Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Please Pray For Tete's Surgery Today

Well, here I am again
asking for prayers.
One of the first people
I met when I started blogging was

She is a wonderful, creative person.
A person that loves the Lord.
I think she has a direct line to God. 
She knows what to say,
 when to say it,
and how to say it
 when it comes
to telling people about
doing the right thing.
Her Daddy was a preacher
but she is a better witness of 
God at work than anyone that ever
stood on a pulpit.
Today she needs your prayers.
She has been sick for a long time,
years, in fact, and yet she has
They have been addressing her
health problems
one by one.
This surgery has been postponed
several times but finally
today she is having the surgery!
 I ask that you please wing a prayer
skyward for her.
Pray for her hubby, too.  
He is very scared.
When his Mom had the same surgery
they found cancer 
(which was not expected)
and her life was shortened considerably.
So, he is scared.....
Very scared.
Thank you so much...
I know there is power in prayer.
As a ps.  She is a pet whisperer and
a foster pet parent, too.
she is so sassy, 
even not feeling well, 
that I can't imagine how
bad she is gonna be when she is  healed.
Pray for her sassy mouth,too, will ya?

Edited to add:  12:30 pm
Tete is out of surgery and it was
a success.  If you are coming
here now please pray for a 
fast recovery.
Thank you ALL so much!
Tete will thank you soon herself!
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  1. prayers sent!! I hope all goes well.. it will.
    have a nice day

  2. LOL- sassy? I'll have to remember that after the moaning is done. Ready and waiting to go. Roads are nasty so taking our time. Thank you so much for the post. Will let you know as soon as I can. Love you.

  3. Prayers sent - stay Sassy Tete ( it speeds up the healing process !!!)
    Much love,

  4. Good Morning Diana, I am still praying for Tete and her DH. We chatted last night wishing her well and I will be watching for a post that the surgery went well. I worry about her getting to the hospital with the roads so crappy. Prayers are headed her way. The more the better it will be. Many Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this; I so enjoy her blog. Will be lifting her up today!

  6. I have visited Tete and said a prayer for her. You are such a lovely person Diana!

  7. My thoughts and prayers are for them both.

  8. Good Morning, Prayers for your friend are on there way. Hugs, Anna

  9. I will pray for your friend, Diana, and for her husband. May God give them strength to get through this, regardless of what the surgery reveals. He alone is trustworthy.

  10. praying for her and her husband. Also praying for the Doctors to do the surgery well

  11. I will be sure and remember her in my prayers today!

  12. Diana, I will gladly pray for Tete. She does seem to always have a load to carry. Yet, she will lift others up every chance she gets. She's a good person to all. xoxo,Susie

  13. Praying so much for them all-hallelujah the day has come!

  14. Prayers have been sent, Diana! Life is sometimes so sad and overwhelming! I hope everything goes well for this woman.

  15. Beautiful post Diana, I'll have to remember that Sassy Tete bit, your sure right when you say, she knows exactly what to say & when to say it, she's one of the best blogging friends to have! I'm Praying & looking forward to an update from her Guys!

  16. Said a prayer for Tete. Hope all goes well.

  17. What a privilege it is to pray for my blogging buddies.
    Thank you, Diana, for sharing.
    Prays are on their way.
    Carolynn xoxo

  18. She's such a sweety and a fellow Ohioan, sort of. I'm sure things will go OK, but I'm going to stop over and say Hi!

  19. Many prayers for Tete! You are so sweet to post this.

  20. Tons of thoughts and prayers are coming here way...going to go light a candle...just something that we always do...God bless her and her husband...I know what they are going through first hand and faith is truly their best friend...a fellow foster too...what a wonderful lady. You are a dear and caring friend Diana...sure hope that things work out : ) hugs...

  21. Prayers said for her and her family. Sounds like her attitude about life will go a long way with a fast recovery.

  22. It was good to read your edit! Certainly sending prayers for Tete's speedy recovery! Blessings to you, Diana. so Nellie

  23. Sending prayers for a fast recovery!
    I hope they didn't remove her sass!
    xo, Tina

  24. What a lovely post. I am glad I got here in time to see all is going well. Prayers for a fast and comfortable recovery.

  25. thank you for letting us know Nana

  26. I will pray for her speedy recovery! Glad to hear the surgery was a success.

  27. Praise God! I will continue with prayers for her healing and comfort for her hubby.

    There is definite power in prayer ~ thank you for asking!


  28. Praise God! I will continue with prayers for her healing and comfort for her hubby.

    There is definite power in prayer ~ thank you for asking!


  29. That was sweet of you to post. I'm glad to see she's doing well.

  30. Diana I love that you advocate for your friends! So happy the surgery was a success and I will be praying for an amazing recovery!

  31. So happy that her surgery was a success and I am praying for a quick recovery.

  32. Continued prayers for a prompt and well recovery.
    So happy the surgery went well. God is so good.
    Hugs Celestina Marie

  33. Oh, I am very sorry, but she's got such fate in God, everything will turn out just fine. I will pray for her and her hubby immediatelly! Thank you for sharing my sweet friend. Big hugs,

  34. You are a kind friend. I'm glad her surgery went well.

  35. I'm in the group praying for a fast recovery!!!

    I so love St Augustine too Diana..The perfect little town!


  36. Glad all went well..Hope it continues on that path..

  37. getting around late tonight but glad to see that the surgery went well. Will send prayers for a quick recovery. Your friend sounds like a real special lady and anyone who is a pet whisperer is good in my book!

  38. She is so blessed to have a friend in you. Prayers & positive thoughts go out to her & her husband today & in the next few weeks while she recovers. I do hope she stays sassy though....there's just no fun in normalcy :)Thank you for keeping us updated Diana, you are truly a beautiful soul.

  39. Sending prayers ......Blessed by your blog..

  40. So glad to hear she came thru surgery just fine. and....
    SASSY is a GOOD thing. :))

  41. So happy to hear that Tete's surgery went well! I'll be praying for her quick and easy recovery! Hugs, Leena

  42. I will keep her in my prayers. What a sweet friend you are! Hugs!

  43. Love that Tete! She is such a kind heart. I really love visiting her and I am hoping she heals quickly. I think it is her sass that keeps her in such high spirits. She is one amazing lady. Thank you for sharing her today sweet friend!

  44. Hi Girl, I didn't see this the other day-due to travel etc. but lifting Tete up right now for complete healing and peace as she recovers.
    Blessings to you my friend.


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