Friday, May 25, 2012

Beautiful Bardot Bites Bricks

Well, I should have said
bites the DUST but I
was kinda on a 
B Roll there and
couldn't seem to stop myself.

I know how y'all love those
So-here is one for you...
Look what Mr. Wind 
(rhymes with sinned-not kind)
did to poor, poor Bardot
(remember Bar-DOH-not BarDOT)
This is not the first fight
I have had with him.
He is a tricky devil.
One time he even blew my
dress over my head...
or it might have happened
twice-but we won't talk
about the second time because
I was on a date- Let me tell you-

Anyway, no matter where
I move in the country 
Mr. Wind
seems to follow me
and tries to 
"get me".
Sometimes he misses
me and gets my friends....
like Bardot.

She was crying when I picked 
her up- she had spilled her
pretty posies and
she was a hot mess.
I told her we would 
fix Mr.Wind-
and so we did!
She is staked and leaning
against Mr.Maple.
I trust him and know that
he will never let her down.
That meant that I had to move
my angel and my lavender chair.
The chair went back a bit
and is now in a new place.
I am developing a
back there.
'Course if I show it to you
is it really SECRET anymore?
Just wondering...
The chair has been moved
back even further since this picture.
And there are some more of
those hostas that I transplanted.
(kind of behind the bike)

This little passageway goes
around on the South side of 
our house and leads past the
air conditioner (hate the look)
and if you keep going
you end up at the playhouse.

There's an arch there...
you can barely see it hidden
under the evergreens
And behind that is the 
deck off our dining room.
A deck that needs a good 
Spring Cleanup.

So-here's the deal.
I will get the soap and water.
You rest your eyes a bit
and tomorrow,
if you don't take the 
A-train to NoWhere,
I will show you that
deck-clean and dressed
for Summer....
if I can put down my can
of Pringles  and get at it.
Happy Day To All~

ps...Only 7 months until Chistmas!
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  1. That wind was strong yesterday! I'm glad your bike survived and has a new, strong friend to protect her :)

  2. Mister Wind was a bit nasty here, yesterday, too. We will wish for him to come back soon, though, when the heat gets here full force.

  3. Mr. Wind is a Meanie..

    looks pretty where you moved it though..

  4. She's looking good in her new home, Diana! Glad to hear that you staked her up. And I can only imagine how fun it must be to have your dress blown over your head, on a date, no less! Oh, and I love your pretty blue chair. Your gardens are all so pretty!

  5. The wind does strange things to our minds, too! haha! But you've found the perfect spot for everything and today is a new day! Of course, I'm a little concerned that you're counting down to Christmas! heehee!

  6. Mr. Wind paid us a visit and flipped my hammock! What a badly behaved guest! Have a wonderful weekend and keep counting those days until Christmas.

  7. Poor, poor Bardot. She looks good now though. Can't wait till you get that secret garden going. As for the deck, you've got lots of time.

  8. NO you didn't. You mentioned the C word? Girlfriend!!!! you are really taking risks with that!

    We stake down husband would prefer nothing in the yard....and just cement...but, uh, NO!

  9. What a beautiful bicycle. I adore the white with the basket of pink flowers.

    It makes such a lovely picture.



  10. What a beautiful bicycle.

    I love the white with the pink flowers in the basket.



  11. So maybe Mr. Wind is not such a bad guy... he's giving you another idea for your garden. He's a typical man though... his ideas are "better". {saying that with a cheeky grin!}
    The secret garden is going to be fabulous. I just might have to pull my bike out for this weekends party and put flowers in the basket with lots of flags! xo!

  12. I'm so happy to know that Miss Bardot will never succumb to the enticings of Mr. Wind ever again, he is just so flighty and unpredictable. Being attached to a man with some roots is a good thing!

  13. I would get a bungee cord Diana, and put it around the tree. It looks so cute!

  14. Diana, So sorry about Bardot but she seems happy in her new home. I bet your date didn't mind at all your dress blowing over your!

  15. I love leaning tree Bardot!
    Have a nice Holiday, Sweet D!

  16. Poor girl. Glad she is ina safer place.
    I knew that my trike would have some trouble as well. A little 4 year old CHina Girl tried to ride it out of the garden with flowers on board. I knew it. It's funny how you can read their minds.
    Have a happy Memorial Day. I am off and away and couldn't be happier.

  17. Oh Diana, I am so sorry about your wind... and your gorgeous bike... I am thinking of taking a mini blog break... last night we had terrible winds, we get almost hurricane force here, and my beautiful garden is a shambles today... my gorgeous Delphiniums snapped right off at the ground... so, I am in the garden all day... trying to salvage what I can... I guess that's what we gardeners do, huh?... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

  18. We have issues with Mr. Wind, here, too! But - the bike looks great by the tree.

  19. love the bike, wind here in ND is a major problem too, I am still picking up pieces of a gazing ball that got sacked last Memorial Day weekend with over 100 mph winds! good grief!

  20. hehe! Poor Bardot! But you know what! I kind of like it better leaning against the tree!

  21. We've been battling "Mr. Wind" here, too. He took down three trees this week--and they only missed our house by mere inches...

    Your garden is lovely, by the way :)

  22. Poor poor Bardot. I am not a fan of Mr. Wind either. He's trashed and destroyed many of my treasures too. I'm glad she is safe now under that big handsome tree. May she live long and enjoy the shade.

  23. I just love how you blamed the wind for your dress flying over your head while you were on a date. Did you parents buy that story?

  24. So sorry but I think that you came up with an even better place...she looks a real lady there. Have a good weekend. Joan

  25. I am so glad you moved the bike to a safer place-much too cute to let the wind destroy. I will say I think he has moved here to Colorado-it is so cold and windy today plus looks like rain....yuck. I do hope you'll show us your secret garden; my friend you have a wonderful way with your design of your yard. Have a splendid day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  26. I'm glad you got her secured now, she must be good friends with Mr. Maple! You do put a smile on my face Diana:)

  27. That wind can be fierce, can't it?? Oh that date, humm...good story funny girl! I do like where you moved the bike!

    Love dropping in to see you, you always make my day!

    Have a great weekend!


  28. Diana, I have a fight with Mr wind everyday! I even had to use industrial strength Velcro to keep my mats on the porch table! LOL Got tired of chasing them all over the yard! Your bike looks so pretty by the tree! I can't wait to see your porch all decorated! Let go of those Pringles and get to work! LOL

  29. Oh Yes I have heard many a rumbling about" Mr Evil Windy" yesterday from my friends and relatives in the Wisconsin State. some had no power too and were missing the good ole " Mr A C " I am glad you have saved your pretty Bardot. The secret Garden will be fun to do. So good luck with that big project. What a wonderful yard you have.I adore big evergreens like that you have. My guys are all on a trip camping and I am painting and napping with no interruption all weekend Heaven !

  30. Sorry about the wind! Your yard is very pretty. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

  31. Sounds like you need to tie her down. Wind plays havoc everywhere. I put my patio table and chairs out yesterday but did not add the padded seats because up came a big rain storm and what a blustery day. I knew it was too early yet.

  32. Darn that wind. I think he's just a big blow hard! So glad that BarDoh is doing okay. I'm glad that you wiped the tears from her face. Exactly where is a face on a bike? lol! I'm sure that her and Mr. Maple will be great friends. I can't believe you said that about Christmas. Guess what? I bought some Christmas decor today. Ha-ha, who knew?

  33. Diana, it has
    windy here,
    too! Today
    is the first
    day we have
    had some
    peace from
    it all week.

    Glad Miss B.
    is safely put
    under the tree!

    xo Suzanne

  34. Behave girl, too hot to think of Christmas.:):) It's going to be too hot to do much of anything but sit with a cool drink. Don't over do if you work outside this weekend. Smiles, xo, Susie

  35. Get out of town!!!! How DARE you mention Christmas NOW, you rebel rouzer, you!!!! lol! I hope you were able to put down those chips and get that deck lookin' all pretty. Your yard is really nice, Diana! Love that arbor between the pines!

    Now...promise me no more talk of Christmas....ok?

    xoxo laurie

  36. Oh, no! Poor Bardot! What a tumble! Mr. Wind interferes with our best plans.:( You have worked hard.
    Enjoy the week-end!

  37. LOL...funny story, or rather....the way that you told it! How bout tying her up to the tree? xo, Janet

  38. First time visiting your BLOG!!...LOVELY, just like you! Glad BARDOT is going to be JUST FINE..all prim and proper, but the story about the dress over the head!!?? Too FUNNY! I will be following...from one sweetie to another....Roxie

  39. Nana - - - CHRISTMAS ???? Girl, are you nuts? Crazy? Loca? Off your rocker? Can't we please have the 4th of July first??

    If you show us a Christmas Tree tomorrow, I'm going to have to call Sweet Cheeks and tell her to get Grandpa Hero lickity split! Call the whambulance! Holy cows, Lady, Mr. Wind really got to you!

    Oh, without you my friend, life would have no laughter! Love you!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  40. I am glad that she is alright. Looks very pretty there with Mr Maple.

    Your yard looks lovely. :)

    Have a great weekend my friend.

    Take care, Janet W (hugs)

  41. Oh and I wanted to say something else..

    CHRISTMAS?? LOL My favorite time of the year.

    How funny that you mentioned it..and so the countdown begins. LOL

    Byeee Janet W

  42. My metal bike (I call her Juliet!) fell over this spring. guy STAKED her to the ground with wires. I got tired of my make-shift fixer-thing so it did something permanent. Only trouble is now I need to give Juliet a repaint and she's all wired up.



    Christmas? I'm skerd!


  43. I suspect Mr Wind was just being plain spiteful because Bardot isn't interested in his blustery ways. Mr Maple looks to be far better suited.
    If you let me see your secret garden I promise not to tell anyone.

  44. Poor girl. At least you got her back up and dusted off. I'll be waiting for a peak at your deck. We're re-staining ours this weekend and I'm in the mood to do something funky with it.

  45. I thought you weren't supposed to mention Christmas until at least July!!


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