Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Clean Fun

One of the things the 
girls look forward to when 
stay overnight is a
in my jetted tub.
I have a bench in there
and I sit and watch while they play.
Sometimes it is all three girls
but last time it was
SweetCheeks & Ria.
I love the giggles and snorts of laughter 
as bubbles fill their nose.
They insist something is moving around
under the bubbles!
Do you want to know 
what I use for a
Can you keep a secret?
Put it in a pretty decanter
and you are all set.

Here's what is great about Dreft.
It is made for sensitive skin.
It will not cause a rash.
Some bubble baths are linked
to urinary tract infections
but this is not an irritant.
It smells GREAT.
You can use it for shampoo
and your little one will
smell fresh and sweet
and their skin feels like silk 
after you rinse them off.
Which reminds me....
I better go check on those two.
It's getting deep in there.
Whew- almost drained-
just a few bubbles left.
~Look how hard he is trying to look innocent~
Maybe those girls were right-
Maybe there WAS someone moving
around in there!
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  1. I never knew that about dreft. I certainly used a lot of it when my kids were little but never as bubble bath.

    Girls are fabulous!

  2. Looks like there having a blast ! My 5 year old love bath time . He puts every toy he has in there with him

  3. Diana, Nothing is cuter or more fun than girls and bubble baths. I have a photo of my twins when they were 6 in a bubble bath, and now thier daughters, and the rest of the grandkids in bubbles. Such fun. don't you wish you had time for that fun yourself.:):) xoxo,Susie

  4. LOL They have tons of bubbles in there! They are so cute...having fun.

    :O The duck looks sinister and creeptastic!

  5. I think you should have jumped in with them.

  6. Good Morning Diana, Your girls are having so much fun. Of course, grandma is having fun taking pictures. All little ones love bubble baths whether they are a boy or girl. Our boys are now to the point that they want to take showers. I guess we can't keep them little forever even though we might like to. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

  7. I'm just loving the thought of the wonderful memories they have of Nana's house.
    Isn't it nice they are not camera shy...makes for some really cute posts. ;-)

  8. So much fun! I know the girls love staying at your house overnight! Great memories are being made!

  9. I never knew you could use Dreft! You are a genius. I love the photo of Ria and her beard. Why do i never do that anymore?

  10. what a beautiful soapy bath! Scary duck though!

  11. You make everything so much fun for your girls Diana... they are precious!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. good to know about Dreft! I just need a jetted tub...

  13. I had no idea that Dreft was still made.

    The girls look like they are having a wonderful time.

  14. I love a bubble bath; thanks for the tip.

  15. Great tip about the Dreft Diana! I'm gonna steal it! I'm not surprised at all to see that you are not the type of Nana to skimp (at all) on the bubbles!!!!! Lucky grand babies!!!

  16. I have bubble bath pix with my Grandsons being small and brothers . No sister.
    Now they are teens not thinking what they think now. Yikes.

    They wers so cute when Mom took them.

  17. Well, who would have thought Dreft would be the "ticket?" What a good time they were having! Looks like the duck had a good time, too.:-)

    xo Nellie

  18. Well, who would have thought Dreft would be the "ticket?" What a good time they were having! Looks like the duck had a good time, too.:-)

    xo Nellie

  19. Well I must say I never would've thought to use Dreft for a bubble bath! You answered my questions too. I was just thinking, would that be safe??? It definitely created a lot of bubbles. I'm sure the girls had a blast! clean the tub. No fun.

  20. Dianna,
    So cute!! Guess who loves a good Buble Bath???

    JOE!!!! LOL!! Heill kill me knowing I let his secret out!!! LOL!!

    Thanks so much for always stopping by to visit!!


  21. They certainly have fun at their Nanny's house! Thanks for the bubble bath tip.

  22. Cute post! And isn't it fun to have the grands there. Ours like taking baths in our clawfoot tub, but believe me, I have to stay in there with them or there's water e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e!! :-)

  23. Diana,
    There's nothing like a sweet bubble bath, is there? The girls are having so much fun. And I love how ducky found his way in there too hehehe. What a cute post this is today.

  24. Aww how cute are those two? I bet they are the lights of your life. And they must LOVE Nana's house and those big bubble baths! I never knew that trick about Dreft.

  25. I remember those days when my babies loved getting baths filled with bubbles....oh, the giggles. Looks like they are having a blast.
    You're the worlds best grandma, Diana.

  26. Thanks for the tip! Playing in the tub is a favorite for my little ones too. They love measuring water and playing with bubbles. Your little girls are dolls!

  27. I used Dreft when my kids were little. I never knew you could use it as bubble bath!

  28. Pure delight! I still love to have bubblebaths! xoxo

  29. I would have never thought of such a thing. What a wonderful tip and suggestion. Visited through a view of your posts. What a delight! Hope you had a good day! Blessings!

  30. Oh what fun! I remember back to my bubble bath!
    Such cuties...

  31. So cute, it looks like they were drowning in bubbles!!! You can tell they were having a blast. I enjoyed our chat last week. Thanks for stopping for by, Laura

  32. I'll have to tell my daughter about this! Love the rubber ducky:)

  33. What a great idea! We had lots of bubble baths when my girls were little, in my big jetted tub. I used Dreft for my laundry at the time, but it never occurred to me to use it for a bubble bath. Guess I'll save that nugget for when I have grandkids myself! :)


    Oh, and cute pictures, as always! :)

  34. What a sweet post. I love coming here. It always makes me smile. Thank you for the Dreft tip. I never think there are enough bubbles when my 2 grand daughters are over. They are going to loooove their next bubble bath!! And the giggles are the best!!

  35. I remember bathing with my cousin. We never had that many bubbles though!

  36. Good to know about the Dreft. Even big girls like bubble baths. I will pass it on to my daughter for the new baby on the way too.

  37. Those girls are having a great time. Awesome bubbles! I will have to try that for myself. Nothing like turning on the jets in our tub to REALLY make some bubbles!

    Guess I will have to get a yellow ducky!

  38. What a great nana you are. Look how much fun they are having :)

  39. look at all of those bubbles! i just got a claw foot tub,and will give this a try! you are the greatest g-mom:)

  40. Never heard of this, but it might be something that isn't sold in Canada.

    They look like they are having lots of fun.


  41. We used to do the very same thing when we would sleep over my grandmother's house. Regular tub though... green! She would use Mr. Bubbles, and baby powdered us when we got out and were dry. Funny, the things you remember and cherish.

    DREFT!!! Who knew??....

  42. Adorable!!! Those girls must have so much fun spending the night there!! That's a great bubble bath know I am doing it! LOVE it!!!

  43. Well now that looks like fun...even at my age! They are so darling!

  44. we also have a jetted tub but ALWAYS make the mistake of putting in too much soap so within seconds of turning on the jets you are almost suffocated by all the bubbles...the Boss usually has to stand guard spraying in cold water to contain them inside the tub....We might learn one of these days to go light on the bubbles,.....
    the girls look like they have a ball......

  45. Hi Diana! OH, what little cuties up to their chins in bubbles! I'm sure your time with them is filled with laughs. I'm glad to know this about Dreft as I love bubble baths and just can't seem to find something gentle. Thanks for your kind words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  46. DREFT? Who knew?
    And how lucky are
    those two to have
    a nana who indulges
    their bath whims?!

    Too, too sweet!

    xo Suzanne

  47. Well live and learn, I never knew you could use Dreft for bubble baths. Those girls sure are having a ball.Lucky them to have such a sweet and fun Nana.

  48. I tried it before when you posted and it does work great! It even cleans the bathroom floor - because water gets splashed all over it and once it's towel dried it's nice and clean. LOL

  49. Oh my goodness, you are just TOO clever, how ever did you hear about this?

  50. Cute pics of the girls having fun.
    One of the joys of being a grandparent having the grands overnight.

    I never would have thought of using dreft as bubble bath.

  51. That is a lot of bubbles.
    The girls will always remember their baths at Nanna's I bet!

  52. that's going on my list. I love all the bubbles but they seem to fade long before the girl wants to be done with her bathing. Thanks for the tip D.

  53. Adorable! You don't have to say, I know you jumped in also.
    Thanks for the Dreft tip.

  54. Too cute!!!
    My kids used to cry when it was time to get out of the tub lol
    That's where they used to get popsicles when they were little LMHO - so they wouldn't drip them all over the house
    God I was a lunatic!

  55. What a cute post..Good job..what fun..

  56. Great idea!!! Our kids love our big tub, too and the bubble baths at our house.

  57. Ha! I have a big almost full bottle of Dreft since my sister came for a visit with her baby, I haven't use it, but now I know!
    My daughter loves taking baths!

  58. Bubbles and giggles...sounds like a great time to me!!

  59. That little duck has been visiting my tubby lately too!

  60. I love bubbles! So much fun! We honeymooned in a place in Cape Cod famous for their jacuzzis. The one in our room was 5 feet by 7 feet - no kidding! I slipped under the water because I couldn't reach my feet to the opposite side! It was great! We flooded that thing with bubble bath that they provided and had a blast bubble fighting, swimming and, well, this is a family post! ====:O Anyway, I love bubbles! xoxo, Leena

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