Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling For Fall-

I am a bit of a reluctant
Fall decorator this year..
It seems like we got
robbed of summer...
Long, cold Spring,
Short Summer..
And now they are telling
me that Fall is here.

I have a picture that stays
out year round on our
family room mantle.
Even though it has Fall colors.
It is of the
Pavillion at Bay Beach~
Semi-famous in our area.

Our daughter, Mimi,
 got married on these steps,
a few short years ago..
In September...
A glorious Fall day~
We bought this picture soon after.
It is by a local artist and there
were not many of them produced.
This will be passed along
to Mimi-
Until then, it is ours to enjoy.

I surrounded her with a couple of
pumpkins and a couple of crows..
and some little pumpkin lights
that are lit here.
pumpkins and a couple of crows anchor both ends
It's a big picture- 30" x 40"
and needs  a bit to ground it...
but I like to keep it low so the picture
is still the primary focus.
This picture hangs over a bookcase
in the kitchen.
I bought it many years ago in
Cedarburg, WI on a cold, windy
lonesome day.
Ever have a lonesome day?
This was one of them and I remember
how seeing this cheered my soul..
and home it came.
This is the 4th house it has hung in...
Hard to get a good shot of it..
the light hits it and bounces..
but you can get the feeling.
And over on the side table is a
little birdcage with two
sweet little birds in it...
Ah....but the door is open
and I see they have escaped...
I think they had just a little bit of help~
keeps freeing them....
Maybe he thinks they are in a crib..
barrred and penned in...
just like him...
when he is sleeping...
Sweet Dreams
Little Man!
All too soon you will be too
big to be
"penned" in a crib...and there
will be another sweet
baby to take your spot
there-in the crib-
but, just so you know,
 that new baby will
 take your spot-
in our hearts!
We love you, BabyE!

Now...quick....go move something
around at your own house...
It'll drive your Mom nuts-
And that is a
Nana Promise!
your photo name


sissie said...

Good Morning Diana,
I'm having my first cup of coffee and reading your sweet blog. I love the painting of the beach, it's very comforting. The art of the kitty cat is so pretty. Love your fall decor too.
Your little darling one is the sweetest.


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Very pretty Art Diana! Hopefully your Fall season will be long and pleasant. I talked with my Mom yesterday and she said it is getting cold already in WNY...
Baby E is too darn cute. Have a great weekend.

The enchanted home said...

Beautiful.....that painting of the beach is so pretty and calming. That little guy is just precious!

Anonymous said...

Cold here this a.m. Only in the low 50's.... so what am I doing??? Baking cookies!!
Have a Great Day!

Gina said...

Your art work is beautiful! The one on your mantel makes the perfect focal point & I love that it has a special meaning for your family.

How do you not want to sneak kisses from that adorable sleeping Baby E?

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love your fall mantel with the lights. That picture is very pretty. Babies are the sweetest things when they are asleep.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post and beautiful art, I know the artist would be so touched to know the meaning this painting has for you,, just lovely and beautiful fall decorating.Thats one sweet little boy,, so cute sleeping,,

Patty said...

We've been decorating a bit here, too! But - I have no pictures to show for it. I guess I should do a personal/Grandma blog but to do that, I'd have to come up with a cute and catchy name. Hmmmmm.... that might require a little too much thought for today. said...

Love the painting, and the fact that it spoke to you... that's what art is supposed to do, so you were wise to bring it home.
I wish I slept as sound as BabyE.
Have a great weekend!

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for sharing those great pictures from around your house AND your darling grandson! I'm in love with the painting over the fireplace. It's so nice to have the memory of your daughter's wedding there too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Diana! Gorgeous picture you have there and I love the lights under it, so pretty!
Baby E is adorable too!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I love seeing your home and reading what everything means to you....and of course pictures of your beautiful family. Enjoy Fall,
even though you were robbed of Summer..

Flora Doora

Simply Debbie said...

Good Evening Diana,
The photos finally came up where I could see them.
stunning and especially when your heart describes what they mean to you.
I simply love art...I have alot of can never have too much art.
HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AND RESTFUL WEEKEND...go to the spa...treat yourself
kiss sweet cheeks for me

Donna said...

I love seeing shots of your beautiful home, Diana! So I vote that you show us MORE! And Baby E is of course beyond adorable! When is his "competition" arriving? Your paintings are wonderful, and hey, isn't that THE "magic" fireplace??? I also love that pretty tray, I was thinking about it today for some reason:) Have a great weekend!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Awww, Diana,
You have created such beautiful fall ambiance in your gorgeous home!! And your little darlin' must love it too!!

I hope you're having a beautiful weekend, my friend.

A Cottage Muse said...

I never lightened my home for summer but I made myself take time away from prepping for the fall show to decorate for fall/halloween! I am going to share next week. Love what you've done!

Annesphamily said...

Your beautiful art piece is gorgeous. SO perfect for your autumn display. I have a cool black crow! But he is somewhere in storage here! Argh....I finally bought a cute new wreath for the door tho. I love your decorating! Anne