Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

I know many of you come here
for your morning smile
but today is just a
bit different.
I have never done this
before but I was so 
touched by this
video that it
brought me to 
If you have a moment
to watch it I think it 
is something that will
touch your life.
God bless each and every
one of our service men 
and service women
that so willingly
give their all so 
that we can be free.
God Bless You
on this
Memorial Day.

Also, if you weren't here yesterday
please read the next post down
and go visit Laurie!
I also wanted to add that Laurie will
not be able to visit your blog daily
and/or comment because of
her limited vision...and she has some
really BAD days with sight.
However, she will be visiting you
in spirit each and every day.
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  1. This is such a touching song...I end up crying every time I hear it. Thanks is not enough to say to the ones who give all...or the ones who bring them home.

  2. So beautiful and touching. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  3. I come here not just for my morning smile, but for how genuine and sincere you are every day dear Diana... thank you for this post... and for honoring all of our service men and women this day... I notice many blogs do not even mention any of this, and for that I am sad... we need to remember this day for what it really stands for, not just another "fufu" blog day... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. A wonderful tribute to those men and women who walk a special path everyday.

  5. well I'm typing through tears, first because of the heart melting video and second you are just so kind, you are one of a kind ,

  6. What a beautiful and touching tribute, Diana..... Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your tribute, Diana...

  8. A beautiful tribute, Diana. It's so deeply touching!

  9. Lovely tribute, moving ...

    Please pray for those that are serving our country & those that have gone before us.

    TTFN ~
    Happy holiday weekend ~

  10. A very touching post, Diana. Have a good Monday!

  11. Diana, O.k. girl you got me crying here-so incredible touching; I hope you don't mind but I'm going to post the utube today and also share with some friends who served us willingly.
    Sending love and big hugs today.

  12. I tried to share this on FB this morning without success. It's beautiful, Sweet D!

  13. What a very moving tribute, Diana, and how very important it is for us to remember the sacrifices made by our service men and women. We should also remember the families and friends who grieve for them. Angel Flight makes me think of the beautiful mosaic ceiling I showed you in the Cambridge American Cemetery with the angels flying alongside the planes.

  14. Oh WOW! perfect for today. Tears here!

  15. Very touching.
    I did have a chance to visit/comment at Laurie's blog. She is an inspiration.

  16. How beautiful. Thank you for some meaningful-ism today my friend!

    Hope the rest of your day is wonderful.

  17. we pray for our troops every single night...
    Happy memorial Day!

  18. This is so moving...really makes you take a minute to pause and think. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hello Diana

    A beautiful tribute to our soldiers and loved and lost ones.

    I thought I was following you but realized not, so I have immediately signed up for your blog. We have many mutual blogging friends.
    I will look forward to your visit and comments also.


  20. I visited with Laurie and she is a delight. Yes, we owe our servicemen for their service.

  21. One of my favorites! Thanks so much for sharing.


  22. Absolutely beautiful. You are right. It brought tears. Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. This was a touching tribute. I saw the movie "Taking Chance" with Kevin Bacon. You should see it. It was also very touching. I to am grateful for our military. My hat is off to them and my prayers are always with them. Hugs Anne


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