Friday, May 11, 2012

Bardot The Bike Has Found Her Home

So, I got her painted...
and then I had to name her...
cuz I am just fanciful like that.
Nothing common and ordinary
for her...she is a special girl.
I turned several names
over in my mind...
Alicia, Aisling 
(pronounced Ashleen for you 
that don't know Irish names)
Then, finally it hit me...
Bardot..the last name
of the 1960's glamour queen-
Brigitte Bardot.
Well, because she is a beauty, silly.
And here she is in her
special spot.
I can see her from my front porch.
See my new
I am hoping MyHero doesn't
notice her too soon.
Cuz then when he asks
Where did THAT come from?
I can use my favorite reply.
OH! That old thing?  I've had it
And don't be telling me that
YOU have never done that
either cuz I would hate to
call you out in front of everyone.
Bardot sits sweetly 'neath the
big maple on the corner of
our house for now.
If you look back behind
the chair you will see
a path that runs alongside
the house.
That is my next project.
I need a door
to fulfill my mission...
Do you hear me, MamasBoy?
I need a door and I
KNOW you have some doors.
Who's there?
Anita Who?
Ah needa Door
and you got one!

The kid has a genius IQ
let's hope he gets the message.
your photo name


  1. Bardot does look right at home in her special spot. Love the purple chair too. Josie has a miniature version of that same chair.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Bardot is very chic in her new home.
    And...Mr D and I have shared the same dialog, many a time over the past soon to be 39 years! (usually over clothes, shoes, and smaller items) I would have a tough time pulling the wool over his eyes with a lawn chair.

  3. Diana, I love your little garden spot. The bike is perfect there. I could almost hear sweetcheeks saying that knock-knock :):)Smiles, xo, Susie

  4. what a wonderful whimsical look Bardot gave to your garden, she is a class act!

  5. I adore Bardot. And Mother taught me the "I've had that old thing forever" trick eons ago :-)

  6. Hi Diana, I had to drop by and tell you that I love your Bardot and you found the perfect spot. I have been reading your blog each day, but I don't always get to leave a comment. I enjoy it so much, because it gives me a chuckle and I adore your sweet cheeks. Will have a busy Saturday, first horse show of the season. Have a great weekend. Your Missouri Friend now out the door to work.

  7. Bardot the Bike...hmmmm I suppose it has a certain ring to it!! I love the spotted seat too. As for what you tell your husband.....!!


  8. Bardot is just right for that beauty. Fenders sparkle and that seat just calls for attention.

  9. Bardot looks perfect, and so pretty. And your lavender chair is gorgeous, even though I must have said that the last time I saw it, seeing as how you have had it for ages!!! I keep getting plant deliveries, and just tell husband it is all part of the one delivery that he saw me making, it's just that they are arriving in separate packages! What they don't know can't hurt them.

  10. Bridget looks pretty happy in her new home!

  11. I love what you are doing in your garden. Miss Bardot is right at home, and the chair is a perfect addition!
    Have a blessed Friday!
    xoxo Nellie

  12. made me smile this morning! I love Bardot. The husband doesn't know it, but I have been watching sales for a while now in hopes of scoring my own Bardot. Haven't found the right one yet. That polka dot seat is sweet!

  13. Just what I needed first thing this morning...a knock knock joke! heehee! I LOVE it! And I love that lavender chair and your bike of course! Wishing you a fun weekend, my friend!

  14. It looks beautiful in your pretty garden! Love the polka dot seat!!!

  15. Bardot! Now that is a special name. It a perfect spot for her too. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  16. Bridget is beautiful :-) and yes... I do that a lot!

  17. Pink!! I love it! The polka dot seat is just adorable! I love her name, too.

  18. That turned out Sooo cute!!! Btw the lavender chair is pretty hot too :)

  19. Hi Diana... I just LOVE your posts, and you and Ms. Bardot!... she looks absolutely beautiful in your garden!!!... and your lavender chair is soo pretty!... I totally admit I say things like that when I bring something new home... I put it in my storage room for a bit, then when it comes out and he asks where it came from, I simply say "out of the storage closet, where else"... see, I NEVAH get called out by you, 'cause I always admit to what I do!!!... and that's a good thing!... (sorry Martha, you don't like "own" that phrase or anything, do you???)... and I haven't heard a knock~knock joke in forevah as you call it, that's a good one!... I think ah needa lavender chair now too... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. That is cute!

    And don't be surprised if Momma's Boy gets you a door for Mother's Day! You need one! You said so yourself!

  21. Your bike looks so cute Diana. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with a door.


  22. Diana, You always make me laugh!!!! I love Bardot, she's a beauty. Of how I long your whole setting out front. I've used that line on my man plenty of times. My bff from high school will hide purchases and then tell her hubby she's had them forever.
    Love your knock knock joke too. Girl, you want to come help me decorate/landscape my back yard.
    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day.

  23. Oh that polka dotted seat! Is it possible to have seat envy? Your spot under the tree is looking just about perfect. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and I hope your message was clear

  24. I want a Bardot now.:) She is one sexy bike, I bet you are thrilled with her too. I hope you get your door soon:)

  25. Bardot looks perfectly happy in her new home! Hope you have some quiet time to sit and enjoy your garden this weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

  26. Bardot is just as beautiful and sexy as her namesake. I just love that bike, her basket and everything about her. She's mighty "purty"! I've been known to say that same thing about..."oh that old thing".

    Happy, Happy Mother's Day!

  27. Oh, Diana, I love that!! The seat is awesome!!! Nice job! And, to think that I thought that I came up with that phrase of having it forever! It must be one of us girl's unwritten rule thingys. =0)

  28. Bardot is just beautiful and looks so special in your garden next to that cool lavender chair! You have been working hard, girl! Did I miss a post?

    I wish you a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!


  29. Hi Diana,
    Ooh Bardot is so very pretty and her name suits her to a tee.

    Love the lavender chair too.


  30. Bardot is a very appropriate name! Do you leave her out there all the time? I would be so afraid someone would snatch her...don't want a kidnapping do we?

    Love the lavender chair too. It's looking awfully springy and pretty out there. Springy is a word you know! ;-)


  31. That Bardot is one sexy

    Have a great Mother's day!

  32. She is too cute for words. And I love the name! and your lavender adirondack. Can I come by for tea and a bike ride. We could pick flowers along the way to fill our baskets with. Happy Mother's day!

  33. Oh I love Bardot..what a beautiful bike! Yes, it looks like it belongs right


  34. First, I love the name:) She is lovely resting where you can see her all the time. I would want to ride her, don't get me wrong, I would not do well on that seat, but it sounds good. I have a brand new bike in storage waiting for me to get my big butt back on her. My husband bought it for me and the first thing I did was fall off...lucky for me, I did bounce:)

  35. Bardot is gorgeous, dahling! I love her parked in your flower bed. :)

  36. Super job on your yard, Diana, and Miss Bardot looks very at home already.

  37. Love the bike! And I wanted you to know the plate arrived! Thank you so so so much! That was so generous of you, so kind! It's so sweet! Have a wonderful Mothers Day Weekend!

  38. love your B.Bardot bikey addition ! lovely indeed. Now tell me what will you do with a door and where will this door go exactly ?. did he get your message ?

  39. I love that name for your bike. It fits perfectly! She is a beauty!!

  40. Oh Diana,

    Bardot looks right at home there! I love your chair - sitting in the shade watching the children play and the bird feeder and birdbath - adorable! My favorite, well beside Bardot the Bike - the Angel of course! So precious! You've done a stunning job so far!

    My plants are still waiting - it's been one thing or another lately - we had two days at over 95, way to hot to transplant, then the wind snuck in so hard it was blowing the plants over, so tomorrow I'm planting inside the garage! I have been finishing some painting I didn't think I would need to be done this year. Always the case, right?

    It will be pretty here soon and you can come take a look!

    Diana, wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day, filled with love, happiness and lots of good cheer! You always help everyone so ~ Nana Diana, Happy and Wonderful Mother's Day!!!


  41. Hi Diana,
    Bardot is a pretty one! Love the polka dot seat too!


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