Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Copper Boiler Found A New Use

I am lucky enough
to have two of these old
copper boilers.
The first one is in excellent
shape and I keep it inside.
It looks like this~
The second one has had
a bit of a rough go of it.
She is not quite as pretty 
as her sister...but I love her

I wanted her to feel good
about herself.
There is nothing like a dose
of pretty to make that happen.

Here she is when I started out.
I'm sure many, many of you 
use this trick for big

I filled her with old pots
turned upside down.
They take up space so you don't need
so much dirt 
they add drainage.
I fill her with my
And, once filled,
I dressed her up real purty!
She sits next to the
steps up to our kitchen door.

Want to see MORE of my
Gardening Adventures?
Well, if you promise to wipe 
the mirror off that you husband
leaves all the "specks" on
without complaint,
tomorrow I will show you
what happened to my
and introduce you
to my 
He'll bring a bead of sweat
to your brow...
Pinky Promise!
your photo name


  1. Aren't you a tease! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Very pretty, Diana! I used to use old soda cans back in the day when we drank soda. Yes, make sure you keep that pretty copper one inside!

  3. Beautiful! What an awesome way to dress it up! I can't wait to see what else you have been up to! :)

  4. What a sparkly shiny beauty.
    I love the idea of using the old pots in the bottom. I usually go to the woods and dig out some mulch to use there.

  5. Too funny...I have a copper boiler JUST like your shabby one and of course it is a planter at Sweetwater....I use old milk jugs to take up space!! But now I will use the planters. Looks like gardening is eating up all your time just like here! The peonies are coming YIPPEE!

  6. That's the perfect solution for not having to add tons of dirt! Pretty clever!
    I love that old boiler. I think it's great!
    Looking forward to meeting all your many boyfriends!

  7. Wow, my mom bought one of those when I was a kid and the whole family thought she was silly - she loved it and it decorated our home for years. Great finds.

  8. Boyfriends, no surprise there Diana..Your lover husband can't keep up with you LOL. Needless to say, I LOVE them, very cool pieces and that one makes for a great planter.

  9. Such a good idea for large pots, its really not necessary to use so much potting soil. It looks all spiffy all done up!!! Looking forward to more fun.

  10. I bet she feels every inch as pretty as her shiny sister now!

  11. What a lucky gal, she looks BEAUTIFUL.. ;)) Shiny and loved all around.. ;)) YOU are amazing..

  12. What a lucky gal, she looks BEAUTIFUL.. ;)) Shiny and loved all around.. ;)) YOU are amazing..

  13. Love how you planted the old pot to beautify it. Thank you for the kindness Diana. I will miss my friend so much. xo, Susie

  14. Perfect! flowers really bring it to life!
    I'm ready to meet your boyfriends, Missy!

  15. I love copper boilers, but they are hard to find around here! I use my old pots like that too, Makes them lighter to have to move them, keeps them out of the landfills, and less dirt.
    I'm up and about and going to drag Craig outside. Still more to do. HMMMMMMM...where to begin.

  16. LOVE your copper boilers Diana!... and the one you planted looks so pretty... wish I owned one... hmmm... you sure have alot of "boyfriends"... I am guessing number two is a tiller, you know, that brings a "bead of sweat" to my brow... can't you show a picture of Tom Selleck too???... xoxo Julie Marie

  17. What a pretty planter and I'm kind of partial to dents and dings. Can't wait to see more.

  18. Love the washtub planter! Don't tell me you lost John! I feel your pain since mine died and I'm scrambling for a good, used replacement. ~ Maureen

  19. Love your planter! She may not be as shiny and new as your pretty gal inside but oh the stories she could tell. LOL! So nice to see such a pretty new life for her!

  20. I have one of those. The one needing dressed up, though, not the pretty one. I use it occasionally in the studio - but your use for it looks pretty interesting, too. I'd love some gardening time. But - it's my busy busy work season, so I won't be seeing much in the way of free time until mid-June.

  21. The old boilers are wonderful...look so pretty all planted up!

  22. Hi there,Oh how I love those copper boilers; in fact last year I found one at a garage sale that a gal had already bought and I asked her if I could buy it for more than she paid and she said no. This year, I'm looking for one too.
    Love the idea of the pots in the bottom of it, I may just have to try that. Have a great day, can't wait to read more tomorrow.
    Hugs, Noreen

  23. Very clever. I've already used one of your garden tips.

  24. That is such a good idea to fill that pot with other pots. I've never tried that before. Your flowers look pretty in it.

  25. Nice Diana!
    Boy i sure love your copper boilers!
    I have wanted one like forever!
    That shop was just past Waupaca on Hwy.54...Cottage Gardens I think is the name.

  26. As much as I really like the shinny tub, I love the look of well used. You gave it a reason, it is lovely. I love to make something old new again...you did it with style...Hugs, Mary

  27. What a great way to use that copper boiler! Love all the plants and can't wait untill tomorrow.

  28. That boiler made a great planter. I thought my husband was the only one who left those specks on the mirror lol. I guess I need to get out more.

  29. Oh my, you ARE a crafty girl!
    Looks good!

  30. This reminds me of the boiler my mother would fill with water every wash day. The water would heat on the wood stove, then she would transfer it to the Maytag wringer washer. That is how life was in the "boondocks" before running water came our way.:(
    You have dressed yours up very nicely, Diana. Its former purpose is only a memory.

  31. Great idea for an old, huge pot! Love it! I too, love using unusual items in my planting areas. Makes someone do a double take and a second look!

    Hope you're having a great day - it's 7's here and comfortable enough!

    Love you,

  32. That is just fantastic Diana! It looks lovely! :-)

  33. Hi Diana,
    I love using that as a big planter.
    I bet it looks lovely just outside your doorway.

    Can't wait to hear about the boyfriend.


  34. No, I didn't know that trick, but now I do! You are one Smart chickie! Thanks for sharing your smarts!

  35. HA! you just solved a problem for me! Thanks, Diana! Your planter looks great. :)

  36. Love your new container, Diana. I can't wait to see the new boyfriends.

  37. Can't wait to hear about your boyfriends! LOL! And, I love the repurposed tub to welcome all of your vistors.
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  38. I love this used as a planter. Now bring on the tease :)

  39. What a great idea on that planter. I honestly didn't know that upside down pot trick!. Ok, I pinky swear to not complain about the "specks", 'cause I've just got to see what all this boyfriend business is about???

  40. Pretty planter! Love that you can enjoy the beauty of your flowers outside your kitchen door. Purty indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by to see what's been keeping me sew, sew busy!


  41. Gorgeous! I looooove copper anything. So beautiful and love the idea to use it as a planter..looks amazing!

  42. I have a copper pot just like that. My mom and dad bought it for me when I was around 14 yrs. old. Can you believe I wanted one of those at that age? I was one weird girl. I love the combination of flowers, ivy and fern that you planted in it. Hugs...

  43. Love it! Very clever to put pots inside so not as much dirt is needed. I honestly didn't know about that trick.

  44. Wooohooo Diana! I'm sweating and I'm not sure if it's because of your second boyfriend or your copper boilers (especially the first one) or it's a hot flash! Looking forward to seeing your next post ;)

  45. The first one is gorgeous! My mom always wanted one but they were so expensive.

  46. Oh you love to keep us wondering what's up your sleeve next. Love how your boiler turned out. I have one like it that I keep my potting soil in. I'll be back.

  47. Those pots are really cool! I'll be back to see what you have in store. Great idea for saving on dirt. I have used packing peanuts to fill some of my large ceramic planters so I didn't need much dirt and it made the pot lighter in case it needed to be moved.

  48. LOVE all the flowers! Great idea for a planter.



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