Monday, January 24, 2011


For those of you that asked
Did you take
on your trip..
I am happy to report
the answer is
and I are not on speaking terms
right now..
because she looks like
Uh-huh...Do you see MyHero smiling?
He still thinks SHE is pretty cute..
Wait til the bills start rolling in..
the bills that will "fix" her..
Because NOW she still looks
like THIS
And I want her to look like
the one that Kelly
worked her magic on
over at
Here's her dinette
And here's her
Seating Area...
That's what I want..
Please, please, please..
Have you seen
Kelly's blog?
Eye Candy!
And she is lovely to boot!
We didn't take the
GMC Motorhome
but here we are
on the balmy shores
of Lake Superior..
What a tropical paradise...Oh~ Wait...
Are you confused?
Me too!
That is INSIDE
the hotel..
Here is what it really
looks like this time of year...And the only way you get to
see some parts of this
country is with this
loud gas burning
smelly..did I say loud... contraption..
Trust me..
I do NOT
You could not
pay me
to snowmobile..
Well...maybe you could
to snowmobile..
but I hope you have a
fat wallet!And...after a nice
relaxing afternoon
it is always good to
top the day off with
a little treat...
Ahhhh...there she is
Dairy Queen...
A nice cold treat
for a chilly day...

Oh....No.... What? It's not OPEN?

Well, then...I know just the place to go

for a little treat..
It's only 40 miles on treacherous
highways...that may have been know..we go
Because why? Have you been
reading my blog?
I Drive...and He Rides.
While he stares at the lovely
buildings in downtown
Marquette..I push through the city quickly
to get to MY favorite place.
Oh- Thank you, Lord, for
the souls that braved the cold
to open the doors for
someone like me!Well, that took up most of the morning.
Soon it is time to head to
Christmas, Michigan
which is located between
Marquette and Munising
(where we are staying).
Here it is folks..
Bet you never thought
you'd see a place called
Foggy's Bar- did you?
Me either...for the first
went up there I
thought it was
because it was
close to a swampy area..
What do I know?
(don't answer that)We stopped to watch
The Green Bay Packers
The Chicago Bears.
We thought we would
have lots of good camaraderie
because we were in the UP
and they LOVE the Packers.
Unfortunately for us,
the place had been taken over
They came on snowmobiles..
They came by car..
WE were the ONLY
Packer fans in the whole place.
We tried to keep a low
profile as we choked down
our GO PACK GO chant..
and mumbled something..
like Good Game Guys..
as we left...
Hahahahaha-Not really..
cuz we all KNOW
The Bears Can't Play
Football worth a darn~
And...we had to rush
home this morning
so that
could get his paper..

And the big headline read
but you know what I
missed most?
I missed our own
little cheerleader..
cheering on
The Pack...
I hope she changed
her underwear
for the game since
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Kathy@ Gone North said...

Oh My, you are TOO funny....
I LOVE the UP in the winter... it has been a few yrs. since I have seen it like that.
Christmas... a quaint little town, the 1st time I was there, there was this itty, bitty casino... next time it was HUGE... & I think that I helped them pay for it...: )
Looks like you had a fun time away..

Tete said...

Loved your trip, but you could have stayed home and done Starbucks! I love riding snow mobiles! We had one when we lived in Ohio. I loved to ride the shoot and jump the road! Neighbor clocked me at 60 plus and told my dad. Not a good thing. I miss it.
I hope you get your camper fixed up pretty inside!
Haha on the bar full of Bear fans. That's funny.
Glad to have you back and Debbie even posted today!
Hugs- Tete

LDH said...

Dairy Queen closed? No! Cold weather never dampened my love of ice-cream :)

Sweet ideas for your camper. Maybe there's hope after all :)

Tootie said...

Brrr, I have to say I like white sand better. :) As for Pearl, if you fix er up like that, she'll be a beauty!

Pam said...

I was hoping that you had taken the Pearl. I really don't hear a lot of people traveling to vacation in Michigan though. At least not in the dead of winter. If you go down to Florida they have beaches with sand and sunshine.

Donna said...

Wow, what a quick trip! Sounds like you had fun! I'm with you, I don't like snowmobiles either! ugh! I thought of a new name for Pearl (since you said you wanted to rename her). How 'bout "Lola"? That way, you can drive her down the road singing "Her name was Lola, she was a show girl...". Ok, if you are not into Barry Manilow, then you could sing "Lola, L-o-l-a Lola"! Ok, I am getting silly, I think it's passed my bedtime!!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

The Pearl is coming along....slowly!! I am sure you have your hubby laughing all the time or just rolling his eyes!! What a trip you had!

I had to tell you first of all my blogging buddies! I GOT THE JOB!!!!! She will let me know tomorrow when I start but it will be pretty quickly! Thanks for the prayers!!

Pamela said...

I love Pearl's seat cushion colours lol ! My first couch was that colour! That what you get for free.
You went to Michigan? Seriously? Lake Superior...oh boy took us 3 days to get around that sucker of Lake when we drove out here last winter and it wasn't fun!! Snow blowing off the Lake I thought for sure we were going to end up in it!
I loved this post it was so entertaining!!!
Pamela xo

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

So cute Diana!
And I know it's not too balmy right now on the shores of Lake Superior but what a view!
It really is one gorgeous Lake isn't it?
And Marquette is neat too! But how the heck did you end up with Bears fans?
That is too funny! They could be hostile!
And your Pearl is really quite lovely as is your cute little Packer cheerleader!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Well, I had two little cheerleaders only they had Steeler attire on.LOL I'm looking forward to a good game in Dallas!!!
It sure looks cold there, to cold for me...bad enough here in Pa.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Welcome back my sweet lady friend! Looks like it was a beautiful little getaway. Go Packers, I was thinking of happy they are going to the superbowl.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh my gosh! You're a cheese head...I never thought of that! Go Packers! As for the rest...all that snow and frozen comprendo! YIKES!!!

m ^..^

Debbie said...

Hi good to be here to read your fun posts once again. Looks like a fun trip!
You will have Pearl looking cozy and sweet soon enough...just be patient.
Love to you!

Gabriele Agustini said...

Welcome back, my friend! You were missed!!
Great, funny post, as usual!
Sending love -

A Cottage Muse said...

Welcome back girl! Can't wait to see what you do with your camper! I seasonal camp (for 6 months a year) and after seeing TOT's little makeover I think my honey is not going to like the bills either!

Julie Harward said...

Oh, I sure hope you get the camper to be what you want it to be...and it'll give him something to do! :D

Rebecca said...

OK...Can't wait to see what you do with that camper girlfriend.

YOU CRACK ME UP! Mollie DID look like some chicken-head and I just ROLLED when I read your comment.

I just love you. You ALWAYS make me smile BIG!



Bella said...

I was wondering how you and pearl were getting along:-))))) Wow on that Rose Vine Cottage travel motorhome...I WANT ONE, then I would travel! Brr on your cold trip... I woulda stayed at that pool all day:-)

Love of the Sea said...

Hey there - looks like you had a fun time (sort of)...only kidding. It looks freezing. And hey - you need to stop picking on poor Pearl. She is going to get a really big complex.

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

It's a delight! I enjoyed very much reading your blog. Can't wait to see your motorhome's
Hugs & Blessings!
~*~ Wendy ~*~