WOW! What an incredible view those pumpkins will have. How did I miss that view before? I'd get no yard work done because I would be planted in a chair just watching the water.

  14. Greetings my dear friend, what a sorted life you live. Be still my heart you are planting my all time favorite "Pumpkins". Your view is spectacular how can you bring yourself to leave it. I must confess we both shared a secret live with Tom. Have a wonderful day, Kathy

  15. You are adorable, I love this post, and I love your pumpkin patch. What a view you have in your garden too.


  16. LOL! Love it Diana! I have to say, Tom's not a bad imaginary boyfriend, either. Hey, if you close your eyes, you can pretend! :) Have a wonderful day!

  17. Hey no ....wait just a minute! Tom is my least that's what he led me to believe all these years since Magnum P.I. His photo is still on the fridge signed with great big x's and o's. ..... hehe

  18. Well, now we know you're a blonde bimbo. 2 boyfriends? Mickey kind of makes you a lose woman. The shakin' you all apart kind of lose woman.
    I have wondered how one of those little ones would work.
    Thinking about getting the kind without a motor again. Had one years ago and the kids wore him out.

  19. You always manage to give me a smile to start the day, Diana! Such hard work you have been doing, too! The pumpkin patch will be fun for the children.

  20. You have too many boyfriends. I know the one, he has aged a bit since that photo was taken. My mum liked him I got a little bothered while watching William Levy on Dancing with the Stars - whoooooh!

  21. You'll be so glad of that pumpkin patch in the fall, when you have lots on hand to decorate with. What took you so long to share your amazing view? ~ Maureen

  22. Wow Diana! A pumpkin patch is so fun! But that view is amazing!

  23. Your view is gorgeous, and I have turned greener than your wagon with jealousy!

  24. Pumpkins and gourds - oh yeah! And a girl can really never have too many good men in her life!

  25. Your so funny!! I love the picture with the lake in the background. I am a sucker for water! Have a great day. Hugs, Teresa

  26. you made me laugh so hard this morning, I can't wait to see the pumpkin patch!
    Don't forget to have the grandchildren scratch their names in the small pumpkins because their names grow along with the pumpkins,

  27. I need a boyfriend like that!


  28. You know, Nana, I wouldn't be teasing your Hero like that with dirty garden tools. He just might end up with a cheap hoe himself!

  29. Hey girl, You make me laugh every day I visit. I sure love your view and the view of Julie Marie's guy(lol) makes me drool a bit. Have a wonderful afternoon.
    Hugs today. Noreen

  30. How funny! I definitely think you've proved that it's too much work to keep up with an extra 'man'! heehee! What a view! WOW!

  31. No wonder with all those boyfriends! It must be a job to know who's doing what and as to keeping them apart....fat naturally migrate together! Joan

  32. Hey Mickey, your so fine.......
    A pumpkin patch will be fun. They take up alot ot room. Might was well plant some watermelons, too.

  33. I am SO impressed! What a popular gal you are. I have some boyfriends just like that, but they are.. VERY OLD, like me and to tell the truth...just plaid dirty old guy...

    But they were really HOT when they were young. Now we seldom get together...both ran out of gas, I think!
    Hugs!! :)

  34. It seems so early to be thinking about pumpkins but come this fall the kids are really going to enjoy carving those jack-o-lanterns. I love the view you have from your garden Diana. Beautiful.


  35. Whew! that guy would wear me out, too! Pumpkin patch sounds like fun.

  36. Whew! that guy would wear me out, too! Pumpkin patch sounds like fun.

  37. What a fabulous view, Diana! I'd enjoy that slice of heaven every second of the day and night! A pumpkin patch sounds terrific and what a boyfriend gf! Or is it more than one??

  38. What a fabulous view, Diana! I'd enjoy that slice of heaven every second of the day and night! A pumpkin patch sounds terrific and what a boyfriend gf! Or is it more than one??

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  41. Blogger is driving me batty! First, it makes several comments, then when I delete 1 (just ONE), they're all gone! :/

    Anyway...I love the idea of a pumpkin patch! Can't wait to see it in the fall ~ my favorite season. The view is awesome too.


  42. You do remember that that's MY boyfriend in the back of your garage that I LOANED you last year, don't you....? When you're through with him, please send him back to this side of the lake. (hehehe!)

    I adore my Mantis, too, D! That baby eats up and spits out dirt like nothin'! :) Good luck with your pumpkin patch!

    xoxo laurie

  43. You have a knack of making us smile! Loved your story!

  44. What a treat it is to come visit you and your Boyfriends. I am still feeling a are so much fun....Now about the View:)it is do have a sweet world. I am so ready to see Pumpkins...not yet!!! I just have to think has been a long cold winter. From one girl to another, are you sure their aren't a few more Boyfriends wondering around your place???? Hugs, Mary

  45. made me laugh...i think you should keep the one that fixes all the stuff.

  46. Your boyfriend is a "looker" - does this make you a Huzzy? ;-)

  47. You're too funny! But - I hope your Hero does fix that ole boy's wagon! It looks seriously broken!

  48. LOL Good one Diana!!! I LOVE your boyfriend...especially the second one ;) THIS IS YOUR VIEW?!! WOW! It must be wonderful to come out here and sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a glass of wine in the evening....just GORGEOUS! Looking forward to seeing how your garden grows ;) Have a wonderful day! Maura :)

  49. I don't know, Diana, I think you need a boyfriend (or two) that wine you and dine you a little bit. What fun you'll have with your pumpkin patch--totally LOVE the view!

  50. Hilarious! What a neat view of the seaside... I didn't know you lived on the water!

  51. You had me going back through your old posts, getting the scoop on this boyfriend thing you announced boldly to blog land...Glad it's just another JOHN!LOL


  52. Wow, what a view your pumpkins will have. Incredible.

  53. LOL! Great post and wonderful wit! You have great boyfriends, I must say!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ


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