Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Day Tribute

You know Mother's Day is a special
day for many people.
not everyone was blessed to have
a wonderful mother.
To them, Mother's Day is a mockery,
an injustice because of
 all the hurts they
have suffered.

Blogging is not all sweetness
and light.
There are deep, dark pains
that hide beneath some of
the smiling faces...
aches that are too
deep to share with anyone.

I think this piece I wrote
addresses both sides of the

Mother's Day

Some of us have been blessed with wonderful Mothers.
Some of us have Mothers that were not quite so admirable.

Some of us have Mothers that praised us and adored us,
Some of us have Mothers that never said a kind word.

Some of us have Mothers that loved us unconditionally.
Some of us have Mothers that loved us only
if we met all her expectations,
and even that was not enough.

Some of us have Mothers that smiled readily.
Some of us have Mothers that never found much to smile about.

Some of us have Mothers that~
whatever we did~ it is more than they hoped for.
Some of us have Mothers that
no matter WHAT we did-it was never 
"quite right".

Some of us have Mothers that had a charmed childhood.
Some of us have Mothers that were raised in pain & shame.

Some of us have Mothers that
 need us & want us in their lives.
Some of us have Mothers that are needy
 and we seldom see them.

Some of us have Mothers that complete our lives.
Some of us have Mothers that
leave us aching, wanting and empty.

Some of us have Mothers that stand
on this side of the Great Beyond.
Some of us have Mothers that have passed
 over this earthly barrier.

Some of us will emulate our Mothers.
Some of us will vow to never be
anything like our Mothers.

Some of us are happy and fulfilled,
no matter what kind of Mother we had.
Some of us will never be happy
even if we were nurtured by an amazing Mother.

Today I am blessed to be a Mother.
My daughters are blessed to be Mothers, too.
Today I vow that I will be
the best mother (and grandmother) I can be.

Today I vow that I will love
as deeply as I can those that share my life.

Today I know that I am blessed indeed~
Today I hope that you find blessings
in your own life-
and love your Mother
even if it is just because she gave you life.

~Happy Mother's Day from Me to You~
©Nana Diana 

ps...Our baby CharlesInCharge is
being baptized today..
in the heirloom gown
that I made...and will show you
more of later this week.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Diana. Great day for your family with the baptism. Enjoy your day and your family. You are blessed.

  2. And what a blessing you have in your dear family and they in you! Happy Mother's Day, sweet Diana!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Diana. I loved your poem. I hope all of you enjoy this beautiful day. xo, Susie

  4. happy mothers day! that was an amazing poem, very different from any I have read today, you did touch both sides of the coin,

  5. happy mothers day! that was an amazing poem, very different from any I have read today, you did touch both sides of the coin,

  6. I am blessed with an amazing mother and had amazing grandmothers who I miss so much. Have a great day Diana! I'm off to see my mom and then my mother in law today. Xoxo

  7. What a great post! It addresses both sides of Mothering but doesn't let anyone make excuses. Enjoy the baptism today and enjoy that baby dressed in the beautiful christening dress you made.


  8. I had an amazing grandmother who loved me unconditionally. And a wonderful aunt who has shown me what a wonderful mother she would have been, had she had children of her own. Sometimes God gives you extra mothers, and I am blessed.

  9. Beautiful post and so true. Mothering is one of the most difficult jobs out there. All we can do is our best. Happy Mother's day. Patty

  10. Nana...thanks for the lovely post. I know you are right....I pray I have been the kind of mother that will be remembered for the good things we've shared all their lives. I didn't have the chance to have a grandmother...both died before I was born. I strive with every thing in me to be a good grandmother to my 10 grands and little single great-grand.
    Wishing you the BEST day....
    xo bj

  11. Perfectly and beautifully said, Diana! Everything I learned about being a great mom, I learned from mine. ;) (I think you know what I mean). Happy Mother's day, sweet friend!!
    xo, Amber

  12. Happy Mother's Day Diana! What a perfect day for a baptism!

  13. What a special day for a baptism of a special grandson!

    I truly love what you have written about mothers. I was blessed to have one that exuded love, gentleness, and kindness. She has been gone since 1983, and not a day goes by that I don't think of her. She was only 74 when she passed.:(

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Diana! I believe you know what it means to be a good mother/grandmother!

    xoxo Nellie

  14. The words of the poem are so true. It's sad that many women don't realize what a blessing it is to be a mother.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

    And I hope you're taking lots of pictures of Charles to share with us later.

  15. You did a great job of acknowledging that not everyone had a great experience, growing up. I was one of the lucky ones and I appreciate that more than ever, now that mine is gone. What a wonderful day for a christening! ~ Maureen

  16. Sadly this is so true. My heart breaks for those that have not known what I had with such a warm and loving mother and father.

  17. Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend!!
    Very poignant post. Love it...
    and you.

  18. Happy Mother's Day, Sweet Diana!

  19. You covered everyone except those lonely women who have never been able to have a baby but so desperately want one and those who never married or had a child.

    I think that most of us try to be the best mother that we can and sometimes, we fail but we tried. My grandmothers have a special place in my heart and now I am one. I hope to leave my grandchildren with a special place in their hearts for me.

  20. Happy Mother's Day to you, Diana. Your poem is lovely, and very touching. You are so talented!

  21. Happy Mothers Day, you are so right. I'm lucky to be blessed with a wonderful mom.XO

  22. Blessings to you this Mother's Day.

  23. What a beautiful piece, Diana!

    A perfect day for a Baptism! I look forward to see the entire gown, oh I imagine it is absolutely beautiful! And, I am sure you have a lovely story behind it which you will tell along with the pictures.

    Happy Mother's Day, my friend, to you and to all of your precious daughters (in that I always count my in laws) to all who read your blog!

    God bless,

  24. bittersweet post....I am thankful for my mother and the time we have...but I also understand your determination to be the mother you are called to be.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  25. Wishing you a very Happy Mothers' Day, Diana.

  26. Beautiful poem and so true. I was blessed to have a mother who was wonderful, not only to her eight children but to all of our friends who needed a caring mother. I miss her and I cherish what she gave me more than ever. Happy Mothers Day Diana.

  27. Amazing to share...some of us wanted the perfect Mother, but never really found a soft place to land...Love, Mary

  28. Happy Mother's Day, Diana! To the sweetest Mom/Nana/Friend ever! Hope you had a wonderful time at your dear geandson's baptism. thanks for showing the flip side of Mother's Day. It's not always such a great day for all of us. Love you lots! Finally made it into MI, crossed the state line awhile ago:)

  29. Very true words, Diana. It is easy to forget that the world can be a dark and sad place for some. I hope they all have the way to find themselves back to the light, and you have a great way of helping them, and all of us too..Hope your day is the best, dear friend..Judy

  30. Ah, you are so right! I KNOW you are a great Mom, enjoy your day and the baptism, I can wait to see the gown


  31. Beautiful post, Diana
    I was Blessed to have a Fabulous Grandma & Mother (both in Heaven)... I pray that I will Always be a Kind & Loving Mom & Grandma... My daughter is also a wonderful Mom, I think My Grandma & Mom had alot to do with that too...
    We Are Blessed!

  32. beautiful post, diana:) hope your mom's day has been wonderful!

  33. Happy Mother's Day. How sweet, you made the gown. I can't wait to see it up close.

  34. So true Diana, My heart aches for those who did not grow up with a loving mother. You put it so well. Often because of our wonderful childhoods it's easy to forget that there are those who would like to forget theirs. I truly feel blessed as you are! Congrats on the baptism. What a perfect day!

  35. The gown looks beautiful Diana! Just came home from our Mother's Day cookout, I'll post a pic tomorrow of me and the grands!

  36. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love, sandie

  37. I read through the comments as I was anxious to see how your words were received. Only Shop GIrl hinted that her relationship was a little least I think. I think alot of the others have not experienced the flip side of wonderful mothers. I am always reluctant to mention that my relationship with my Mom is so strained. I love her because she is my mother but it is so hard. Harsh comments, always being second best, and on and on. Yes, I am thankful that I still have my mother but all the hurt and pain through the years sure is hard to forget. I do believe it has made me a better mother. I am careful how I judge, the comments I make to my children, loving all my children the same.
    So glad you posted this as you knew I would be .

  38. Hello Diana... what a heartfelt post for Mothers Day... I am very blessed to have had such a loving family and happy childhood... I just lost my mama much too young... I hope that those who were not so blessed will still love their mamas though... one never knows what one has gone through that makes them the way they are... I shall pray for them... I hope you had a most beautiful day... and I am sure the baptism was lovely... looking forward to seeing the gown you made... xoxo Julie Marie

  39. Even never having met you I know without a doubt you are wonderful person and therefore a wonderful mother. Hope your day was spent with those you love. The baptism gown is stunning. Can't wait to see it with a baby inside!

  40. A post to make one think and be grateful for what they have.

    And prayerful toward those who have not.

    I hope you have had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    Beautiful gown.

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  41. What a great poem, Diana! So true!

  42. Hope you had a great Mother's Day, Diana! I know someone who had a horrible mother and it is so sad. I'm thankful I had a wonderful mom!

  43. Beautiful post, sweet are right; it's easy to believe that everyone had a wonderful mother, but I know it's not always the case...I hope I've created good memories for my children and grandchildren...♥♥
    Hope your day was beautiful! Can't wait to see the gown!

  44. Diana, this was just beautiful and so true. So much insight into the intricate relationship between mothers and their children.


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