Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wearing Flowers In Her Hair~

Anyone remember that song
from the 70's

Well, they say everything old
will become new again.
(I'm kinda waiting for all
MY OWN new parts).

And it looks like these
girls have caught the
They are at a park
and SweetCheeks is waiting
for the ride to start.
She's a little nervous before it

But not scared at all once it
starts to move~She looks at Mama
and smiles...
Ria is sitting with TheIslandScout
(Hello folks sitting behind us that we
have no idea who you
you never thought you would be in
someone's blog, did you?  I see you
are sniling though but your wife must be
a little shy -either that or she is your girlfriend
and doesn't want to be seen with you)
And Lulu is sitting with her Daddy...
At the end of the day they head
to the water to have their pictures taken..
Line Up Girls!
Wait a minute!
Who is missing?
Where is SweetCheeks?
Ah yes!  BabyE thinks he is at
the zoo so he is feeding the animals.
What are you doing?
Nohthing!  Ih'm just stahnding hehre!
(and looking goofy, I might add)
Well, get over here so I can take
your picutre with your sisters.
Ohkay- Ih'm reddy!
Sit down with your sisters.
Just one nice picture, okay?
OhKay!  How's this?
Good enough for me!
Let's go home now!
Whew- That makes me tired
just looking at this again!
Gotta love a day with those kids!
It'll keep you young...
or kill you..
take your pick!
your photo name


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!! I remember the song. In fact as soon as I saw the title of your post that song entered my head..... I loved it!! A part of my teen years!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Pam Kessler said...

Love the picture with the tongues sticking out. Must take forever to get photos taken around there.

Jettie said...

How cute those hair decorations are...and yes, only in San Francisco would you pull that off, at our age.
Seems Baby E got shorted on the photo shoot.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You know Diana, what I really love about your posts is that you capture the pure joy of childhood ... like wearing flowers in your hair!

The enchanted home said...

Very cute little trendsetting pioneers they are!! So true how everything old does eventually become new again.....good to be back in blogland!

Anonymous said...

what a great moment in time to have captured on film,, never a dull moment around your place!

Laura said...

diana, i might have to come back and reread your posts because my internet connection has slowed down so much due to my naughty husband downloading too much (cooking shows!!) and using up all of our allowance for the month a week too early! .... glad you and all the girls had a wonderful time!!!
Laura xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks alot, now that tune is in my head :):) Diana, I have fallen in love with your's so down to earth and honest. Those kids are even killing me ,lol. Smiles to all of you, xoxo, Susie

Gina said...

I want flowers in my hair too! Too cute.

Patty said...

I love the flowers in their hair!

And "Daddy" leaned over to be closer to Ria - or, was that just to expose the man behind him - who is out on a date with his girlfriend? Boy... I hope his wife is not reading your blog!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Love the song!

Love the pics!

Love the hair flowers!

Love you!



Debby said...

When ours are together we all take several pictures. Sometimes those all put together are so funny. Someone will be crying or moving.....but we can laugh about it later. My one granddaughter wears these headbands with big flowers with all her outfits. I made them but wish I hadn't, hah.

Tete said...

This was a fun post! Love the flowers in their hair! It made me tired just reading it, I can't imagine how you keep up with that bunch.
We have got 3 hot hot days here now- so just hanging out, staying in and waiting for fall to really come. Wouldn't surprise me if it frosted next week.

Michele Smith said...

Love the flowers in their hair. Your girls are adorable!

Laura said...

I know I say this ALL of the time, but they are just precious!

I hope you are doing well and I am off to visit the blogs you mentioned-

White Spray Paint

Anonymous said...

Love the song and those three flower wearing girls are so made me giggle with the comment about the couple haha
love to you x

Sweet Tea said...

So NaNa Diana, did you wear "flowers in your hair"?
What a fun day...I bet you'll sleep really well tonight!

{oc cottage} said...

Well, if I looked that cute, I'd surely wear flowers in my hair...but I am me...and I'd just look like a dork! {They are just adorable!!! ;}

m ^..^

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh I love the pictures--how adorable--and it looks like everyone had SO much fun!!!

Donna said...

That sounds like a fun day, Diana! Fun and tiring! So funny about the people in the cart behind you. Makes you wonder, doesn't it???!! Have a great weekend!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Simply adorable, as always, made me smile!

Flora Doora