Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I've Lost It- Completely Lost It- HELP

When we were part way home
I went to dig out my 
camera to take a
picture of
BigBoyE & CharlesInCharge.

I had the case but
did my camera go?

I called all the family
members first thinking
someone had picked it up by 

I called the resort we
had stayed at to see
if someone had turned it in.

We checked with the
hotels that we stayed at along 
the way.

This is the last picture
I took before my
camera got up and

3 little girls with their Daddy.
Ria glancing back.
Did she know it was
the last time she was going
to see my camera?

So...here's my question for you.
I need a good camera.
EASY enough so I can point and click
if I need a quick picture.
Not too expensive.
Not too fragile.
Any ideas?

I guess I will have to dig
and see if I can get a picture
out of that now.

Hey- At least I have a 

I am off to Starbucks
for my morning
Hope I don't lose my underwear
on the way there!;>)

ps.  I will be back around visiting
everyone after I get unpacked,
do the laundry,
and figure out how I went from
palm trees to snow.
I'm blond so it might take a while~
your photo name


  1. Sorry about that.
    I thought I had lost mine the other day and started to freak out in front of Claire's Brownie Troop. It wasn't pretty at all!
    I have no recommendations on a point and shoot camera. Maybe it's time to step up to to a big-boy one. And yeah, hold on to your bloomers! I hear that Starbucks get wild sometimes!

  2. Well that it a bummer for sure! But that last picture is sooo sweet! And hopefully a trip to Starbucks will cheer you right up! ... My camera is big and heavy, but we bought Megan a Canon Elph 310 for Christmas and she just loves it. She did a ton of research first. Happy shopping!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. My camera is a bigger one too. I would do some research, as I know Canon and Kodak make some good smaller point and shoot ones.

  4. Certainly, the last thing we would want to lose! So sorry to hear this happened. I use a larger Canon SLR, but we have a few Canon point and shoot models and they have been great! Welcome back home!

  5. say Diana didn't you just misplace that camera not long ago???I thought it was you and that your son found it. If it wasn't you, then I have misplaced something more important than a camera, like my brain.:):) Welcome home. Smiles, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  6. I love my little Nikon Coolpix from Costco! I've had it for about two years.
    I was thinking about an SLR...but this little gem takes great pictures!
    Glad that you are home safe and sound!

  7. Oh no! So sorry to hear that, Diana! My husband walked away from his camera when we were dating 6 years ago. Not fun! I'll treat you to your Starbucks today!

  8. Oh, so sorry to hear about your camera. I'm assuming you had already downloaded (or uploaded) the photos to your computer, right? I mean, the camera is replaceable, but the photos are not. Hopefully, you didn't lose them too.

    I don't even know the kind of camera I use. I was still in the old world of cameras and film, when last year, one of my kids updated their camera, so they gave me their old one. Without looking at it (and I don't have it near me right now), I don't know what it is. I do know that this tech-challenged gal can work it, though.

    Glad you're back safe and sound and that y'all had a great time.


  9. Now that is a tragedy!!! I can recommend from reviews I've been reading on P&Ss... and this hurts my devoted Nikon loving soul... Canon PowerShots are supposedly pretty good and seem to be higher rated than the Nikon CoolPix... sigh... there, I said it. :D

  10. Canon and Nikon point and shoots are great! I'd go with Canon. Canon anything. We've had several of their cheap little point and shoots and they work well in auto mode. But, my personal point and shoot is a Sea Life Dive Camera. It comes with housing for underwater use. A Canon powershot is fine, though, for all around personal use. There should be several to choose from at Walmart, Target, Staples or Office Depot and any of them should work.
    Kodak Easy Shares take crummy pictures for the most part. Sony's are good. Other brands I'm not really that familiar with.

  11. my sister just got the super basic canon elf...AWESOME! my other sister has the one w/ more bells & whistles...including an auto setting that i worship! they are both fab!
    just my 2¢! ;}

    m ^..^

  12. Oh I am so sorry about your camera. I hope the ohotos were downloaded.
    My Mother and her sister always put address labels and phone numbers on everything. My Mo just told me this morning that she left her glasses at AlMart and someone called her to say they had them and delivered them to her door. Same thing happened when my aunt left her camera at one of our weddings. My aunt got a box in the mail and it was her camera. I need to do this as well.
    I want a new camera so anxious to see what others suggest. I have a Kidak easy share. I do like that you can crop and use perfect tough on the camera......but I want a clearer picture. I was a great point and shoot......not any of that big lense stuff.

  13. Whatever you pick, I highly recommend Canon. They are so easy to work with if something goes wrong and they email you the postage to mail it to them. I have had mine fixed 3 times over the years and it cost me nothing. They are quick doing it and getting it back to you, too.
    I just bought the Canon Powershot sx150. Its on sale for $199- $50 off- at Walmart.com. Its a point and click. Great zoom. Youtube it and there are videos about people using it and showing you how it works. Looks really easy to me, but it does have more if you want to do things on your own.
    Sorry you lost yours. That would get to me, too.
    Hope starbucks helps.

  14. Sorry you lost your camera! That really stinks. I don't have any good suggestions...my camera is kind of big so not what you'd be looking for.

  15. Oh I know could there be anything worse. I sure hope it turns up for you. I have cried once when I deleted my photos by accident. Thankfully computer savvy friend found them.

  16. So sorry about your camera. I have a Panasonic Lumix what I got at Costco. It is easy to use, and has a lot of options, and fits in my pocket or purse. Hope you find a good one.

  17. Oh no!! Maybe it will turn up in the luggage??? hopefully. :)

  18. Well, shoot, shoot...not a good thing to lose, BUT we can't be expected to keep track of everything, can we?? : )
    Sorry, & who knows maybe it will turn up... (didn't you lose it sometime ago & it came back to you? : )
    You checked the diaper bag? Inside the stroller?? under the baby?? That is where my things used to disapear...
    No recommendations from me, I know nothing about cameras....
    Good luck... here's hoping that it comes back to you

  19. Gosh, I hate when that happens. The panic..the not knowing...the overwhelming *pain in the butt* that it's causing....
    It's why I don't have a little camera, I'm not responsible enough.
    Gotta have a big one to LUG around, and even then I sometimes misplace it. Mine is a huge black Nikon and LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    I just suck it up and carry it. Hope you find yours when you least expect it. SOON!
    OR.. Good luck on whatever you choose to purchase.
    Have a happy shopping experience.

  20. there is the great chance that as soon as you go out and buy a new camera your old one will surface.
    I hope this is the case for you.
    Welcome home,
    my eyes prevent me from taking photos so I have no advice to give , sorry.

  21. Oh that is just the pits! Maybe it will turn up though?!?!? I have no recommendations for you....I barely know how to even use my own camera! LOL

  22. I'm so sorry to hear that!! I have two Canons a big one and a powershot both are really good!

  23. What a disappointment to have that case empty when you opened it! I am sorry! My camera is a very inexpensive point and shoot; however, I am beginning to be ready to come up with something that might be a step up.:) You shared some outstanding photographs with us before the loss. I could tell you were having a good time.

  24. I'm a big fan of Nikon cameras. And the Coolpix is the best point and shoot digitals made.
    Currently the Coolpix S4100 is on sale at www.ritzcamera.com for $99.99 (regularly $179.99) with free shipping

  25. I'm so sorry you lost your camera! I hope your cuppa cheer helped this a.m.

  26. I hate win I lose something or have to look for it like my cell phone or my reading glasses. A camera is alot worse though hope you get a good one!

  27. Oh, Diana, I can just imagine how terrible you felt when you realized the camera was gone.

    I am afraid I am no help in selecting a new one.

    My fingers are crossed that it turns up in the laundry bag.......or someplace like that.

  28. Sorry about that, I broke my camera at a cruise we went to last year at the south of America and in the Ushuaia glazers in Argentina I dropped my camera and it broked, now it doesn't work at all. I use a semi-professional one my daughter handed me down, as she's a professional photographer and has better ones. I don't like it that's too big! Hope yours does turn up somehow dear Diana. Lots of hugs pretty lady.

  29. I'm sorry to hear about your camera, Diana! I sure hope that it turns up! Years ago, back when I used to leave hubby in charge of the camera, he happened to leave it in the glove box of our rental car in Phoenix! When we got home from our trip, he called the rental car company, and I couldn't believe that not only where they honest enough to not take it, but they sent it back to us!!! Needless to say, now I am ALWays the one to hang onto the camera! If you do need to buy another one, I really love our Cannon Powershot SX120 IS. It's our 2nd Cannon, super easy to use, I like point & shoot, too!!

  30. Welcome home and sooo sorry about the camera been there and it stinks! I have a big SLR Nikon D3000 which I love and a small Canon which is fabulous, I will get you the model number, as it takes really good pictures. Hope somehow you find it....you never know someone might be good enough to turn it in, fingers crossed!

  31. It's like Ria is saying goodbye to the camera! I bet that mouse guy stole your camera down there!

    I just bought a Canon DSLR, but it is one of the huge one and doesn't fit into your purse or anything. If you're looking for a more petite one, The Canon Powershots are a nice size and take around 12 megapixel photos. Do they all do video now too? Because that would be useful for SweetCheeks' escapades.

  32. I do have an easy to use, point and click that take amazing photos, so let me know if you don't find it in the dirty laundry! Look before you wash though, please - ha h- OK I know it's not funny!

    Glad you're home safe and sound! Watch the blond jokes, Lady. I'm blond, well I was before God changed the color to gray!!


  33. Welcome home!
    A couple we were chatting with at a bus stop at WDW years ago left their camera behind. We brought it to guest services at the park we were headed to that night and for our good deed received fast passes for night!
    Hoping yours turns up!
    Glad you had fun!

  34. Oh no! You always have such great pics too. I don't have one but I understand that Canon's are super! I have an old Kodak that is a point and shoot and have not upgraded. Hope you find what you want.


  35. That stinks but at least you got a fab shot!! So glad you stopped by and liked my kitchen reno (and red stove) so I could find you! You should have ordered that red stove when the hubs was sleeping!! New follower.

  36. I agree, the palm trees to snow would be a difficult transition.

    OH mama mia, to loose one's camera. A camera is a necessity, for grandma's and bloggers, right!
    So sorry you lost yours.

    I have no suggestions for you on what to buy. Mine is about as simple as they get, as I know nothing about PHOTOGRAPHy per se.
    Mine is a lovely Canon.

  37. Welcome home, Diana! Thanks for sharing your fun trip and photos with us!!! Now....about that camera.....didn't you lose one a while ago, girl???? Are you taking your hormones....???

    Have you checked the glove compartment? Under the car seats? Your purse? Everyone else's luggage?
    Inside your Mickey Mouse hat....???

    xoxo laurie

  38. So sorry you lost your camera. My camera recently quite working and I went in to panic mode. I bought another one a few days later and all is well. I just bought one that is easy to use, the brand is a sony. I don't now much about camera's but the lady helping me suggested it. Good luck finding the right camera.
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  39. NOOOOOO! Not the camera!!! You really lost the camera?!?! Me thinks it would have been better to have lost the underwear.....just saying.



    P.S. Welcome Home!!!!!

  40. Smart phone with a good quality camera on it. I have a phone, but the pixels aren't the best. It's nice because you will have it with you always - unless of course you accidentally leave it at home on the kitchen table and remember it when you are halfway to your destination. sigh.....

  41. I'm sorry to hear you lost your camera. I hope it will turn up. I have a Nikon Coolpix and really like it.

  42. Glad you got home safe and feel so sorry for your camera lost. Now you will have to learn new tricks. I use a no thrills but love, love this camera Kodak Easy Share, zoom 10x's and has video. Plus whole lot more.

  43. Oh NO!! I'd just have a huge melt down if I lost my camera! I'm so sorry Diana, I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll show up somewhere! I love, love my Cannon S90.



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