Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

I waited all day...
And while I was waiting
I washed the sheets and
hung them out to dry...

I remade the beds
and scrubbed the bathroom..
And then..
I went and got groceries..
to restock the pantry.

Well-because we have
a very special little
visitor here today.

He is so excited to be here...
I love his little boy pants with
the puppy on the front.
He is carrying his watch and his
little car...
And..wait...did he drop something?
He is always super excited to
see us and he laughs right
out loud.
OR...he could be laughing
cuz we are tickling his armpits...
(your guess)
And what excites him even
more than seeing his Nana?

Showing her his new shoes,
of course.
I said, "Show me your shoes"
and he obligingly flopped on
his back and cocked one foot
over the other.
(I am NOT going to show you
new shoes like that- trust me)
 will be a fun day...
I won't be here playing in
Blogland today...
No, indeedy...
I'll be cooking up a storm
I'll be extra busy..
will be here to give
BabyE a run for his money.
Need I say more?

Send wine- Oh-Wait-
I don't drink!
I don't need to...
I get looped just watching all
this family interaction!

I hope your Sunday is wonderful
and full of blessings.
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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love family Sundays. My daughters and I are headed out to the earth -fest. in Atlanta, In. hopefully we can get by without being rained on. Enjoy your beautiful grandkids. Smiles, Susie

Anonymous said...

you are so right, it doesn't get better han this,, I can just smell those sheets fresh from the line,,what a pair of sweeties these two are.Have a great day!

WeeFaerie said...

You have such a great weekend going on! Have loads of fun with your family!

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Enjoy the day! I will say go packers, as long as they are not against the Bills LOL!

Craftberry Bush said...

Makes me wanna drive over and join the action!
Have a great day! Xo

Love of the Sea said...

How sweet. Looks like you are going to be having an amazing day! Enjoy.

Patty said...

Awwww.... BabyE is so cute! But - I think you might need to re-name him now that he really isn't a baby any more. He's getting to be a big boy now!
And have a great day enjoying your family!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is just two cute with your little sweeties!!! and I hope they had fun being together and playing. You sure got alot done in one day! I hope you enjoy the game and a beautiful day with your family!

KrippledWarrior said...

Cute kids. You are truly blessed. Except for your football team

Marydon said...

Well, you know I adore your precious kid-lings. hat cuties ...

I always hang out my sheets/laundry all year round if possible ... so love climbing into bed surrounding myself with that fresh sweet smell. Nothing beats that scent ...

Have a beautiful week.

Debby said...

Baby E. is so cute. Love his bibs and those shoes. They look like the ones I used t buy for my boys. Hope Sweet Cheeks isn't too jealous

The enchanted home said...

They are just too cute...hope "Lady sweet cheeks" (with the outfit she is wearing, I think she deserves the title..haha wasn't too jealous of cutie pie! Sounds like a fun day to have them around....have a great night watching football!
PS Stop by, just announced a fabulous giveaway for a gorgeous French table!

sissie said...

You are so blessed to have such lovely children in your life. You are the best Nana ever!


Pamela said...

I was hoping that Sweetcheeks was going to pop up in this story...I've been missing her!!!
He's a cutie too!!

You know i miss my clothesline from my old house. Nothing is better than fresh sheets from the line!
Pamela xo

Haddock said...

Perfect matching pictures.....

Karen said...

You spent the day well Diana! The Packers were a big part of our day too. So glad they won!! :)

Sweet Tea said...

I miss living near my family - especially when I read a Post like this. What a perfect day you had. The kids are delightfully adorable and it's no wonder they love their NaNa so.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Cute kids...Grandkids are absolutely the best!

michelle said...

What a great day and BabyE is so adorable!!
Enjoy your day!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

You are too cute Diana! How sweet! I actually love laundry on the line, fresh and sweet! :) Just like those adorable gran babies of yours! Precious!!

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day, it sure looks like fun!!

Big hugs sweetie! Cyn xo

A Cottage Muse said...

Those are two of the cutest smiles I have seen! Hope you had fun!!

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Oh my... what a couple of cutie patooties!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and the Packers win! We were at the Colts game last night. It's going to be a looooooonnnng season :(

Annesphamily said...

I have to come back and get caught up with you! Hope all is well, you a blessed with a beautiful family. Anne

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That is one beautiful little boy! I love those blond curls.

How will you show us your new shoes??

Pam said...

Sounds like you had a fun Sunday. I made a big old pot of chili and watched some football myself.