Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kentucky Derby Birthday Hats And Cheeseheads

Ria's BFF
(best friend forever)
is having a birthday party.

My daughter, 
and company,
got busy and created
hats for all the girls to 
wear to the
Derby Birthday Party.

Let's just say that
Ivana Trump
has NOTHING on
our girls' hats.
Here's a few of the
creations TPot came 
up with.
The Tiara Triumph
The Dovely Delight
The Bluebird & Butterfly Beauty
The Lavender Love
The SweetCheeks Special
Modeled by none other
than herself...
How cute is that?

Of course,
being from Wisconsin
means MyHero might
need a hat for the party.
I think I found the perfect
one to order for him.
Hmmmm...If he gets
hungry waiting for the
race to start he
can always eat his hat!

ps~They don't call him a 
Cheesehead for no reason.

Enjoy Kentucky Derby Day!
I'll be at my daughter-in-love's
You won't believe 
WHOOO will be there.
I'll show you tomorrow!
your photo name


  1. TPot is so talented, and how gorgeous does SweetCheeks look!
    The cheese hat, interesting!
    Have a wonderful time at the baby shower, looking forward to seeing the pics :)

  2. Have a great time at the shower! How fun.

  3. Diana, I love the hats!!! what a neat idea. Many years ago,my g,daughter was excited about the derby, she was about the age of S.C. I asked her what they did at the kentucky derby...she said, "They derby, I guess." What memories. Enjoy your beautiful family, xo, Susie

  4. I was just admiring the hats at the Derby when I logged online this morning, Diana! We had been thinking of going but decided to wait until next year since it fell on our anniversary. I told my husband the hat was the most important thing! Love the hats your daughter came up with for the girls. I'll bet they love them.

  5. What cute creations, the girls will all love them, and that is enough cheese to share, I do believe, unless it is stinky cheese.

    Have a lovely time at the shower, hope to hear all about it.

  6. I love the pomp and circumstance that Derby Day holds! The hat's are wonderful! How cute are the Cheeks and the Cheese!?!?

  7. Hi Di,
    Oh my gosh, those are so cute! Your daughter is so talented, well actually your whole family seems to be! Your husband is a good sport. What fun.

  8. How cute and how precious! I love these. This sounds like such a fun theme for a birthday party too! Oh, and yes, the Mr.definitely needs one too. :)

  9. Hi Diana... oooh those are all so beautiful!... Sweet Cheeks looks precious!... which hat was yours?... I love them ALL!... (well, maybe not the cheese head one!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Those hats are just fantastic. Josie and I enjoyed watching the derby together. We should have created special hats to wear. Sounds like were all set to have a a fabulous Saturday.

  11. Oh I can't wait to see who came to the shower ! I love, love. Love those hats! Sweetness!


  12. How talented is she??!! Sweetcheeks looks lovely in her creation...look forward to seeing the rest. Have a great time. Joan

  13. Those are adorable! Now - won't you please explain how you made them We need some tea party hats! I've looked, but can't seem to find small ones that would fit the girls.

  14. They're gorgeous! All you need now are some mint juleps ;)

  15. You daughter may have a new career designing Fascinators! She did a great job! ~ Maureen

  16. It's fun to see all the different hats people wear at the Kentucky Derby. I guess it's one of the few times Americans get together and all wear hats like they do in Britain. You have shared some creative ones for sure!

  17. Love the Lavender Love hat. They're all really cute though. Even the cheese head with horses on it is cute. I think I'll add the derby to my bucket list. Or is it drinking list?

  18. Great ideas...and she is a cutie!

  19. Oh, what fun to have Derby hats! I hope you enjoyed a couple of mint juleps while you watched the derby in your designer hats. :)

  20. Love those hats! Talented TPot! What fun to have a Derby Birthday Party!

  21. The cheese hat is hilarious. The rest are adorable, especially on that cute Sweetcheeks :)

  22. Very cute and a great idea! I did the Baby Shower last week, this week it was gs First Communion. I am about partied out! ;)

  23. What a fun way to celebrate the
    Derby! The hats are so cute and darling.


  24. Your hats are gorgeous! I loved the derby and can't wait to here about the shower!


  25. Oh, I would just love to have a Kentucky Derby birthday party! Those hats are so much fun! Your daughter did a super job on them.

  26. Love those hats! I love the cheese head one, too. The guys are going to get me a philly one with ear flaps!
    They announced that yesterday as we were watching the race. We took a break from yard work to watch the horses.
    Tpot is so gifted. Would love to see photos of the girls in those.

  27. SweetCheeks sure looks happy and she looks so pretty in her lovely hat. All the hats look gorgeous and your hubby is a good sport. Hope he likes cheese! Ha ha!

  28. Such FUN!!! Every girl needs a party hat.

  29. Now I'm all in a dither wondering who will be at the shower. I have one coming up also..I LOVE baby showers!!
    Sweet Cheeks...that little doll would be cute in a mud puddle!! Her personality shows through even in photo's. Tickles me!!!

  30. You sure know how to catch my attention-now who could that be that's coming to the shower?
    Oh, the hats are so fun. Sweet Cheeks makes a perfect model for them!

  31. Haha!! I want that cheese hat too!! Your other hats are darling also :)

  32. Wow! The hats are lovely.

    Cute little SweetCheeks. :)

    I love the cheesehead one. lol My hubby is a Packers fan from way back. We have a giant Packers colored blanket across the window in his little TV room.

    And of the millions of caps he has there are two Packers ones. The guy has only one head why all the caps?? lol

    Can't wait to see who came to the shower.

    Take care, Janet W

  33. Gorgeous is all I can say about those wonderful hats! Sweetcheeks is way tooo cute! Hope you had a lovely day and I can't wait to see who was at the shower!
    Take care and enjoy the week!

  34. Those hats are so creative and fabulous. What fun.

  35. Diana: I guess I must have missed this one. Great hats. Did your horse win?..Happy Monday..Judy

  36. What a cute idea...she did a wonderful job!

  37. Oh my gosh - I love the hats! I remember growing up and wearing them to church or going out! Oh I felt so special when I had it on! I'm really glad they're making a re-appearance!

    You guys did a great job one them! Every one different and beautiful, well I wouldn't call the cheesehat beautiful - but I guys got to do something while waiting!

    Have a blast for the rest of us!


  38. Wow! What cute hats!!! I know that the girls loved them...I do too. I had a mint julep watching the race on TV but missed out on having one of those great hats.


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