Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby E's The Best

It takes a lot of work
to be a little boy.
You have to get up..
and eat..
and have a clean diaper put on..
and get dressed...
and then..
you have
Nana & Papa
come to see you.
Then you
MUST show them your
new toy "ruck" that
your other
Gramma & Grampa got
you for Christmas.
It makes all kinds of noises.
This is tiring work.
And, after a hard day's play
you get to take a sink bath..
in Mama & Daddy's new
farmhouse style sink.
They just remodeled their
kitchen and she got the
big wish on her list.
It is a perfect sink..
A perfect sink
for bathing a baby boy.
Whatever is he looking at?
Is he looking at all the toys
that are floating around him?
Nope! He is looking at his favorite toy..
His toes!
He loves his toes!
And he has such sweetly pink
chubby little toes.
It's the only chubby thing on him
cuz he is a long, lean machine.Baby E...
Are you ready to get out now?
One quick shake for
But just before his lips start
turning blue from the cold
Mama wraps him up and snuggles
him down
until she can get his
pjs on.
His cute little
fuzzy yellow pjs.
And then he can snuggle for
another minute with his
little stuffed bear..
Which he quickly forsakes for
Wonder how he got his name? Just gonna check his eyes to make sure he
can see BabyE as he
goes off to bed.
He is the BEST..
Or at least that is what we
the last time he visited
his cousins..
and we caught him
walking around with
on his back.
I think I smell
a little
in the
your photo name


  1. I so want one! He is so sweet. He's gona break alot of hearts with those baby blue eyes of his. I would so spoil him rotten. Till his pink little toes stunk!
    Have a good day!

  2. Adorable!! What a cutie-pie!!
    Gorgeous family, my friend.

  3. He is adorable! Oh and loving on his toes...what a cutie. You have some gorgeous grandchildren, I see the resembalence in you all.

  4. Yes, that would be rough being so little! Sounds like you had a great time visiting!

  5. I think my son had a bear just like that! Is that a Ty bear? I think it's name is Paws! Boy... that bear brings back some memories. We went to Colorado once for a wedding and my son left the bear under the bed. We called the hotel and offered to pay whatever it cost to have it shipped back to us, but they claim they never found it. So my older kids bought a new Paws, put it in a box, kicked the box around the Hallmark parking lot so it looked like it could have been lost or something.... and then mailed it. My son was happy to have his bear back, but I think he might have also kown it wasn't REALLY his original Paws. He so loved that bear. I think he still had it. And - he has a baby due in just a few weeks. I wonder if he will let her play with his bear?

  6. Thanks for the update- I posted it on my blog- I have many that have been asking about her.
    that's me!

  7. Those blue eyes are too cute!!! And that tuft of wet blonde hair - are babies not just the sweetest!!
    We bathe Mason in the sink too! It sure saves your back for now.

  8. Little boys are THE best! I miss those days but my son Jake and I have the best relationship!! I am a lucky girl!

  9. He is so adorable! It must take all your self control not to continuously hug him.

    PS. I continue to hold Debbie in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates.


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